7 Best Indoor Basketballs For Every Budget 2023

Who doesn’t love to play basketball with friends? We all do, isn’t it? But do you even know that you need a different type of ball altogether if you want to play in an indoor setup? Yes, there are best indoor basketballs that can complement your performance like nothing else.

But indoor balls need several specifications to make them perfect. From microfiber cover to deep-grooved channel, from officially recognized size to tournament-friendly colors, several specifications make this ball truly stands apart.

Our team of experts and basketball players joined hands together to try at least hundreds of available options to fetch the top seven indoor basketball for you. And here they are!

Best Indoor Basketballs | Editorial Pick

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Wilson Evolution

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

  • Soft To Touch
  • Evo Microfiber
  • Laid-In Channels



Spalding TF-1000 Legacy

Spalding TF-1000 Legacy Indoor Composite Basketball

  • PU Composite Fiber
  • Moisture Management
  • 100% Nylon Windings



Baden Elite Indoor

Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball

  • Delivers Perfect Traction
  • Moisture Absorption
  • CCT Technology

Best Indoor Basketballs | Detailed Reviews

Basketball is not just one of the most popular sports in the world, but it is also among the top four most popular sports in the USA. However, this sport is really incomplete without mentioning the best basketballs you can play with, even in an indoor setup. So, here are the best indoor basketballs to try this year.


Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball


Wear & Tear Resistant

Evo Microfiber Composite

  • Incredibly soft to touch yet extremely resistant against wear and tear.
  • It comes with a high-quality Evo microfiber composite cover for better grip.
  • Featuring laid-in composite channels, this ball delivers consistent texture and feel.

If you are talking about the best brand that manufactures indoor basketball, you definitely talk about Wilson. And with the cushion-core carcass, Evolution is another feather on their crown

For a very long time, they have been known for producing some of the best indoor basketballs. And they haven’t disappointed us again with the all-new Evolution.


  • Brand: Wilson
  • Dimension: 8.8 x 8.2 x 6.6 inches
  • Weight: 9.28 Ounces
  • Size: 5 to 7 (27.5-Inch to 29.5-Inch)
  • Inflation Level: 7-9 PSI

Best In America: Right now, Evolution is rated as the #1 indoor basketball in the USA that is entirely designed and manufactured in the nation. And with its nationwide coverage, it is surely among the most popular choices.

Premium EVO Feel: It comes with a revolutionary cushion core carcass that not just delivers a softer feel compared to other indoor balls in the same category but also assures a better grip in the rim region.

Better Durability: Featuring an all-new Evo microfiber composite cover over its core to make it extremely soft and amazingly tough at the same time. Besides, it will deliver unmatched durability like never before.

Better Control: The embedded laid-in composite channels not just deliver a consistent feel but also assure the right texture to grip in any condition. It is also perfect if you have a sweaty hand.

  • Approved by the NFHS
  • It comes in official size 5 to 7
  • Appropriate inflation level (7 to 9 PSI)
  • Delivers an unmatched control

  • Available in a single color
  • A bit pricey

Our Take: If you are looking for a perfectly balanced indoor basketball that comes with better durability, go for this Evolution ball from Wilson.


Spalding TF-1000 Legacy Composite

Spalding TF-1000 Legacy Indoor Composite Basketball


Microfiber PU Composite

100% Nylon Windings

  • Comes with a microfiber PU composite cover for better traction.
  • Featuring advanced moisture management technology.
  • Comes with a deep-channel design that assures a superior grip.
  • Features 100% nylon windings for better durability.

Since 1876, Spalding has made all the basketball fans and players happy by bringing revolutionary balls and other equipment. And they haven’t disappointed us with their TF-100 Legacy either.

With a better grip and optimum traction, it is truly among the best indoor basketballs you can try with absolute confidence.


  • Brand: Spalding
  • Dimension: 10 x 10 x 5.25 inches
  • Weight: 1.3 Pounds
  • Size: Size 6 (28.5 Inches)
  • Inflation Level: 8 PSI

Composite Cover: Comes with an all-new and revamped ZK microfiber cover made of PU composite material that is not just extremely tough but also provides a firmer grip even if you have sweaty hands.

Deep-Channel Design: Featuring an innovative deep-channel design that delivers an improved grip and better traction than other balls in this category. Besides, it also makes it great for shooters.

Nylon Winding: While most basketball comes with composite or polymer, this one comes with 100% nylon windings that are not just tough but also assure a better and improved structural integrity.

Premium Bladder: Featuring an 85% butyl rubber bladder which is superiorly tough and durable to make it resistant against punctures and normal wear and tear. Besides, it also holds the air for a longer time.

  • Top-quality ZK microfiber PU composite cover
  • Advanced moisture management technology
  • Improved deep channel design
  • 85% Butyl rubber bladder

  • Only available in Size 6
  • Not recommended for inflation level above 8 PSI

Our Take: If you are looking for a superior ball made of complete butyl bladder for better performance, it is undoubtedly the one to hop for.


Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball

Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball


Patented CCT Technology

Premium Microfiber Cover

  • Delivers maximum consistency and better playability due to its unique construction.
  • It comes with an advanced microfiber cover to deliver perfect traction.
  • Absorbs moisture to deliver a dry feel to make it suitable for any situation.
  • Comes with a patented Cushion Control Technology (CCT).

If you are looking for the best indoor basketballs that come with top-of-the-line composite leather, the elite indoor ball from the house of Baden will surely complement your taste.

Specially designed for elite players, this ball is not just officially recognized to be used in tournaments but also comes with the right inflation ratio.


  • Brand: Baden
  • Dimension: 11.57 x 11.54 x 10.2 inches
  • Weight: 1.79 Pounds
  • Size: Size 6 and 7 (28.5 – 29.5 Inches)
  • Inflation Level: 8-9 PSI

Indoor Appeal: specially designed to deliver the best performance in any indoor condition. It also offers a better bounce and optimum grip while used in an indoor court.

Official Size: Comes with an official size six and size seven to make it perfect for any tournament condition. Globally recognized, this ball also comes with the right size to make it fit for any hand size of any player from any age.

NFHS Approved: Officially recognized and certified by the National Federation of State High School Associations. It is also used in several official competitions and high-school tournaments all over the United States.

Premium Microfiber: Comes with a premium microfiber cover that not just delivers better durability but also delivers a strong resistance against daily wear and tear. Due to its rigid construction, it can also be counted among the best training ball.

  • Featuring innovative Cushion Control Technology
  • Embedded with thousands of tiny air cells
  • Comes with Stealth Soft-Valve System
  • Official basketball for several AAU and similar competitions

  • Comes in just two size variants
  • Especially suited only for the high-school athletes

Our Take: If you are looking for an officially recognized full-size indoor basketball without burning a hole in your pocket, this one is undoubtedly the best choice to buy.


GlowCity Glow in The Dark Basketball

GlowCity Glow in The Dark Basketball


Glow In The Dark

Impact-Activated Design

  • It comes with premium LED lights embedded inside the ball to make it glow.
  • Featuring an unmatched look that is bound to appeal to any basketball player.
  • It is especially suited for recreational use, although the size is officially recognized.
  • Comes with an impact-activated design to create a better charm.

Do you think anything can be more charming than an official-size basketball that glows in the dark? If your answer is no, then GlowCity has made the best indoor basketballs for you.

Not just its unique look and complementing performance, this ball is also amazingly tough and will last longer even with prolonged use.


  • Brand: GlowCity
  • Dimension: 11.73 x 7.05 x 3.98 inches
  • Weight: 1.41 Pounds
  • Size: Size 7 (29.5 Inches)
  • Inflation Level: 8-9 PSI

Two LED Bulbs: Not just one, but this excellent ball comes with two embedded LED bulbs to make it shine brighter. Besides, it will last up to 30 hours of continuous gameplay with all the LEDs on.

Impact Activated Design: All you need is to bound it just once, and it will start glowing in no time. And if you keep it on rest for a few minutes, it will automatically switch off the LEDs to save power.

Extremely Durable: Comes with a rigid and sturdy rubber exterior that is naturally resistant against daily wear and tear. Besides, it is also highly impact-resistant to eliminate any chance of puncture or air-pressure drop.

Complete Setup: Comes with two pre-installed batteries to deliver sufficient power to two LEDs embedded inside the basketball. It does not just last long, even with regular use, but the battery replacement is also a cakewalk.

  • LEDs automatically shut off when not in use
  • Featuring a sturdy rubber exterior
  • Comes with two pre-installed batteries
  • The best gift for any basketball fan

  • Not an officially recognized ball
  • Price is on the higher side

Our Take: If you are not looking for a ball for serious use but for fun, this is definitely the one to go for. It comes with a unique glow-in-dark feature that is bound to catch everyone’s attention.


Senston 29.5” Official Size 7 Basketball

Senston 29.5” Official Size 7 Basketball


Five Different Colors

Air Pump Included

  • It is made of premium quality composite material that is naturally resistant to wear and tear.
  • Comes with an officially recognized size-7 standard for tournament use.
  • It comes with at least five vivid colors to choose from to complement any basketball court.
  • The package includes one pin and one air pump for convenient use.

Senston is not just the prime manufacturer of the best indoor basketballs but almost all the sports equipment needed for any amateur or pro athlete. And they have lived up to their expectation with the official size-7 ball.

Featuring unique construction and premium material, this ball is not just made to perform but also made to last for a very long time.


  • Brand: Senston
  • Dimension: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Size: Size 7 (29.5 Inches)
  • Inflation Level: 8-9 PSI

Premium Material: Made of a high-quality composite of natural rubber and synthetic rubber to ensure optimum softness without harming the durability factor. This composite is truly made to last long.

Official Standard: Manufactured with utmost care while considering all the official parameters needed to make it perfect for any tournament use. However, you can also comfortably use it for training purposes.

Various Color: Not just a vibrant design, but this ball comes in at least five different colors to choose from. You can now choose your color depending on your basketball court to increase the overall feel.

Complete Package: Besides this supreme ball, you’ll also get a needle and a high-quality air pump in the package. So, you don’t need to worry at all about the convenient use of this set.

  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor setup
  • It comes with a high-quality rubber exterior
  • Official size-7 ball for any tournament
  • It comes with various colors to choose from

  • Available in just one size
  • A bit more costly than other indoor balls

Our Take: If you are looking for a high-quality official size-7 ball for tournament or training use, you can definitely give it a try as it comes with a moderate pocket pinch.


AND1 Xcelerate Rubber Basketball

AND1 Xcelerate Rubber Basketball


Flat-Channel Construction

Enhanced Grip And Feel

  • Comes with an officially recognized size-7 standard for tournament use.
  • Indoor or outdoor, this ball is made to perform on any surface of your choice.
  • Featuring a unique flat-channel construction to deliver an enhanced grip.
  • It comes with added durability that ensures better performance in the longer run.

AND1 is definitely a known name in the sports manufacturing industry in the United States. And now, they have again come up with their all-new Xcelerate rubber basketball.

A perfectly suited basketball for indoor use, this one is bound to catch your eyes due to its stunning design and optimum performance in almost any setup.


  • Brand: AND1
  • Dimension: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Size: Size 7 (29.5 Inches)
  • Inflation Level: 8-9 PSI

Officially Recognized: Use it for your training or any official tournament; this ball comes in an officially recognized size with perfect architecture and inflation.

Flat-Channel Construction: Featuring a unique flat-channel construction that ensures an enhanced pebbling to improve overall gripping. This ball is made to deliver better dribbling and shooting.

Optimum Durability: Made of high-quality materials such as rubber and synthetic composites, this ball is made to perform even with prolonged use. So, you can comfortably use it for training purposes as well.

Play Anywhere: Designed for perfection, this basketball delivers optimum performance in almost any game setup of your choice, indoor or outdoor. So, don’t wait and let the game begin!

  • It comes in six different colors to choose from
  • The package includes a 12-inch air pump
  • Made for all surface use
  • Officially recognized size for tournament use

  • Doesn’t have a butyl bladder
  • Some in just size 7

Our Take: If you are looking for a size-7 basketball that is not just officially recognized but also performs well in either indoor or outdoor setup, this one is surely the best choice for you.


Season Creator Premium

Season Creator Premium Indoor Game Basketball


Japanese Craftsmanship

Out-Of-The-Box Colors

  • Designed with cutting-edge Japanese technology that shouts unmatched craftsmanship.
  • It comes with a black channel with a full-white body to create a stunning look.
  • Featuring high-quality pebble cover with deep-grooved channels.
  • Comes with premium microfiber composite panels for maximum sturdiness.

While most companies go with the traditional color and design, Season Creator thought out of the box and designed this premium indoor ball in distinctive colors like white, floral, and vice.

Without any doubt, it is truly among the best indoor basketball to try that comes with a moderate pocket pinch but delivers an outstanding performance.


  • Brand: Season Creator
  • Dimension: 10 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.
  • Size: Size 6 and 7 (28.5 and 29.5 Inches)
  • Inflation Level: 8-9 PSI

Flagship Product: As the company itself says that this ball “rolls off the fingertips and dribbles like a dream.” Yes, it not just delivers a premium grip and feel but also delivers unmatched performance in the longer run.

Japanese Craftsmanship: Manufactured in the USA and designed in Japan, two of the best manufacturers and designers joined hands to create this stunning basketball.

Unique Look: Comes with a pebbled cover with deep-grooved channels and panels made of microfiber composite material. Besides, it comes in both 28.5 inches and 29.5 inches diameter to make it tournament standard.

Premium Quality: Made of a premium mix of synthetic and rubber material that delivers an optimum grip even when your hands are sweaty. Besides, it is also made to last long, even with prolonged use.

  • Made with Japanese craftsmanship
  • Officially recognized size for professional use
  • It comes in several out-of-the-box colors
  • Deep-grooved black panels

  • A bit more costly than other balls
  • It doesn’t come in any traditional colors

Our Take: If you are searching for an outstanding ball with unconventional colors like white and a print like floral or vice, it is sure the best basketball you can try this year.

FAQs Regarding Best Indoor Basketballs

Q. What is the difference between indoor and outdoor basketball?

The prime difference is durability! While indoor basketballs are primarily made of microfiber or full-grain leather to deliver a better feel, outdoor basketballs are made of composite materials to deliver better durability than indoor ones.

Q. What size is an indoor basketball?

The officially recognized size of an indoor basketball is size 7 or 29.5 inches. However, you can use any size of balls between 5 to 7 or 27.5 to 29.5 inches in diameter. And the inflation should be between 6 to 8 PSI at max.

Q. What material is an official indoor basketball made of?

According to international standards, the inner bladder should be made of high-quality rubber or butyl. And it should be wrapped with either fiber or nylon to ensure durability. And the topcoat or the outermost layer should be made of full-grain leather or any soft composite material.

Q. Can you play with indoor balls outside?

Indoor balls are typically made of softer material, especially the outermost layer. So, it is not recommended to use it outside where it can impact uneven surfaces. For outdoor use, you should rely solely on harder materials like nylon or nylon composites.

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is Evolution from the house of Wilson. It is exceptionally soft that delivers an unmatched touch and feel if you use it in an indoor setup. Besides, it comes with a quality Evo microfiber composite cover that not just delivers better grip but is also naturally resistant against wear and tear.

Also, our 2nd recommendation is TF-1000 Legacy from the house of Spalding. It features PU microfiber composite material that delivers better traction. It also comes with an advanced moisture control technology that assures a dry feel even if you have a really sweaty hand.


Before you buy any of the best indoor basketballs we have listed above, you should emphasize the use of them. If you are an amateur looking for a training ball, it is better to go with a microfiber composite. And if you are a professional, you should go with full-grain leather.

If you want to use it for tournament purposes, you should strictly stick to size 7 or 29.5 inches, as it is the only officially recognized size that is perfect for any indoor tournament.

Last Updated On: November 2023

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