7 Best Bowling Sets For Kids And Teenagers 2023 | February Updates

When it comes to kids’ playability, you’ll always prefer something secure at first. So, we’re offering the best bowling sets for kids having the safest manufacturing to make them compatible for all ages of kids. In addition, the playability aspect is much easier due to the lightweight and portability feature given in these bowling sets.

Furthermore, the included bowling pins have an innovative measuring structure possessing a stable form that will stand straight during the game. The compatibility is intended toward both indoor and outdoor criteria due to the protective exterior materialization.

Best Bowling Sets For Kids And Teenagers This Year

In brief, these gaming sets will include a set of bowling pins having accurate height measurements and a sturdy standing design. Some of the bowling sets are inflatable in construction, and a hand pump is also there in their package to fill the air whenever needed.

Best Bowling Sets For Kids | Editorial Pick




GIGGLE N GO Kids Bowling Set

  • PVC Construction
  • Lightweight Design
  • Includes Hand Pump



Melissa & Doug K’s

Melissa & Doug K's Kids Bowling Friends Play Set

  • Challenging Game
  • Colorful Set
  • Character Pins



Liberry Kids Bowling

Liberry Kids Bowling Set

  • Premium Design
  • Three-Hole Balls
  • Standard Sizing

Best Bowling Sets For Kids | Detailed Reviews

We have already reviewed some of the highest-rated hook balls and some of the highest-rated spare bowling balls as well. But if you have toddlers in your house, you should be well aware of the bowling sets especially available for the young chaps. And here goes the detailed reviews.


GIGGLE N GO Kids Bowling Set

GIGGLE N GO Kids Bowling Set


PVC Construction

Lightweight Structures

  • PVC body construction of the bowling pins and the large ball included in the package
  • The bowling pins have a sand-weighted structure to make them standing flat on the ground
  • You’ll get 27 inches of bowling pin height with accurate measurement to notice at each piece
  • A hand pump comes with the bowling set package, so you don’t have to buy it separately
  • The pins and ball have a lightweight structure; thus, the kids will not get any harm in case of hitting

Kids love entertainment, so GIGGLE provides the safest version of the bowling set in fun playing criteria.

The gaming accessories are lightweight with an easy portability factor to make them playable indoor or anywhere you want. Alongside, the innovative design exterior will promote affection for kids.


  • Height: 27 inches
  • Package Weight: 3.7 lbs.
  • Bowling Ball Diameter: 24 inches
  • Color: white
  • Material: PVC
  • Design: inflatable
  • Total Balls: 6

Inflatable Design: GIGGLE bowling set has an inflatable design comprising a lightweight, portable construction compatible for all ages of kids. The hand pump comes for filling the bowling pins whenever you want. Plus, the exterior surface is protective, making it playable indoor and outdoor as well.

Stable Playing Criteria: The innovative design brings a stable and flat structure of the bowling pins with the help of sand-weighted bottom ground. And together with the PVC materialization, the ball sliding aspect is smooth here.

Complete Package: A single bowling pin has 27 inches of height measurement in the inflatable form, and there is a total of 6 pins included in the package. Moreover, the PVC-constructed black ball also comes, having a large size of 24 inches of diameter in the inflatable shape. A repairing patch is also there, together with a hand pump.

  • Product replacement warranty of 1 year given by the manufacturers
  • San-weight bottom structure for stable standing
  • PVC designed gaming equipment
  • Easy to handle and portable design
  • Compatible for indoor and outdoor gaming

  • The inflation required a certain position to get air
  • Bowling pins don’t stay stable

Our Take: Versatile gaming set having PVC construction and sand-weighted stable design comes with inflatable flexibility for indoor and outdoor playability.


Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Bowling Friends Play Set

Melissa & Doug K's Kids Bowling Friends Play Set


Character Pins

Luxury Carrying Case

  • Unlimited challenging playing modes to strong the mindsets of your kids
  • Enhance the skills of learning, creativity, imagination, free play, discovery, and many more with this
  • The best choice for the kids of small ages specially made for kids from two to four years
  • A carrying bag is giving with this bowling set to keep all the accessories safe and secure

Engage your kids with this learning and entertaining bowling set that comes with sturdy construction. A foremost option for the kids of very young ages and attracts them with the animal design bowling kids.

In addition, taking this set is no more issue because a small and convenient given carrying case is solving this problem.


  • Pin Height: 7 to 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.09 lbs.
  • Bowling Ball Diameter: 4 inches
  • Color: multi
  • Material: plastic
  • Total Pins: 6
  • Total Balls: 1
  • Number Of Pieces: 120

Easy Storage: Carrying your bowling set is no more issue because the manufacturer has added a carrying box in the package. This is a small-sized zipper provides a storage place for your set.

The zipper works very fast, and it doesn’t require any power to open it. On the positive side, it makes your traveling easy because of its compact and small size.

What Is In The Package: Set this zero assembly bowling set anywhere because all easy setup accessories come with the package. Overall, it includes seven pieces, of which six are bowling pins having different animal bodies, a bowling ball, and a storage bag.

Countless Gaming Ideas: Have an endless entertaining bowling set that comes with a bunch of new-style gaming modes. These are creativity, discovery, imagination, free play, and much more waiting for your attention.

Screen-Free Gaming: Watching cartoons all day and playing video games will affect the eyesight of your kids. That is the reason why this screen-free game is designed to protect the eyes of your kids.

  • Intended bowling ball for better slide on the floor
  • Screen-free gaming experience best for kids health
  • The easiest setup for the simplicity of small kids
  • Attractive animal design pins with vibrant colors

  • The gaming equipment has a weird smell
  • A customer reported missing pieces in the package

Our Take: Get your kids busy with this mind-growing bowling game that comes at an accessible price tag. In addition, it helps in enhancing the skills of learning, creativity, imagination, free play, discovery, and much more.


Liberry Kids Bowling Set

Liberry Kids Bowling Set


Complete Accessories

Rigid Construction

  • Develops the hand-eye coordination of your small kids with a touch of entertainment
  • There are three holes in the ball that provides a cozy grip for small ages kids and can fit in any hand
  • The package includes the complete bowling accessories to start a quick and enjoying game
  • It doesn’t give a peculiar smell, and its plastic construction makes it easy to clean

A classical gift design bowling set now solves your problem of kids learning with its learning style construction. It enhances many of your kid’s skills by strengthening the mindset.

Furthermore, the cleaning of these bowling pins is effortless because of their plastic material building. Just wipe the cloth over these plastic accessories for cleaning.


  • Pin Height: 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.11 lbs.
  • Bowling Ball Diameter: 7 inches
  • Pin Color: white
  • Ball Color: orange & green
  • Material: plastic
  • Total Pins: 10
  • Total Balls: 2

Expanded Height Of The Pins: The pins come with more height making them prominent from the other ordinary pins. The ordinary pins have a height of 7 inches, but on the other hand, these pins surprisingly have a height of 9.5 inches that ensures a wide range of strikes.

Holes For Fingers: The including balls have three holes in them to get a firm grip on the hands. Uniquely, these holes are extensive to provide a stout grip to every finger size, so not only kids but also adults can get the joy of bowling.

An Ultimate Set: Ten white color bowling pins, two bowling balls, and a mesh-type carrying bag make it a complete package.

6-Month Replacement Warranty: The company proffers a six-month replacement warranty to the customer in case of any damage you can replace it within this time.

  • 5 expanded bowling pins for freehand play
  • It has an eye-catching box making it a gift choice
  • Replacement service within 180 days for best customer service
  • The plastic used in the construction is BPA free

  • Too lightweight
  • The bowling pins have a thin plastic construction

Our Take: Buy this durable bowling set that features a complete accessory range with a replacement within six months. Further, it is suitable for toddlers as it is very light in weight.


Backyard Lawn Bowling Game

Backyard Lawn Bowling Game


Easy To Transport

Mesh Carrying Bag

  • It is made convenient and very simple to transport because of the mesh design bag with straps
  • Fun for all ages players and best for small ages players
  • Complete range of bowling with balls and bowling pins, making it a versatile choice
  • Mesh bag has a formation of supreme class nylon to make it long-lasting
  • Colorful pins are eye-catching, and it engages kids

An ultimate result of pinewood providing durability and heavy-duty for a long time. The most eye-catching formation makes your kids get busy with its entertaining idea.

In addition, there is no hassle required to carry this set because a reliable mesh made materialized with nylon featuring carrying straps is included in the package.


  • Pin Dimensions: 8 × 11 inches
  • Pin Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.17 lbs.
  • Bowling Ball Diameter: 2.5 inches
  • Pin Color: blue
  • Ball Color: blue & green
  • Material: New Zealand pine
  • Age Recommendations: 3 years and up

Mesh Bag Working: The mesh carrying bag comprises top-notch nylon adding straps for easy and relaxed carrying. It is very spacious that carries complete equipment of bowling set very comfortably. In addition to this, the straps fix on the top of this bag provides hassle-free handling with zero power.

8 Inches Lengthy Bowling Pins: Now gets the expanded height bowling pins with this package that gives many exciting benefits. It promotes a large selection of shots if the ball bounces; it restricts the ball with its exceptional height.

Package Details: This package has the finest accessories ever including, ten bowling pins, two balls with a 2.3 inches diameter, and a nylon mesh bag.

Outdoor Playing: The sturdy construction with New Zealand pine wood makes this set is suitable for outdoor playing. Even rains and sunny weather won’t affect the quality of these long-lasting bowling products.

  • Pins are eight inches tall for a wide strike selection
  • A perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor gaming
  • Pins are made of new Zealand pine, adding durability
  • Fun for kids as well as adults

  • A customer reported a mold-covered package
  • Thin and small size bowling pins

Our Take: Out-and-out bowling set with durable construction and all standard features makes it perfect for all ages of kids. Additionally, a mesh carrying bag comes with the package.


iPlay iLearn Kids Bowling Toys Set

iPlay iLearn Kids Bowling Toys Set


Colorful Pins

Prime Construction

  • Colorful bowling pins to give a color identity to your small kids for early age learning
  • Counting numbers are printed on the pins to learn the basic of mathematic
  • Prime-class carrying box makes it a better gift choice for kids, friends, ad family
  • All the equipment has a construction of high-grade foam for kids safety
  • Promotes the gross motor skills because of the rolling of the ball on the ground

A very lightweight easy to carry bowling set for kids of all ages come with complete playing accessories. The soft PU foam construction develops the durability to an extreme level for years of performance.

Additionally, grow the mind of your kids with the basic learning of math and color identification.


  • Pin Height: 8 inches
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Pin Color: multi
  • Ball Color: multi
  • Material: foam
  • Total Pins: 10
  • Total Balls: 2

Learn Basic Math: Counting numbers are graphed on the given bowling pins for giving the identity of numbers to your small kids. Moreover, this printing of numbers catches the attention of kids with a colorful design. Get this bowling set to improve the basic learning and mindset of your kids, making them professional.

Soft Formation: All the gaming accessories comprise the softest foam offering secure games for kids. As we know, small kids play a rough game, and they, while playing, can hit each other with the gaming equipment. In addition, to reduce this problem, these products have soft manufacturing to restrict the damage problem.

Gross Motor Skill: Gross motor skills are essential for the better growth of your kids. These best bowling sets for kids give you a chance to enhance your gross motor skill by rolling the ball to the ground with moving your whole body.

  • Durable PU construction for heavy-duty
  • The pins are soft, but they are maintaining their stability
  • Enjoying gaming experience for toddlers and makes them busy
  • Complete accessories for quick play

  • Not a long-lasting body structure of the accessories
  • Not safe for teething babies; they can tear up the bowling set

Our Take: A set that has PU soft and durable construction gives a lifetime performance with accelerating the mindset of toddlers.


Play22 Kids Bowling Set

Play22 Kids Bowling Set


Premium Foam Material

Makes Zero Noise

  • A bowling set that creates zero noise and has a scratches resistance for protection of the floor
  • The balls and pins have a soft foam construction because of the rough play of kids
  • An ultimate choice for transportation because of the given carrying bag
  • Pins are made of resistant foam material featuring a heavy-duty for a lifetime

Improve your real bowling skills with this easy learning bowling set for small ages kids. It is made with the sturdiest foam improvising the life of these balls and bowling pins for extraordinary performance.

Further, carrying this set very simple because the manufacturers have brought a durable carrying case making your traveling relaxed.


  • Pin Height: 7.5 inches
  • Pin Color: multi
  • Ball Color: multi
  • Material: foam
  • Total Pins: 8
  • Total Balls: 2

Zipper Carrying Case: Carry your bowling set in a zipper carrying bag that offers extra storage with compatibility and providing easy transportation. On the other side, the zipper fixation in this bag provides a satisfying and smooth opening.

Protect Your Floor: The soft formation of all the bowling products is giving extra security to the floor. There are no chances of getting scratches or any sort of marks on your playing floor. Significantly, their foam construction makes them floor-protecting gadgets.

Better Transportation: Feathery weight and foam assembling make this bowling set the most relaxing partner for travel that becomes further easy with a given carrying bag that keeps your set secure.

Catchy Design: The colorful and animal printing design seeks the attention of cartoon lover small kids. The playing is as simple as watching just roll the balls on the floor to hit the pins, and that is it.

  • Bright formation to catch kids attention
  • The material is BPA free and Non-toxic
  • Easy to clean as it is washable

  • Don’t have a balanced formation
  • Not compatible with small children

Our Take: An all-new bowling set that protects your floor with its soft and scratch-free formation, making it the best gift choice. Further, it is safe to use as it has BPA-free and non-toxic material.


TOWO Wooden Skittles for Children

TOWO Wooden Skittles for Children


International Standards

Best Performance

  • Stimulates the creativity and basic learning of your small kids with a theme of entertainment
  • Made for both indoor and outdoor gaming providing a durable and everlasting performance
  • Environment-friendly and non-toxic paints on the bowling pins to give a colorful game for years
  • It is suitable for kids up to two years, and the accessories have a soft design for kids security
  • Meets EN71 and CPSA Standard that ensures performance
  • Certified by International Accredited Labs

Learn color sorting, numbering counting, and mathematics simultaneously with these best bowling sets for kids. These are the most durable and resilient bowling sets, including all complete accessories for a quick setup.

In addition, the stoutest wood construction to handle the intensive and rough play of kids.


  • Pin Dimension: L x W 12 x 4 cm
  • Weight: 2.43 lbs.
  • Bowling Ball Diameter: 5 cm
  • Pin Color: multi
  • Ball Color: black & white
  • Total Pins: 10
  • Total Balls: 2

Durable Paint: There is a long-lasting paint finishing these given bowling pins to make the lifetime partner. Play in the rain and wash them without worrying about losing your paint because nothing is going to harm them.

A Complete Package: 10 colorful bowling pins with a diameter of 12 × 4 cm and two wooden balls of 5 cm each.

Easy Learning For Kids: The number printing on the pins with colorful with different color variants helps your kids grow their minds. Also, this design is the attention-seeking engaging kids to get busy with escalating small motor strategies.

Indoor And Outdoor Choice: Choose where ever you want to play this entertaining game because it gives you both indoor and outdoor options. The soft but sturdy manufacturing of this set promotes an everywhere playing feature.

  • The products are of wooden finishing but give the same soft feel
  • Authorized by international accredited labs
  • Improves emotional IQ of your kids
  • Learn color identity, counting, and math

  • Few customers reported missing pieces
  • Not a large size gaming set

Our Take: Strengthen the minds of your kids by giving them basic math learning, color identity, and counting skills. Further, these balls are non-toxic and environmentally friendly as well as safe for kids.

FAQ Regarding Best Bowling Sets For Kids

Q. What are the best bowling sets for kids?

The best bowling sets for kids are GIGGLE N GO Kids Bowling Set and Play22 Kids Bowling Set. However, there are several more that we have already reviewed in our extensive research.

Q. What is the price tag for these bowling sets for kids?

The price range for these bowling sets for kids is from $ 40 – $ 100.

Q. Which bowling set serves indoor and outdoor gaming purposes?

TOWO Wooden Skittles for Children is the ultimate bowling set for kids that serve as both indoor and outdoor gaming.

Best Bowling Sets For Kids | Quick Comparison

Best Bowling Sets For Kids - Infographics
Infographics: Best Bowling Sets For Kids

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is the GIGGLE N GO Kids Bowling Set as the most premium design bowling set for kids. PVC structured equipment with sand-weighted flat formation also comes with an inflatable design. A hand pump and repair patch is also included.

Moreover, our 2nd recommendation is the Play22 Kids Bowling Set as the most attractive shape bowling set. The gaming set comprises soft and easy handling construction of foam material having 7.5-inches of bowling pin height as well.


Lastly, we can confidently conclude that these are the best bowling sets for kids comprising a secure body construction. The easy playability factor is done here, along with lightweight formation. Plus, most of these selected products have an inflatable structure that is more intended to compatible with young kids.

Furthermore, the bowling pins have a flat construction making them stably placed on the ground with no disturbance. You’ll also get the complete set of accessories are there, including the pins and ball, along with a hand pump as well in case the set is inflatable.

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