7 Best Shuffleboard Tables For Unlimited Fun

Are you looking to feed your boredom without having to go outside? You can surely choose the best shuffleboard tables for a home to ornate your leisure. Besides, the shuffleboard tables have yet to reach their peak in terms of popularity. But, they can still add a fun addition to your home-based entertainment in many ways.

Many consumers confuse themselves with the practicality of any recreational activity. So, waive off your confusion as these shuffleboard tables will provide amazing joy with pure practicality.

There’s no doubt about the generous space these tables hold. Therefore, these tables must be arranged cleverly to fit a great deal. Moreover, Shuffleboard tables provide for great practical fun and healthy exercise that truly justifies their existence.

Also, tables feel like art made out of a true wonder with sharp built features and an impeccable structure to hold your gaze. That makes up for an enjoyable experience with your loved ones. Therefore, you won’t regret placing them in any section of your abode.

7 Best Shuffleboard Tables For Unlimited Fun

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We have delightfully researched the best table options available from the market. So, without wasting your time, let’s look into our most ideal options.


Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table by Playcraft

Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table by Playcraft


  • The table’s dimensions are 108 × 24 × 31 inches
  • It weighs about 220 pounds
  • Pure wood ( material )

  • Luxurious wood finish
  • Hardwood micro-lam cradle construction promotes durability
  • Delux pucks included
  • Matching abacus included
  • Prostyle climate adjuster

Playcraft aligns with the best Shuffleboard tables list. Rightly said, in this masterpiece. Woodbridge offers a luxurious craft brilliance with an expensive-looking exterior. Moreover, highly reliable materials are used in the built to ensure its durability along with functionality.

Design & Material: Voguish fashion attired in a classical mechanism makes for the  Shuffleboard table by play craft. Also, brushed wooden edges accompanied by a high-quality wax finish look seriously expensive and unique. A 1 slab hardwood construction’s mastery is hard to forget as well with the evidence that will provide for the most durable experience ever.

Main Highlights: Its extensive set of features after the design calls for another applaud. The table is a sound and thick hardwood block that looks and feels highly durable and secure. Moreover, the foundation is highly secure with the optional color tones to choose from. The color picks its spot and blends naturally with the surroundings, your room, for instance. The table’s playfield is dripped with multiple coats of satin polyurethane that creates an impressively flushed and glossy surface.

  • It comes with a hinged door and preinstalled shelves for storage
  • The smooth and glossy playfield for hassles playing experience
  • A single slab of pure wood slab construction for extra durability
  • Expensive quality accessories included

  • Construction could have been lighter

Our Take: Are you looking for a luxurious touch of fine wood construction? Then Woodbridge is a must-buy; it possesses a durable materialized body of the pure wood composition.


Multiple Style Shuffleboard Table by Barrington

Multiple Style Shuffleboard Table by Barrington


  • The table dimensions are 108 × 24 × 32 inches
  • It weighs 208.8 pounds

  • Promising dark wood frame
  • Everything comes intact
  • It doesn’t catch smudges and scratches
  • High-end construction looks and feels like a piece of art
  • 2 integrated abacuses to stay updated with scores
  • Traditional bead scoring adds a classic touch

Modern and sturdy construction in a classical blend takes a role on an accessible price tag.  Makes it the best budget Shuffleboard table in extravagant attire. There’s everything to love about this playfield, from its sturdy appearance to the limitless features.

Design & Material: Stunning built and durability is incorporating lavish features that are hard to miss. This Shuffleboard table by Barrington takes on a nostalgic finish with modern and solid construction. Amazing craftsmanship is achieved by focusing on appearance and durability at the same time. Moreover, Barrington didn’t throw away the antique style language by introducing traditional bead scoring that gives a classical vibe.

Main Highlights: Besides, the inspirational design, a bundle of handy features come in hand as well. It exhibits all essentials like Shuffleboard powder, pucks along with abacuses for score checks. The table gives off a very balanced look on A-style leg construction. As the table playfield is UV coated, it provides for extra silk glides.

  • Durability without design compromises
  • Scratch-resistant play area
  • The company offers 90 days warranty from the day of buying
  • Catchy price

  • Good to go

Our Take: Very smooth playfield and glossy surface to maintain the sliding of pucks without any hurdles!


Poly-coated 9′ Platinum Shuffleboard Table by Atomic

Poly-coated 9' Platinum Shuffleboard Table by Atomic


  • The table dimensions are 108.25 × 24.25 × 31 inches
  • The table weighs 93 kilograms
  • Playing surface dimensions have 14 inches of width and 94 3/8 inches of diameter.

  • Classic Shuffleboard game in a 9′ table can be easily moved and adjusted
  • It comes with the leg levelers to score balance
  • Includes-8 premium multi-colored pucks
  • 1 canister of Shuffleboard wax is included too
  • Traditional abacus style scoring

The classical era of Shuffleboard in a stylish form. Atomic has offered some of the best Shuffleboard tables for sale in a magnetically attractive design with tough built. All the essentials of this conventional game table are there to enjoy with the trendy finish to grab everyone’s attention.

Design & Material: Atomic with this particular craft has impressed us a lot. The premium platinum shuffleboard is convenient to fit at any place with the smart structure. Moreover, the high-quality materials and stylish sense of mechanics will make you fall in love with this table. Thus, the modern design will unify with the theme of your recreational room or any other space.

Main Highlights: This playfield table has a lot to offer here. Witness your pucks sliding steadily on solid, poly-coated surface wonders. Besides, the table exhibits prominent prints of goal lines for convenient scoring functionality. Abacus-style scoring makes your shots more focused so as you don’t have a confusing score panel to scratch your head for this reason. Also, the durable black cloth surrounding the interior while complimenting the classy black exterior of the Shuffleboard table.

Lastly, what makes the smooth playing experience overall? A perfectly leveled playing surface as crucial as anything. Therefore, leg levelers in this table balance every shot you throw.

  • A poly-coated surface makes your pucks slide smoothly that adds to the game experience
  • Sturdy built quality
  • Balanced playing experience
  • Score your goals in abacus style
  • Attractive price tag

  • Sometimes puck slides off the other end

Our Take: If you are looking to score with a lavish appearance and the convenience of adjustability, then this Shuffleboard is a great option.


2-in-1 GoSports Shuffleboard Table

2-in-1 GoSports Shuffleboard Table


  • The dimensions of the product are 3.94 ×94 × 3.15 inches
  • It can take 4 players

  • 2 Games in 1 table
  • Great for family fun and parties
  • Extremely low price
  • It comes with a retail box
  • A wonderful gift
  • High-quality wood construction

This table by GoSports is one of the best shuffleboard tables for the money. It comes with a 2 in 1 option, becomes shuffleboard from one end and curling from another end. It counts well for family fun and even a wonderful option for parties and all.

Design & Material: Design and art are the pleasure you will seek after getting your hands on this mini table, with its high-quality wood surface that goes along the edges for a smooth gameplay experience.  The design speaks for its excellent craftsmanship gladly in an Incredibly cheap price tag.

Main Highlights: Such incredible design stuffed with extra goodies makes it hard to miss as the shuffleboard comes with a premium 2 in 1 feature. It can be used as a shuffleboard from one side and curling on the other. Moreover, the mini tabletop comes in a retail box package that can be utilized in any way, a fine gift, for instance. So choose your desired game option or gift it to your intimates. This mini table is nothing but something to admire.

  • The extremely handy mini tabletop with 2 games option
  • Great for family fun
  • Can accommodate 4 players at once
  • Includes dual purpose 8 rollers

  • Good to go

Our Take: If you’re looking for a portable and reliable mini tabletop in a cheap price option, then this one is for you!


Georgetown Playcraft Shuffleboard Table

Georgetown Playcraft Shuffleboard Table


  • The dimensions of this shuffleboard game are 147 × 27 × 7 in inches
  • Georgetown shuffleboard table weighs around 347 pounds

  • Aligned decorative cabinets
  • Additional storage cabinet at the leg side
  • Smooth and scratchless surface
  • Adjustment for the usual climate included
  • 3 stages scoring system at the board

Georgetown Shuffleboard table has come with a smooth end playfield to sustain the joy. Of course, you are gonna love the long-run accessories included in the table with a shiny look from the exterior. What’s more? Let’s get to the features.

Design & Material: A smooth and decorative design of veneer wood covered the sides of the table with a shiny outlook. Well, the playing field is stunning, with a glossy surface for a joyful gaming experience. Storage capacity has also been added to the leg cover of the board. However, the accessories will need to assemble accordingly. Plus, the surface of the board is maintained with pro-level gestures.

What’s in the package? Georgetown shuffleboard has come with all the necessary playing equipment. There are 4 red & blue pucks along with speed wax as well. Besides, you’ll also get a beginner instructor in the package as well. Plus, all of the pucks will be well polished and smoother from the exterior to roll as you want.

  • Trendy carpet gutters
  • Boxed leg with 2 panels
  • Fine wood construction
  • Worthy price tag

  • All good

Our Take: Well furnished playfield surface along with glossy accessories for the board. Extra storages are adjusted on the leg side, so it’s good to go!


Fairview Game Room 12′ Shuffleboard Table

Fairview Game Room 12' Shuffleboard Table


  • This shuffleboard has dimensions of 150 × 36 × 30 inches
  • The weight of this gaming shuffleboard is around 402 pounds in the package

  • Extra cabinets are added for storage
  • The gentle texture of polyurethane
  • Level surface stabilizer included
  • Chrome type legs with precise leveling

Fairview gots large-sized and long-run shuffleboard here with a smooth scratchless design to cover. This makes it one of the best shuffleboard tables with fine wood construction.

Design & Material: The main focus design is surely clean and scratchless without any irrelevant substance. The board surface is well-brushed, along with the glossy exterior. Well, the cabinets are materialized with maple veneer coatings coupled with 5 core structure of polyurethane. The stabilizing functionality will sustain an even-level surface to prevent convex/concave from emerging.

Main Highlights: The metal frame body with the construction of fine wood makes it all clear for you. The gully area is levelly materialized and holds a smooth rolling surface. Well, there are extra storage spaces attached with the main legs of the table to support the accessories.

  • More space on the playfield
  • High-end construction
  • Multicore structure
  • Choosable color variants
  • Worth buying

  • None

Our Take: It’s a long-way scoring table with additional storage cabinets attached as well. Ready to play and smooth for rolling!


Pro-Style Telluride Shuffleboard Table by Playcraft

Pro-Style Telluride Shuffleboard Table by Playcraft


  • The dimensions of this Telluride shuffleboard are 130 22 4 in inches
  • This package weighs around 247 pounds

  • 2 variants of color selection
  • Climate adjustment systemized
  • Extra storage capacity on side leg
  • Table edges are glued with a shiny look

An innovative smooth design with a glossy surface of Pro-style shuffleboard has come with an electronic scoring board. With some storage space and a scratchless playfield, you’ll love the board experience.

Design & Material: The playfield is well constructed with a gentle texture of high-end wood quality to maintains the pucks slide. Alongside the exterior of the board is materialized with maple butcher onward. 4 scoring stages display on the electronic board accordingly, as an indoor trending design. Well, one of the legs keeps a storage capacity of 3″ with a shelf opening.

Accessories: All of the required equipment comes in the package with fine polishing from the exterior. As for the general role of pucks and accessories, the package includes a sweeper for the board and fine quality wax for the acceleration of the sliding board. Besides, there are 4 red pucks alongside 4 blue as well.

  • Stylish design
  • Smooth board surface
  • Reduce noise with sidewalls
  • Top-quality wood construction

  • Good to go

Our Take: Smooth puck sliding gaming experience on a glossy board. Sidewalls with glue alignments to prevent noise. Wood texture is brilliant, applause for the fine construction.

FAQ Regarding Best Shuffleboard Tables

Q. Which could be the best shuffleboard tables?

All of the selected shuffleboard tables are top-rated and trending. Well, we can short-list these 02 as the best ones.

  • Poly-coated 9′ Platinum Shuffleboard Table by Atomic
  • Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table by Playcraft

Q. What quality of wood is used in the construction of these tables?

A gentle texture of veneer and maple wood is materialized in the structure. That sustains the quality of the surface and smoothness of the sliding feature. Whereas the construction is highly polished and gives a glossy look from the exterior.

Q. Do these shuffleboard tables have extra storage capacity?

Luckily, the manufacturers have designed them with additional storage alongside the leg’s construction. So you can keep the wax and equipment in those storage spaces accordingly.

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table by Playcraft as the best shuffleboard table under $1000. It has a luxury furnished board table along with a set of glossy pucks to slide. In addition, our 2nd recommendation is the Electronic Pro-Style Telluride Shuffleboard Table by Playcraft with an electronic scoring board installed. Besides, it comes in 02 different color variants along with a climate adjustment controller coupled with sidewalls to reduce the noise of pucks hitting.


Finally, we can conclude that these are the best shuffleboard tables possessive the trending features of quality. The design of each selected board is materialized with high-end wood attires along with side polishing. The exterior gives a shiny look from the surface as well. Besides, gaming stages are marked accordingly to maintains a legit scenario. In fact, the side legs also comprised additional storage capacity to acquire the gaming equipment.

Furthermore, the playfield will be scratchless, along with a smooth design from the exterior to sustain the pucks sliding. The siding attire of the table is decorative and comes in variants of different color selections. Besides, all of the required gaming accessories are included in the package and speeding wax.

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