7 Best Outdoor Foosball Tables 2023 | Review and Buying Guide

Playing foosball game outside the room is a trendy concern for most of the players. Therefore, we brought a list of the top outdoor foosball tables 2023 comprising a protective layered exterior design. Moreover, the gaming surface has been extended here regarding the length and smoothness factor to enhance playability.

In brief, the legs are firmly formatted into a sturdy structure to keep the whole body in a balanced position, and the levelers have a supportive impact in the upper body section together with adjustability factors. In addition, the material of the table mainly concerns preventing the tough surrounding situations while placing the table outdoor.

Best Outdoor Foosball Tables To Try This Year

Furthermore, the foosball men are evenly structured on the playing surface with standard measurements. Significantly, the rods and handles having gripping surfaces promote a smooth-rolling factor along with a sliding scenario for the multiplayer.

Best Outdoor Foosball Tables 2023 | Editorial Pick

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Hall of Games

Hall of Games Foosball Table

  • Comfortable Grips
  • Aluminium Surface
  • Bead Scoring



Garlando G-500

Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Foosball Table

  • Ball Returning
  • Smoothest Surface
  • Rigid Legs



Kettler Carrara

Kettler Carrara Outdoor Foosball Table

  • Premium Bead Scoring
  • Sturdy Levelers
  • Cover Included

Best Outdoor Foosball Tables 2023 | Detailed Reviews

We have already reviewed the best foosball balls and the best foosball table covers as well. But yes, this list is truly incomplete without mentioning the best outdoor foosball tables to try this year.


Hall of Games Foosball Table

Hall of Games Foosball Table


Comfortable Grip

Composite Aluminium

  • Comfortable hand grips to have a stout grip on the shots
  • 6 mm composite aluminum playing surface is made waterproof to double the life of the table
  • The resistant design is compatible with outdoor use even in rainy weathers
  • Metal bead scoring system keeps your game on track and makes the score counting easier
  • Electroplated steel rods with 5/8 diameter to create intensive shots

An ultimate foosball table for reliable indoor gaming giving better performance even in outdoor use. Comfortable hand grips of electroplated rods ensure a strong and stout grip over the game with playing more accurate pacy shots.

In addition, the water-resistant playing surface made with aluminum composite material offering a lifetime performance. Without any doubt, it is also among the professional foosball tables to try.


  • Dimensions: 55.75 x 29.63 x 35.5 inches
  • Weight: 165 lbs.
  • Color: silver & black
  • Material: Plastic, Metal, Aluminum, & Alloy Steel
  • Rod Diameter: 5/8”
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Leg Levelers: 6 inches
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Stable Legs: The table legs have a very exceptional weight that makes them stickier to the ground; adding leg levelers, even heavy winds and playing with hard hands don’t affect the table’s stability. In short, just adjust the legs leveler according to the ground, and these legs are adjustable up to 6 inches.

Balanced Surface: This foosball table has been providing an extra smooth and sliding platform to the ball. Identically, this is because of the manufacturing with the waterproof smooth aluminum surface.

Easy Scoring: You don’t need to recognize your game score because this table offers a metal bead scoring system. In like manner, the working of this scoring system is effortless; you just have to slide the beads up and down to get your opponent to know your points.

What Is In The Package: This table offers a complete range of playing and assembly accessories, including two soccer balls and two metal bead score counters. As well, the rods and foosball are given with the package.

  • Adjust legs up to six inches with premium made levelers
  • The paint on the foosball player is everlasting
  • Available in two color variants for choice
  • It includes complete playing necessaries in the package

  • Some sides have scraps
  • The ball doesn’t properly roll on the table

Our Take: These ultimate outdoor foosball tables come with an air-resistant smooth surface having a metal bead scoring system. In addition, it comes with oversized 6 inches leg levelers that enable you to play the consistent game and doubles the fun.


Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Foosball Table

Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Foosball Table


Ball-Returning System

Smoothest Surface

  • Ball returning feature keeps your match on path and simple
  • Smooth playfield provides better and fast slide to the ball, making your game thrilling
  • Cleaning your table is not an issue because it is effortless to wash and clean
  • Exceptional weight of 125 lbs. give the most stable and tension free gameplay
  • The players of the foosball are all rotatable to 36 degrees to play shots from different angles

A most resilient waterproof foosball table is providing the best smooth playfield of all time. Also, the stability has been improved to an extreme level with the nylon-made levelers attached to every leg.

Altogether, it offers all new exciting features like water resistance, washability, and easy cleaning. Without any doubt, it is among the top-rated Garlando foosball tables to try this year.


  • Dimensions: 43 x 34.5 x 56 inches
  • Weight: 177 lbs.
  • Color: blue
  • Material: wood
  • Rod Material: telescopic chromium plated
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Leg Levelers: 4 inches
  • Assembly Required: yes

Integrated Levelers: Playing on an unstable surface or ground may result in losing the stability of the table. Get this table with up to four inches adjustable nylon legs coming with top-quality levelers. Adjust the height of these levelers following the condition of maintaining the table’s stability.

Bead Scoring System: Count your numbers without any tension and problem because the manufacturer is offering built-in metal bead score counters. This scoring is attached on both sides of the table for each player counting simplicity. Also, the working of this system is very simple and easy.

Water-Resistance Composite Playfield: This table offers a waterproof material-coated surface to gives easy washing to the buyer. This table is the best choice for outdoor use, protected from rain or winds due to this waterproof surface.

Best Stability: This table offers more stability with the well-built legs, and the weight is outstanding so that the table remains immovable.

  • The goalkeeper is rotatable up to 180 degrees
  • Anti-rust treatment for heavy-duty in all criteria
  • Bead scoring system provides hassle-free score counting
  • Suitable for outdoor as well as an indoor game
  • Sleek design with vibrant color

  • The top exterior has blemish reported by a customer

Our Take: Play an immovable game with this foosball table that comes with the leg levelers elevating the stability to the next level. Moreover, it is designed with a strong material which makes it sturdy.


Kettler Carrara Outdoor Foosball Table

Kettler Carrara Outdoor Foosball Table


Bead Scoring System

Premium Leveler

  • Bead scoring features promote a simple score counting method with showing numbers to everyone
  • Leg levelers help to play on all types of ground with maintaining the stability
  • A cover is provided with the table to protect it from dust and water, increasing the durability
  • After scoring, the ball comes to a goal box to retrieve the ball, and the ball doesn’t stick in it, making your game fast
  • Players are made molded to increase their life

Enjoy the class of foosball with this table that ensures quality entertainment with a touch of smoothness. This smooth surface is balanced from all corners providing your hit ball with a seamless platform.

This foosball table has been materialized with the strong frame construction of aluminum steel. The regular and recommended height, length, and weight make it more prominent than other ordinary tables.


  • Dimensions: 58 x 30 x 34 inches
  • Weight: 120 lbs.
  • Color: grey & black
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Rod Material: steel telescopic rods with anti-rust chromium plating
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Leg Material: powder-coated steel
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Legs Leveler: Legs levelers are adjustable according to the ground improvising the stability of your game. It offers you to play on an uneven and unbalanced floor by just maintaining the height of leg levelers. On the whole, these leg levelers give you the most satisfying and reliable stable gameplay you have ever had.

Goal Box: The goal box is installed in the table that keeps the ball after scoring in it for extra ball security. This system is very reliable where the ball does not get stuck to have an uninterrupted match.

Molded Players: The foosball players are all made molded to increase their life. Moreover, this molded foosball player feature helps you have a firm grip over the ball by making accurate, and timing strikes.

Covering For The Table: All new white-colored covering is given in the package with the table to keep your table additionally secure after playing.

  • The goalkeeper is rotatable up to 360 degrees of angle
  • All the corners help to prevent the dead spot
  • Firm assembly of alloy steel
  • It comes with 3 years of warranty

  • Few customers don’t like the design
  • The price is a bit high

Our Take: This sturdy foosball table renowned for its pace-creating feature, including stability and perfection together with substantiality. Additionally, 3 years of warranty is labeled with the table for better customer service and user’s satisfaction.


EastPoint Sports All-Weather Aluminum Foosball Table

EastPoint Sports All-Weather Aluminum Foosball Table


Adjustable Leg Height

Ball-Returning System

  • The balls provided with the table are all textured, making your shots more smooth
  • Adjust the legs according to your desire on any sort of ground or surface
  • The ideal choice for rooms, garages, and TV lounges because of its perfect standard dimensions
  • It makes your game rolling and rolling with this table that has a ball returning the system
  • The foosball players are weighted perfectly to have a firm control on the ball

Play an accurate and stable match on any type of surface, even if it is steeper because this table has maintaining legs. It has the finest structural manufacturing with including a complete range of playing and assembly accessories.

In addition, some of the exclusive classical features are added in the table, including score counter, balanced player, ball return, etc. It is also among the best-rated foosball tables under $500 to try this year.


  • Dimensions: 56 x 28.5 x 34.5 inches
  • Weight: 132 lbs.
  • Color: black & silver
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Leg Levelers: adjustable
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Foosball Players And Rods Grip: These foosball players have an exceptional weight, and rods are made of stainless steel featuring cozy grips. The player gets a relaxed grip while handling the rods.

Adjustable Levelers: Playing an unbalanced and moving game won’t give you a better performance. Get this table that comes with the leg leveler those have large height adjustability. Additionally, maintain the height of these levelers with the following conditions and have the most stable game.

Easy Bead Scoring: An interesting score counting system is waiting for you to provide quick gameplay. This is a score counting system along with beads on both rails of the table for each player. In addition, move the beads of this system from left to right to differ your goal point by adding visuality to the game.

Ball Returner: When you hit a score, the ball comes to this section; this section automatically returns the balls to the table without getting stuck and makes your game quick.

  • Compatible for all type of weathers
  • Easy method bead scoring system keeps your action on
  • Aluminum legs frame for best stability
  • Perfect foosball table for indoor and outdoor gaming
  • The price is friendly

  • A customer noticed dead spots on ball travel
  • Wooden parts have cracks
  • Improperly drilled holes and nuts of some body parts

Our Take: This table has all-weather compatibility with the stoutest legs frame to offer the most stable game ever, and this feature makes it one of the best indoor and outdoor foosball tables.


Playcraft Extera Outdoor Foosball Table

Playcraft Extera Outdoor Foosball Table


Six-Inch Leveler

Deluxe PU Coating

  • Leg levelers are adjustable up to six inches proffering you to set the stability following with the nature of the ground
  • It includes a table cover that protects it against dust and keeps it more secure in outdoor
  • Silver color legs and frame making it more prominent and versatile
  • Aluminum made base and frame providing a heavy-duty for a long time
  • Waterproof playfield with PU coating adding further smoothness to the sliding ball
  • It has a heavyweight to improve the stability of the game

A supreme-class foosball table manufactured with the sturdiest aluminum. It has a smooth and level playing field giving extra quality attributes at a very affordable price tag.

It helps to promote stability, accuracy, pace, and durability at the same time.


  • Dimensions: 56 x 36 x 30 inches
  • Weight: 225 lbs.
  • Color: silver
  • Material: composite, Aluminum
  • Rod Diameter: 5/8 inches
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Leg Levelers: 6 inches
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Level Sliding PU Coating Surface: This foosball table has been providing extra smoothness and flow to the ball because it has an assembling of waterproof PU coating surface. Furthermore, this supreme-quality playfield provides the ball with extraordinary pace.

Extra Sized Levelers: These outdoor foosball tables have brought you many extra unique features providing you stability at every step. This table has extra-sized levelers on each leg that can be adjustable up to a height of six-inch. So playing on an unstable surface is no more issue because these levelers provide you with the best stability.

The Comfortable Grip On Rods: The steel rods are featuring soft handling grips for creating stable shots. These grips uniquely give the player cozy and help keep the opponent or viewer safe from its sharpness.

  • Numbers are printed on the scoring beads for simplicity
  • Cozy handles of steel rods to strengthen the grip
  • Walls are made thick to expand the life
  • Sleek and attractive design

  • The price is high
  • The ball can fall on the ground after reaching the goal section

Our Take: Get the securest table that provides your puck with the smoothest and air-flowing surface with a PU coating surface feature. Further, 6 inches leg levelers make it a highly stable table for outdoor gaming.


Park & Sun Sports Beachwood Foosball Table

Park & Sun Sports Beachwood Foosball Table


Polyethylene Bearings

Abacus Scoring

  • Polyethylene bearings provide a smooth and fast action along with accurate shots
  • UVR stabilized PVC apron surface to make the table a smooth playing platform
  • It offers a very easy assembly set up with a recommended length of 53 inches
  • Abacus scoring systems on both sides to supply a bother free counting
  • A moisture-resistant material construction to accelerate the durability and to have an air resistant playfield

An optimum combination of aluminum making it a resilient and sturdy foosball table. The frame and the base of the table have a firm construction increasing its life.

Shortly, play an immovable table that has legs levelers attached with a thick Beachwood tan and PVC apron surface.


  • Dimensions: 53 x 30 x 35 inches
  • Weight: 70 lbs.
  • Color: white
  • Material: Aluminum, solid fiberglass
  • Rod Diameter: 5/8 inches
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Leveled Construction: This foosball table is providing an extra smooth flow to the ball with accelerated speed. Specifically, the base and frame have a materialization of aluminum that further extends the pacing feature to an optimum level. On the positive side, this leveled surface proffers you and your kids to improve their strategies.

Moisture Free Surface: This is the moisture-resistant playfield protecting the table against water and any other liquid. In the second place, this surface helps to keep the playfield air free to perform accurate shots.

Powder-Coated Legs: The legs are powder-coated to improvise the stability of the game. These legs especially increase the life of the table by keeping it away from scratches and marks. In addition, the leveled construction makes it one of the most durable outdoor foosball tables.

Abacus Scoring System: Now note down your scores right on the table without wasting your time with this abacus scoring system. It is a rail with some beads to count the increase and decrease in the points. In addition, this system has a fixation on both boundaries of the table.

  • The frame has the manufacturing of supreme class aluminum
  • Powder-coated legs escalate the stoutness
  • Available in a classical white shade

  • The ball doesn’t return and can get stuck
  • A customer reported flimsy body construction

Our Take: This Park & Sun foosball table comprises a high-quality material that makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor gaming and allows you to play the most stable shot and have an enhanced stable gaming experience.


René Pierre Outdoor Foosball Table

René Pierre Outdoor Foosball Table


Zinc-Coated Exterior

Metallic Construction

  • The frame structure of the table has a zinc coating exterior for improving the stability factor
  • You’ll get non-slippery handles with a firm gripping surface to play a smooth game
  • Bolts are screws are also included having stainless steel construction
  • Legs have metallic construction together with adjusted leg levelers to maintain the balancing position

A full-size gaming table has all the safety features that perfectly fit the outdoor scenarios. Alongside, the exterior design has enhanced playing aspects together with covering body structure.

The legs are evenly managed in rectangular formation to get a balanced shape. Needless to say, it is surely among the top-rated René Pierre foosball tables to try this year.


  • Dimensions: 57.48 x 42.91 x 35.83 inches
  • Weight: 110 lbs.
  • Color: brown
  • Material: wood and metal
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Leg Levelers: telescoping
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Telescopic Rods: The manufacturer has mainly focused on a stable construction; therefore, the telescopic formation of rods also got exterior coating. Plus, the handles are much smoother than the ordinary tables comprising a non-slippery design throughout the handle structure.

Leveled Ground: You’ll notice a firm rectangular formation of 4 legs having sturdy metallic materialization with firm connections. Alongside, the levelers will sustain the maximum balancing factor on the outdoor ground with extended structure formation.

Durable Lamination: The exterior body of the table has wooden lamination throughout the surface to make it firm during rough situations. Withal, all the poles got triple steel coating on the required placements to resist the damage possibilities.

Premium Gaming Surface: Get the 57.48 inches of glass layered playing surface with remarkable smoothness and ball sliding factor. It also comes with a waterproof cover and 5 smooth moving balls in the foosball table package.

  • Metallic legs construction having a rectangular structure
  • Glassy playing surface with the smooth ball moving impact
  • Telescopic handles along with triple chrome coating
  • Balls, screws, and bolts are also there in the package
  • Leg levelers with balanced construction

  • High price
  • Dull color and poor design

Our Take: The glassy playing surface has a triple coated chrome layer on the steel formation and metallic legs and levelers to maintain stability.

FAQ Regarding Best Outdoor Foosball Tables

Q. What is the best outdoor foosball table?

On our list, the best 3 are Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Foosball Table, Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table, and Rene Pierre Tahiti Outdoor Foosball Table.

Q. Can you keep a foosball table outside?

Yes, for 2 to 3 hours, you can keep the table in the sunlight, but if you keep it for a long time, the sunlight will damage the material. In addition, not all the foosball tables have a weather-proof design.

Q. Which is the best outdoor weather-proof foosball table?

Garlando G-500 Weatherproof is considered one of the perfect weather-proof outdoor foosball tables.

Best Outdoor Foosball Tables 2023 | Quick Comparison

Best Outdoor Foosball Tables - Infographics
Infographics: Best Outdoor Foosball Tables

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is the Kettler Carrara Outdoor Foosball Table as the most advanced design foosball table. Alloy steel frame construction along with 360-degree goalie rotation comes with resin balls and a firm connection of legs to maintain stability.

Additionally, our 2nd recommendation is the EastPoint Sports All-Weather Aluminum Foosball Table, the most durable design gaming table. You’ll get aluminum frame materialization together with adjustable leg levelers also comes with a smooth playing surface.


Finally, we can conclude that these are the best outdoor foosball tables with a protective design with the most compatible body construction. The exterior design comes with professional construction along with additional coatings to prevent scratches and damages while placing the table outside.

In addition, the legs have improvements coupled with structure formation possessing more firm material. The levelers have adjustment factors with extreme feature balancing aspects to make the whole foosball table standing aligned. Plus, the rods are mainly adjusted with smooth moving angles that enhance your gaming experience without any hassle.

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