7 Best Tennis Rackets For Kids And Toddlers Nov 2023

Tennis is a healthy and reliable game for everyone. It is also a great healthy activity for the kids. Therefore, we’ve brought you the best tennis rackets for kids on our list today. Health has always been a major concern for most parents, and that’s what you’ll with these rackets.

Through these rackets, you’ll offer your kids healthy physical activity. The design of these tennis rackets is super accessible, offering great convenience for the kids. In addition, the short handle is another significant component of the design. This offers a great holding experience for the juniors.

Best Tennis Rackets For Kids And Toddlers This Year

The hitting area has also been expanded so the players can play with great flow and consistency. Furthermore, these rackets are super durable, with the authentic construction offering long-term usability for most.  Lastly, the rackets vary in price concerning the in-built features so you can demonstrate the one that fits you.

Best Tennis Rackets For Kids | Editorial Pick

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Liberty Imports Set

Liberty Imports Badminton Set for Kids

  • Full Sets
  • Ball & Shuttle Cock
  • Very Lightweight



Aikesiway Racket

Aikesiway Racket for Children

  • Portable Design
  • Lower Friction
  • T-Shaped Design



Senston Kids Junior

Senston Kids Junior Tennis Racquet

  • Aluminum Construction
  • Unstrung Design
  • Molded Design

Best Tennis Rackets For Kids | Detailed Reviews

We have reviewed not only the top-rated professional rackets but also the highest-selling tennis balls. But, these are not specially-suited for the kids. And to help you selecting those special types, here goes the best ones for kids.


Liberty Imports Badminton Set for Kids

Liberty Imports Badminton Set for Kids


Full Playing Set

Reliable Performance

  • The package includes two colorful rackets with a ball and a birdie for a complete experience
  • You do not require a net to play with these rackets
  • It has a lightweight design with a shorter handle
  • It comes with a large mesh stringed hitting area for greater precision and control

This tennis racket brings a lightweight design offering fast action for all kids. It comes with a large hitting area making it one of the best tennis rackets for kids.

In addition, the racket is made super accessible for the kids with the provided short handle. Just have your kids try it with while wearing some high-quality tennis shoes to get unmatched performance.


  • Dimensions: 16.6 x 9.4 x 1.2 inches
  • Length: 16 inches
  • Hitting Area: 9 x 8 inches
  • Birdie Measures: 2.7 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 Oz
  • Head Size: 95.5 sq. inches
  • Grip Size: G4 – 8.25 cm
  • Head Shape: Isometric Shape
  • Beam Width: 22 mm

Superb Experience: This tennis racket incorporates a large mesh stringed hitting area offering high striking capability. In addition, it improves the shot tendency with the hitting area incorporating more depth. As a result, your kids will be able to improve their tennis game experience.

Lightweight And Versatile: The racket also incorporates a lightweight design that is easy to hold. This lets you experience fast swinging action that excels your tennis game significantly. Therefore, your kids won’t have a tough time handling this racket.

Besides, the game is easy to conduct as the players don’t require net support. It is perfect for indoor as well outdoor games making it a very versatile option for kids.

Superior Handling: Kids can now play with extra convenience with the short handle on this tennis racket. Most long handles make handling difficult for the kids. This short handle makes the handling super accessible for most growing kids.

A Colorful Take On Tennis: Most kids will admire the sparkling colors on this pair of tennis rackets. The package includes two colorful rackets with a softball and a birdie giving you a complete experience.

  • It comes in attractive colors
  • Easy handling with the lightweight design
  • Versatile mesh stringed hitting area
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor gaming
  • The price is low

  • Complains about fragile quality plastic

Our Take: Get your tennis game started with this racket’s lightweight design and versatile mesh stringed hitting area for added precision.


Aikesiway Racket for Children

Aikesiway Racket for Children


Unique T-Shaped Design

Anti-Skid Leather

  • A lightweight and portable design that promotes convenient handling for kids
  • It has a streamlined design that reduces air friction coming on the hitting area
  • The antiskid leather handle makes the handling experience comfortable for kids
  • It comes with a tough double T-shape design offering high durability standards

Let your kids explore the wonders of a tennis game with this durable racket set. These rackets are made highly resilient with nylon and alloy material construction.

In addition, kids will love these rackets’ light and compact design that offers a smart handling experience.


  • Dimensions: 16.93 x 9.74 inches or 44 x 22 cm
  • Grip Size: 1 inch
  • Weight: 0.57 lbs.
  • Available Colors: red, green, pink, & blue
  • Age Range: 3 to 12 years
  • Grip: PU
  • Material: Nylon & alloy steel

Design And Materials: This tennis racket comes in a promising double T-shaped design holding a strong effect. Moreover, it is known to endure harsh impacts like a champ with its excellent construction. Therefore, players can play with this racket without getting worried about its breakage.

Besides, the racket is made out of sublime quality nylon and alloy materials. These materials provide you a racket that will remain with you for a long period. Moreover, its network cable is super tight and will not break even after manifold matches.

Soft Grip: You’re getting a PU grip tap handle on this quality tennis racket for the kids. The handle has antiskid leather hand-winding handle options making it a great holding pleasure. Thus, you will be able to hold with extreme pleasure.

More Applications: This attractive tennis racket forms a beautiful amalgamation of bright colors that attract kids. In addition, it is super lightweight, making it super convenient to carry and hold for longer. Likewise, this tennis racket holds a premium frame that won’t rust even after long usage.

  • The frame is rust-free
  • The soft leather grip offers superior handling
  • Feathery weight form-factor
  • Streamline design reduces air friction
  • It comes in multiple striking colors
  • Moderate price

  • String start coming apart after sometime
  • Customers reported bending issues

Our Take: This racket offers a streamlined design removing friction issues with the durable rest-free construction overall.


Senston Kids Junior Tennis Racquet

Senston Kids Junior Tennis Racquet


Aluminum Construction

Molded Design

  • It comes with an aluminum construction
  • Its lightweight and unstring design makes it easy for the kids to play and handle
  • Features one-piece molded technology offering you high-intensity and acceleration boost

Your kids will now experience the best of tennis with this one of the best tennis rackets for kids. Its aluminum molding technology gives you a special flexibility and experience boost.

These rackets work perfectly for most kids featuring a feathery form factor. You can club it with some high-quality tennis strings to get the best performance.


  • Size: 19 inches / 47 – 49 cm
  • Grip Size: 4 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Head Size: 81 sq. inches
  • Weight Unstrung: 195 to 205 g
  • Stringing Advice: 40 to 45 lbs.
  • Available Colors: blue, yellow, pink, & green
  • Age Range: 2 to 5 years

High Standards Of Durability: It features aluminum integration molding technology, making it extremely strong.—no more bending complaints.  The racket can go through hours of harsh striking and will still work efficiently.

Promising Design: It comes with a one-piece molded technology holding a great fusion of high-intensity and resistance. This design also gives the players with good striking acceleration so they can strike with whole strength. On the flip side, you’ll also appreciate the excellent stroke control on this tennis racket.

Faster Than The Most: Players will feel faster-swinging capability with this tennis racket than most. This is because its carbon material promotes great speed and strength in the game. In addition, the racket flows more steadily and swiftly in the air currents due to its carbon construction.

Shock Absorption: It works smoothly, cutting off vibrations when striking, which this racket brings to the table.

In addition, it reduces the shocks when the racket is struck against the ball, offering a smooth game flow. Furthermore, its overgrip improves the holding experience so you can play with added comfort.

  • Incredible handling with OVERGRIP
  • Offers high-intensity and acceleration boost
  • Provides shock absorption for a smooth experience
  • Budget-friendly racket set
  • It comes in different eye-catching colors

  • Breakage problems after long-term usage

Our Take: Expect a perfect tennis game with this racket offering a shock absorption feature with added acceleration boost.


STSTECH Badminton Rackets for Children

STSTECH Badminton Rackets for Children


Round-Shaped Head

Lightweight Structure

  • It holds a lightweight structure offering kids super convenient carrying functionality
  • A generous round-shape head gives you more room to strike
  • Offers superior gripping functionality with the in-built antiskid feature
  • Its T-shaped joint gives strength to the connector for lasting performance

Experience the authentic tennis game experience with this racket pair featuring a wide round-shape head.

This racket will offer you a long-term performance with its T-shaped reinforced joint offering more strength. Moreover, it is highly flexible, offering both indoor and outdoor play.


  • Dimensions: 17.3 x 8.6 inches
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs.
  • Length: 17.7 inches
  • Shape: wide round
  • Available Colors: blue, green, pink, & red
  • Age Range: 3 to 12 years

Longer Life: The racket forms great strength with its unique mechanism. It incorporates a T-shaped joint that applies strength to the connector helping with durability. This connection makes your racket super resilient against bending or deformation. As as

Easy Carrying: It has a lightweight structure making the handling experience super easy and convenient. Moreover, carrying this pair of tennis rackets is super easy with the provided bag.

Supreme Grip: Players can keep playing consistently with this racket’s built-in antiskid gripping functionality. It helps to keep your kids in the game without facing troubles. Additionally, sweating can be a major drawback during matches, but its grip is said to be resistant against sweats.

  • Offers lasting performance
  • T-shaped joint for added strength
  • Offers superior mobility
  • High-comfort gripping with antiskid functionality

  • Customers reported quality issues
  • Average quality bag

Our Take: Start your tennis game with racket pair offering the strength of a T-shaped joint and superior round-shaped head.


Crefotu Tennis Racket for Kid

Crefotu Tennis Racket for Kid


Sponge-Wrapped Handle

High-Quality Plastic

  • A sponge wrapped handle for soft take on handling for kids
  • It comes with a soft sponge ball that is specially designed for the kids
  • It is built out of high-quality plastic while offering excellent stability
  • This racket weighs about 142 g making it a lightweight object that most kids can hold easily

This tennis racket is incorporating high stability. So the kids will experience the same tennis authenticity, just like the actual professional rackets.

Additionally, you’ll also find a sponge-wrapped handle for smooth handling. Or else, you can even try it with some top-rated tennis overgrips as well.


  • Dimensions: 16 x 6.8 x 2.3 inches
  • Grip: Sponge Wrapped
  • Weight: 142 g / 0.31 lb.
  • Length: 17 inches
  • Material: PU & plastic
  • Available Colors: pink & blue, orange & green
  • Age Range: 2 years and up

Sponge Wrapped Handle: This tennis racket incorporates a sponge-wrapped handle offering a soft grip. As a result, kids might hurt their palms while playing continuously. Plus, it is specially made for the kids to play for longer without facing problems conveniently.

Stable Experience: The frame offers a high degree of swinging capability as it moves quickly through the air. It is made out of high-quality plastic materials offering incredible stability on top of everything. You’ll experience the same stability just like an actual professional racket.

Play Soft: This racket comes with a softball making your kids playing experience super safe and secure. As a result, your kids won’t hurt themselves even playing for longer.

Made For Kids: Kids require weight-friendly tennis rackets so they can easily practice and play. This is what your favorite tennis racket brings to the table. It weighs only 142 g making it ideal for the kids to carry as they play.

  • Offers great stability when playing
  • Kids friendly plastic construction
  • Easy-grip with the soft sponge wrapped handle
  • Safe play for kids with a soft sponge ball
  • Ideally, weight for kids to handle efficiently

  • Average quality
  • A bit heavy as compared to others

Our Take: Make a tennis game safe for your kids with this racket’s soft sponge-wrapped grip and an included softball.


SUSHAFEN 1-Pair Kids Tennis Racket

SUSHAFEN 1-Pair Kids Tennis Racket


Premium Construction

Small Handle For All Size

  • It has a decent weight and accessible structure
  • It comes with a larger hitting area having more depth for a smart, striking experience
  • The racket incorporates a small handle
  • The package includes a pair of rackets, a ball, and a shuttlecock
  • Offers high-value of control during the playtime

This tennis racket has all the great features that will improve your kid’s tennis game. It is made out of kid-friendly materials like quality plastic and soft elastic mesh cloth.

Besides, this tennis racket brings a healthy activity choice for your kids at the same time.


  • Size: 55 x 27 cm / 21.65 x 10.31 inches.
  • Material: plastic, foam, & mesh
  • Available Colors: blue, orange, & red
  • Age Range: 3 years and up

Kids-Friendly: It is a fusion of high-quality plastic and foam and a soft elastic mesh cloth making it a comfortable racket. Moreover, it offers consistent and reliable shots.

A Great Decent Package: Players are getting a wide playing area that is suitable for most players. It’ll help your kids grow with their basic tennis skills conveniently.  Also, the depth of the hitting area brings out the best experience possible.

  • Enhanced hitting area for better strike ratio
  • It comes with all the accessories
  • It brings control and flexibility
  • Feathery weight structure

  • Poor handle quality

Our Take: Bring out your tennis expertise with this racket offering enhanced hitting area and high-value control.


TOOGOO Kids Tennis Racket Set

TOOGOO Kids Tennis Racket Set


Protective Structure

Bouncy Surface

  • Made of soft and protective plastic, which is safe to use for the kids
  • It comes with a tennis ball having a bouncy surface and compatible for the kids
  • The smooth and bouncy string pattern of the rackets will keep the game in the flow

This professional design save hand use tennis rackets set will surely entertain the little ones. Plus, the gaming criteria are preferably for beginners who want to learn how to play tennis.

Even the playing nature of these tennis rackets is adequate to play outdoor as well.


  • Dimensions: 49 x 21 x 5 cm
  • Weight: 1.55 lbs.
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Blue & yellow
  • Age Range: 5 years and up

What You Got Here: TOOGOO is offering a set of protective design tennis rackets for the kids having an attractive framework construction. Moreover, you’ll get a tennis ball in this given set to make it a complete package.

Body Construction: The manufacturers have designed these tennis rackets with protective and soft impact plastic that is safe for kids. Alongside, the ball surface is also smooth as compared with the usual ones. That makes it perfectly suitable to play for 3+ years of kids.

Smooth Handling: Thanks to the perfectly covered sponge, both rackets’ handles have a soft handling structure, making them safe for the kids. Even the elasticity factor is optimized here to enhance the playability of the game and some learning tips for beginners.

Play It Anywhere: Kids can get a fun indoor gaming experience as well as outdoor too with a versatile compatibility factor. Moreover, the game learning procedure is much easier here due to the soft handling and coverage of the design of the rackets.

  • Soft plastic construction making it suitable for the kids
  • Improved elasticity and bouncy impact of the rackets
  • Set of rackets having sponge handling
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor play

  • A bit pricey

Our Take: Sponge-covered handling of both rackets with soft plastic construction also comes with a soft, bouncy ball.

FAQ Regarding Best Tennis Rackets For Kids

Q. Which are the best tennis rackets for kids?

The best tennis rackets for kids are Senston Kids Junior Tennis Racquet and Liberty Imports Badminton Set.

Q. What size tennis racquet should I buy for my child?

You can take up to a 19-inch tennis racket if your kid is under 4 years old. For 4 to 5, it can go till 21 inches. For 8 years, you can go till 23 inches, and for 10 years, you can go till 25 inches.

Q. What tennis grip size should I use?

Ideally, the index finger of your other hand should fit between the fingers and thumb of the racquet if it is the right grip size. A glove that is too small for your hand is one that cannot fit a finger in that space.

Best Tennis Rackets For Kids | Quick Comparison

Best Tennis Rackets For Kids - Infographics
Infographics: Best Tennis Rackets For Kids

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is Senston Kids Junior Tennis Racquet as the most premium design tennis racket. A one-piece molded technology comes with aluminum frame construction having 4-inches of grips size plus a covering bag.

Additionally, our 2nd recommendation is Liberty Imports Badminton Set for Kids as the best handy style tennis rackets. It comes with ergonomic style handles and a big head size having a protective design compatible with indoor and outdoor playing.


Here we bring the best tennis rackets for kids having a protective and safe body construction, making them suitable to play for all ages of kids. Plus, the handling design is much improved here, comprising ergonomics in some and sponge covering in few enlisted rackets.

In addition, the string patterns are perfectly attached for a smooth, bouncy impact providing elasticity in the movement. Even some products are coming in a complete package, including a set of rackets, balls, and shuttlecocks as well.

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