7 Best Tennis Shoes For Men To Try May 2023

Tennis shoes are a really important part of a tennis game, and we’ve brought the best tennis shoes for men with all standard features. These tennis shoes bring the best agility to the players with incredible comfort. Besides, these tennis shoes differ in terms of price and materials.

Moreover, these tennis shoes have the best quality soles offering a quality stepping experience. Players must ensure the size and comfort level of the shoes when buying. Also, there are a few things worth mentioning here to ensure you the right purchase.

Best Tennis shoes for men

These tennis shoes are made out of promising materials offering high-level durability. In addition, these tennis shoes are tough as they are tailored for men. Lastly, players can also walk with great speed and reliability as these rackets have shock absorption functionality.

Best Tennis Shoes For Men | Editorial Pick

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ASICS Gel-Dedicate 6

ASICS Men's Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes

  • EVA Midsole
  • Trusstic System
  • Supportive Design



Nike Men’s Court Lite 2

Nike Men's Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

  • Leather Blend
  • Padded Collar
  • Incredible Cushioning



New Balance 696 V4

New Balance Men's 696 V4 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

  • Lightweight Midsole
  • Superb Tongue
  • REVlite Midsole

Best Tennis Shoes For Men | Detailed Reviews

We have recently reviewed some of the top-rated professional tennis sneakers and also the top-rated tennis shoes for women. But this list will remain truly incomplete without mentioning the best shoes for men. So, here they are!


ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes


Supreme EVA Midsole

Adjustable Trusstic System

  • It is featuring an EVA midsole that helps to absorb shocks
  • The shoe adjusts to every foot kind with its versatile EVA sock liner
  • These shoes adjust the Trusstic system offering great help with speed improvements

Bring out your best performance on tennis courts with this one of the best tennis shoes for men. These tennis shoes fit an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole for remarkable comfort.

Moreover, there’s versatile GEL technology on this racket, enhancing your agility in the game.


  • Available Colors: 5 decent colors
  • Available Sizes: 6 to 14
  • Weight: 9.74 to 16.05 oz
  • Midsole: EVA
  • Arch: medium
  • Sole: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Best For: hard court

EVA Midsole: These shoes come with an EVA midsole that gives you protection against shocks and vibrations. Also, these disturbing vibrations can spoil your walking comfort for certain. And that’s where its EVA midsole comes into the act. Therefore, the signature midsole works great on most tennis courts, cutting down vibrations.

Highly Flexible: You’re getting an EVA sock liner that offers great value of flexibility to the foot. Besides, it automatically adjusts to the varying shapes of the feet, offering superior fitting. Also, this sock liner defines great underfoot comfort so you can walk without boundaries. In the meantime, the midsole is removable if you’re thinking of fitting bespoke orthotics.

GEL Technology: Gel technology found in the forefoot offers great quality cushioning and comfort to your feet. This cushioning is very crucial if you’re looking to wear them for longer durations. Moreover, players can now enjoy even the toughest competitions with this shoe’s GEL technology.

Stability: Stability becomes another important part of this tennis shoe body. There is a Trusstic system laying under the midfoot section offering brilliant balance and stability to the feet. Hence, the players are no longer going to face a lack of response from their tennis shoes.

  • Incredible Trusstic system forming stability
  • EVA midsole for level-up comfort
  • Enhanced underfoot comfort
  • Great cushioning in the forefoot
  • It comes at a moderate price

  • Lacks gel padding reported a customer
  • These shoes have a chemical smell

Our Take: Enhance your tennis game comfort with this tennis shoe pair offering GEL technology and great cushioning for extra comfort.


Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

Nike Men's Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe


Superior Leather Blend

Best Ankle Protection

  • It comes as a blend of leather along with the mesh forming sublime comfort
  • The tennis shoe comes with a synthetic and leather mixture offering great durability
  • Ankle protection is super satisfied with the added padded collar and tongue
  • Incredible step cushioning with its promising midsole cushions

Pronounce your tennis game with this remarkable tennis shoe offering a leather design. This tennis shoe has a synthetic sole offering impressive comfort for a great walking experience.

Also, the shoe pair improves your ankle protection with its padded collar. Just have it on your tennis kit bag, and you are ready to deliver unmatched performance.


  • Available Colors: 6 splendid colors
  • Available Sizes: 6 to 15
  • Weight: 11.04 to 17.85 oz
  • Material: Leather and Mesh
  • Midsole Material: foam
  • Sole Material: synthetic
  • Best For: hard court

Durable Profile: These tennis shoes are highly durable with pure leather and mesh material construction. In addition, the shoes can meet all types of impacts and bumpy surfaces. Further, most grass courts are bumpy, so they are very suitable for most tennis courts.

Protection: This tennis shoe pair comes with a padded collar and tongue covering ankles. Hence, this makes up for great comforting pleasure and protection at the same time.

Furthermore, ankle safety matters the most when you’re running tough on hard tennis courts. So its padding functionality brings great relief to the player’s experience.

Cushioning: Cushioning your feet holds a great value when playing in rough conditions. In addition, this tennis shoe pair fits a foam midsole that cushions every step of yours like a pro.

Other Applications: Players are also getting a rubber outsole on this tennis shoe. Alongside, this provides for great flexibility on most surfaces. Additionally, you are getting over 5 unique patterns on its outsole.  And, these patterns support new movements of the players for an adaptable playing experience.

  • Best cushioning even in tough conditions
  • Supports ankle’s protection
  • High-level traction with rubber outsole
  • Highly durable

  • Has tight fit than most shoes
  • Undersized shoes

Our Take: Experience the next-level playing comfort with these tennis shoes offering sublime rubber outsole and great traction.


New Balance Men’s 696 V4 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

New Balance Men's 696 V4 Hard Court Tennis Shoe


REVlite Midsole 

Enhanced Cushioning

  • It has a lightweight midsole
  • The Super tough rubber sole is resilient against impacts and shocks from surface
  • It brings lightweight cushioning for enhancing forefoot breathability
  • Players are getting REVlite midsole for a lighter feel on the feet

Embrace the best tennis experience with this one of the best tennis shoes for men featuring demanding rubber soles. This tennis shoe brings a lightweight midsole offering sublime comfort for most foot types.

Additionally, the shoe pair brought outsole for an extra-durable Ndurance rubber component for great walk pleasure.


  • Available Colors: 8 sublime colors
  • Available Sizes: 5 to 15 X-wide
  • Weight: 310 g
  • Midsole: REVlite
  • Sole Material: rubber
  • Best For: hard courts

Extra Endurance: This tennis shoe comes with an outsole incorporating high-quality rubber compounds. You can expect a great value of resistivity with this tennis shoe. Also, this is going to help players on hard tennis courts. Hard tennis courts are often very unpredictable, so here, these tennis shoes help massively.

Lightweight Feel: The shoe has a very lightweight REVlite midsole offering better walking comfort. Plus, most shoes have bulky midsoles, which aren’t the best when it comes to comfort. Thus, the comfort is highly supported by this midsole with a lightweight design.

Increased Breathability: The breathability of your feet gets improvements here. This tennis shoe comes with lightweight cushioning with clever perforations around the forefoot.

As a result, this is going to increase the breathability of your feet with minimum effort. Besides, players no longer experience swells or sweating on their feet even after hours of playing.

A Fancy Take On Tennis Shoes: Players love this tennis shoe in its range of exciting color options. Each color represents a different mood or a thought. Therefore, this way, it helps players get more personal with their choice of colors.

  • Lightweight REVlite midsole
  • Offers excellent endurance
  • Superb foot breathability feature
  • Choose from exciting color options

  • Complains about its too narrow opening
  • Materials feel like soft plastic

Our Take: Invest your budget on the right tennis shoe pair like this one featuring REVlite midsole and an impressive breathable design.


Adidas Men’s Grand Court SE Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Grand Court SE Tennis Shoe


Cloudfoam Sock Liner

Unique Rubber Cupsole

  • It comes with quality leather materials on the upper section along with the suede toe
  • Offers great relaxation to your feet with its cloudfoam sock liner for softer cushioning
  • It gives greater traction and flexibility with its rubber cupsole

Build your tennis expertise on this tennis shoe pair offering upper leather along with suede toe. In addition, the rubber sole brings out the most flexible footwork pattern when playing on most tennis courts.

Moreover, its cloudfoam sock liner gives an extra soft feel to your feet overall. You can also use some high-quality tennis sweatbands from Adidas to get superior performance.


  • Available Colors: 11 striking colors
  • Available Sizes: 4 to 14
  • Material: 60% Textile Synthetics & 40% Leather

Classic Adidas: This tennis shoe pair is a perfect fit for most Adidas fans. Meanwhile, these players are going to love its signature classic design from Adidas. The design brings a professional sense and pleasure to the players. Furthermore, It’s also a great fit for everyday causal wearing purposes.

Superior Comfort: These contain incredibly soft plush along with two layers of cushioning while a breathable mesh on top. Moreover, this shoe contains a Cloudfoam comfort sock liner in the structure. This makes up for a sublime foot comfort that excels.

Great Traction: Traction on rough surfaces is very important. Therefore, this tennis shoe comes with a rubber cupsole offering great value of traction. This helps you walk or run on unpredictable surfaces with full control and provide comfort.

Great Experience: Players find genuine leather material on the upper section of this tennis shoe. On the other hand, it comes with a suede toe that promotes great comfort to your feet. Therefore, this brings about the best experience for all the existing tennis players.

  • Genuine leather on the upper section
  • Promotes great flexibility and traction
  • It brings the best comfort ever
  • Classic Adidas design
  • Durable finish
  • Reasonable price

  • Complains about its durability
  • They are tight from the opening

Our Take: Enhance your match performance with this durable shoe pair bringing breathability and supreme cushioning for foot comfort.


New Balance Men’s 1006 V1 Tennis Shoe

New Balance Mens 1006 V1 Tennis Shoe


Premium Composite Material

Ndurance Drag Trip

  • Made out of the promising fusion of 75% synthetic and 25% mesh materials
  • Offers great endurance and quality sustainability with its Revlite midsole
  • It comes with a Ndurance long-wear drag trip forming superior flexibility

Balance your tennis game with this suitable tennis shoe bringing excellent traction and comfort. The shoe incorporates synthetic and meshes as construction materials.

Also, players are going to love its Revlite midsole offering superior walking control. Just club it with some professional-grade tennis rackets to get the best performance.


  • Available Colors: 3 sleek colors
  • Available Sizes: 7 to 15 X-wide
  • Material: 75% Synthetic & 25% Mesh
  • Midsole: Revlite
  • Sole Material: rubber
  • Outsole: Non-marking
  • Best For: hard court

Promising Fusion: This tennis shoe brings great walking pleasure with its excellent construction. The shoe is made out of 75% synthetic and 25% mesh materials offering great durability. As a result, the whole shoe structure as a whole becomes super resilient in approach. It won’t lose its efficacy and performance even after long-term usage.

High Endurance: Your tennis shoe has this excellent Revlite midsole marking great quality sustainability. It is exceptional when it comes to maintaining and controlling the quality of the tennis shoe. Therefore, players can freely test these tennis shoes on rough surfaces with mental peace.

Impact-Resistant: It comes with a non-marking outsole that exalts the durability profile of this tennis shoe. These tennis shoes don’t show a single sign of performance decline even when tested to the fullest. Therefore, this makes them one of the versatile rackets you’d ever try.

Color Choices: There are about three compelling color options to select from. The colors are white, black, and blue, offering a high level of personalization overall. Further, this allows players to choose their favorite color shoes to appear differently on the tennis court.

  • Offers exceptional endurance
  • Outsole is impact-resistant
  • Flexible for most foot types
  • Budget-friendly tennis shoes

  • Suggestions for extra opening width
  • Complains about the shrunken toe box

Our Take: Bring the best of tennis game with these shoes offering impact-resistant outsole and demanding flexibility.


Adidas Men’s Gamecourt Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Gamecourt Tennis Shoe


TPU Upper Mesh

Synthetic Sole Support

  • Safe walking experience with this one of the best tennis shoes for men offering Lace closure
  • Its boot opening is about 3 inches around for convenient foot sliding functionality
  • The synthetic sole offers superior movement on most tennis courts
  • TPU upper mesh brings out the best running comfort and flexibility

Take your foot comfort on tennis courts to the next level of comfort with this tennis shoe pair. This tennis shoe has safe lace closure that keeps your feet secure when out playing.

Moreover, there’s enhanced TPU upper mesh for building the best walking comfort for everyone.


  • Available Colors: white
  • Available Sizes: 6.5 to 15
  • Material: 100% fiber
  • Sole: synthetic
  • Shaft Measurement: 6 – 12 inches from arch
  • Boot Opening Measurement: 0 – 3 inches around
  • Platform Measurement: 0 – 3 inches
  • Best For: all courts

Safe Experience: This tennis shoe contains a safe and promising lace closure above the opening, and that lace closure keeps your feet in position and firm. It enhances your steadiness and overall balance on the ground. As a result, you are going to play with ground-breaking stability and control.

Convenient Foot Sliding: Most players complain about the narrow opening in their shoes, but not anymore. This tennis shoe comes with a 3 inch around foot opening space that smoothly guides your foot down. In addition to this, it conveniently slides down your feet without making you do much.

Superior Game: Player notices the difference as they get on the field with these tennis shoes. These tennis shoes contain brilliant synthetic soles offering great movement capability on all courts. Then, this creates limitless possibilities for the players to enjoy their games in a better way.

Stretch Out: This tennis shoe contains TPU upper mesh offers superior flexibility. You can stretch your foot without thinking of getting your ankle hurt. Also, this helps when you’re playing on an uneven surface for the most part.

  • Superior flexibility on most surfaces
  • Sleek and decent design
  • Convenient foot sliding functionality
  • Offer synthetic sole for supreme movement

  • Don’t offer breathability
  • Too floppy for most players

Our Take: Get the most out of your tennis game with this suitable tennis shoe incorporating TPU upper mesh and convenient foot sliding.


New Balance Men’s LAV V1 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam LAV V1 Hard Court Tennis Shoe


Best Outsole Structure

Supportive Embroidery

  • Base support has also been added to the outsole structure
  • Supportive kinetic embroidery manages the stability of the shoe
  • Cleatie-constructed building design from the surface reduces the sliding issues

A cushioning midsole design is also coming with a firm covering structure to maintain the stability of the player’s feet. It is specially designed for hard courts. So, you’ll get the best performance while playing on the hard courts with some high-quality tennis balls for hard surfaces.

Plus, these shoes are all covered with accurate measurements with some real softness providing midsole placement.


  • Available Colors: 11 eye-catching colors
  • Available Sizes: 5 to 15 X-wide
  • Material: 50% Synthetic & 50% Mesh
  • Outsole: Non-Marking
  • Sole Material: rubber
  • Best For: hard court

Hardcourt Runner: The heel-to-toe cushioning technology has been managed here with enhanced durability factors. The midsole gets a proper smoothness of the placing structure that ensures firm feet movement on the hardcourt.

Materialization: The 50% of mesh design makes the shoe breathable for the player. Plus, the bootie construction lets the player have quick sharp cuts without any hassle. In addition, the 50 percent of the other shoe part comes with synthetic material to make the kinetic design possible.

Fresh Foam: Comparatively much lighter in weight and firm in the feet placement all because of the fresh foam insertion. Additionally, the polyurethane midsole has come here with a firm grip to make the shoe comfortable and protective.

  • Soft cushioning structure
  • Breathable mesh design with synthetic construction
  • Fresh foam cushioning insertion
  • Kinetic embroidery with a firm grip

  • The tongue of the shoe is thin
  • The opening is narrow for some feet

Our Take: A soft cushioning of fresh foam design insertion and mesh & synthetic construction also comes with the rubber sole material.

FAQ Regarding Best Tennis Shoes For Men

Q. What are the best tennis shoes for men?

The top and most reliable tennis shoes for men are ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes, Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe, & Adidas Men’s Gamecourt Tennis Shoe. Additionally, ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 6 and Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 are suitable for hard court. And, Adidas Men’s Gamecourt is designed for all types of courts.

Q. How do I pick out tennis shoes?

Consider your playing style when choosing a tennis shoe. Usually, players who play along the baseline perform their duties near the backline. For a baseline player, shoes with lateral support are required. Lastly, the constant lateral motion also demands a very durable sole.

Q. What is special about tennis shoes?

The tennis shoes are specially designed according to the tennis court. Tennis shoes focus on lateral support and stability, as opposed to running shoes which focus on cushioning. Tennis shoes have less cushioning than running shoes due to this need for lateral stability.

Q. Should tennis shoes be tight or loose?

It would be best if you chose tennis shoes that comfortably fit your feet. There should be no gap between them. Their inner soles should be cushioned sufficiently to provide adequate movement comfort.

Best Tennis Shoes For Men | Quick Comparison

Best Tennis Shoes For Men - Infographics
Infographics: Best Tennis Shoes For Men

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is New Balance Men’s 1006 V1 Tennis Shoe as the most premium constructed tennis shoes. The REVlite midsole, along with the covering surface of the shafts to maintains the balance position of the players’ feet.

Plus, our 2nd recommendation is New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam LAV V1 Hard Court Tennis Shoe as the best design tennis shoes. These shoes come with breathable mesh construction along with fresh foam insertion to extend the cushioning in the rubber sole placement.


So here we get the list of the best and most durable tennis shoes for men having versatile playable functionality. The midsole of these shoes comes with firm adjustment along with a covering structure for a professional gaming look. Moreover, the construction material is preferably breathable with supportive nature to manage the sharp cuts.

Besides, the cushioning feature is surely given here that ensures flexibility of sharp movements with no injuries. Lastly, the heel-to-toe adjustment, these shoes are varying in shape with court compatibility.

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