7 Best Solo Board Games 2023 – December Updates

Give wings to your creativity with a fabulous collection of the best solo board games in 2023. These fun platforms offer the best medium to explore your creativity level with a sense of freedom. Players can finally appreciate the best storylines along with the best game mechanism available in the market.

Board games keep shinning in player’s opinions because of the impressive benefits. Makes them everyone’s personal favorite in many ways.

Solo boards can provide the players with exceptional value of creativity and a sense of liberty over other genres. Players get to reinforce their ideas and imaginations in the game course with full command over the storyline.

Best Solo Board Games You Will Love This Year

Sometimes, solo themes provide a sense of individuality that is tranquil at the same time. Therefore, these games allow players to demonstrate their gaming potentials to the fullest with a sense of freedom.

Best Solo Board Games | Editorial Pick

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Mansions Of Madness

Mansions Of Madness By Fantasy Flight

  • Mystery And Horror
  • Co-Op Gaming Scenario
  • Mobile App Available



Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars By Indie Boards

  • Excellent Stimulation
  • Game Award Points
  • Unique Strategies



Scythe Board Game

Scythe Board Game By Stonemaier

  • Post-World War Settings
  • Limitless Resources
  • Train Your Mind

Best Solo Board Games You Will Love In 2021

There are many impressive solo themes available in the market now. The manufacturers have started developing more exciting themes that focus on strong storylines and smooth game mechanics.

We have fetched the best out of all and stacked them into an interesting list. So, without any further delay, let’s dive right into our list.


Mansions Of Madness By Fantasy Flight

Mansions Of Madness By Fantasy Flight


4 Stage Of Madness

Supports Up to 5 Players

  • There are 4 mystery and horror stages with varying scenarios to solve
  • Online app Windows/MAC/Android compatibility for the storyline guidance
  • Best solo playing game theme with up to 5 players supportability
  • Act as an investigator to solve the dark hidden mysteries in the terrifying mansion
  • Co-op gaming scenario with teammate assistance while suspecting the circumstances

Be the top spy and find out the hidden mysteries in the dark surrounding of the Arkham horror. Mansions of Madness is full of insanity and thrilling adventure quest where you will experience extreme suspenseful situations. The investigation case will take you to an unexpected detection scenario along with tons of unsolved puzzles.

  • Dimensions: 29.53 x 13.34 x 29.53 in cm
  • Weight: 2.06 pounds

Dark Puzzling Map: Enter the dark world of Arkham with your teaming investigators; will you be the brave one? Nobody knows what will be there when you peek behind the hallways or look after the door. The map possesses a fun time engaging content of horror mystery together with dark vibes which will seek your attention. You can also collect the hidden skills and points featured behind different locations on the map.

Game Package: There are 24 tiles for the map, 16 tokens for exploring & sighting, and investigator character cards in 8 variants. Plus, the package also includes24 types of cards for unique items and searching & interacting tokens in 16 selections. At last, the players will get 08 matching cards, common item cards of 40 variants, and an instruction guide with complete rules.

  • 14+ years kids can enjoy this horror mystery game
  • Solve puzzles and get victory points to win the stages
  • Engaging game theme with 2 to 3-hour duration
  • Companion app gaming instruction with map directions

  • Game assembling is a bit difficult

Our Take: Enjoy the horror mystery of Arkham mansion and solve the suspenseful puzzles in the best solo board games.


Terraforming Mars By Indie Boards

Terraforming Mars By Indie Boards


Terraforming Project Game

Thrilling Special Effects

  • The players lead the terraforming project through cooperation in this excellent simulation
  • Game awards points on more contributions and advancements made in this part of the galaxy
  • Players use cards for special effects in their race to make more developments
  • You can enhance your strategies by doing research on cards
  • It comes with over 200 unique and engaging projects to work on

A game bringing an ultimate opportunity to reform the mars is also a best seller. So beat the boredom and take on this fun, thirsty board game that will tune your senses.

  • Dimensions: 2.8 × 11.6 × 11.6 in inches
  • Weight: 3.63 pounds

Terraform The Mars: Indie Boards and Cards present Terraforming  Mars with the advanced featuring of planet modification on the board map. The corporations are working to increase the temperature, oxygen, and ocean levels to make this planet usable. You are performing the role of a corporation working on this planet. If you act accordingly in the given scenario and perform the best among other corporations, then the victory is yours.

What Does The Package Contain? This board game includes a top-quality game board, 200 markers of resources in three different colors, and various sizes. Furthermore, there are 200 markers for players, 05 player boards for each, 80 tiles, and a guidebook.

  • One of the most selling international top-rated game
  • A long-lasting game with an affordable price tag
  • Enjoy this stellar with up to 5 players
  • Exploring new project card will enhance your strategy

  • An expensive price tag

Our Take: With up to 200 different attractive projects and a strategical theme, it a perfect piece for game freaks.


Scythe Board Game By Stonemaier

Scythe Board Game By Stonemaier


Exhausted Scenario

Free Form Factor

  • The game depicts the exhausted scenario of the 1920s after the WW1
  • Players can freely form and develop their factions and gain their power back
  • A game that is driven by the player’s choice on how they choose to carry their games
  • Save your towns from the destruction of intrusions by building mechs
  • There are limitless resources and endless ways to make more mechs in your capacity

Restore your honor in the age of unrest with a solo adventure inspired by WW1. There are many possibilities to achieve in this incredible board game.

  • Dimensions: 11.81 × 4.00 × 14.57 inches
  • Product weight: 7 pounds

Through The Hard Times: The game is an incredible illustration of the 1920s. As everything bears shocks from the 1st world war, the times are difficult. The players will be entitled as leaders leading the fallen factions. They will have to lead their towns to the point of safety, and the encroachments are still there. Therefore, the players will have to develop their strategies to avoid and confront the opponent’s intrusions.

Lead Your Factions: Lead your factions to the tail of victory by making more developments in your game. The scenario given in the game will demand some harsh decisions, so lift your spirits and take on the challenge. Build more mechs with the available resources and fight back with an impactful blow.

  • The game is an exemplary artwork that fascinates players
  • Your package includes high-quality miniature components
  • Helps building strategy and promotes gaming excellence

  • Factions are hard to balance on the board

Our Take: Build your leadership from the rust of war in this phenomenal board game, making it a bright purchase.


Gloomhaven Jaws Of The Lion

Gloomhaven Jaws Of The Lion


Hidden Challenges

Different Engaging Scenario

  • Players assume the role of a hero to find out hidden challenges and mysteries
  • The game includes different engaging scenarios that are full of fun and excitement
  • Game scenarios will be chased in cooperation which adds thunder to your gameplay
  • You can play alone, or in cooperation as the game lets you choose your way

Explore a unique fantasy in this cooperative board game by Cephalofair games. Assume a role to start a hunt of mysteries and challenges all in this game.

  • Dimensions: 11.5 × 9.1 × 4.5 inches
  • Product weight: 2.2 pounds

More Challenging Than Ever: The game offers tactical-style combat into the fantasy world of Gloomhaven. Players can explore their gaming greatness as individuals or as a team in cooperation. Moreover, the game’s adventure is now drenched in more twists and turns than ever. Players can finally overcome their gaming excitement with this board game.

More Scenarios: The game offers a wide range of diverse scenarios that are all unique and offers a fun treat. You find different challenges and unique mysteries to solve in each campaign to start. Each player takes on a specific role and starts hunting for the unique accomplishment of the missions. Therefore, the players get an impeccable joy of ever-shifting game motives in an interesting way.

  • The game offers solo and cooperative mode
  • A worthy price tag with all the accessories
  • It offers more unique scenarios
  • A game guide makes it easy to understand the game

  • Average quality punchboard built

Our Take: Experience a mysterious world of challenging adventure in this impressive board game, making it a stellar choice.


Fantasy Flight Presents Arkham Horror

Fantasy Flight Presents Arkham Horror


Role-Playing Experience

Face The Creatures

  • The game offers a unique role-playing experience with unique characterization
  • Players get to choose a role of an investigator with limitless skills
  • You will have to face the deadliest creatures on your journey to find clues
  • All players endeavor to solve cases that are intricated with hidden horror mysteries

Fight over your fears in this horror game that is inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. You’ll take on a unique role to analyze your greatness in this terrific card game adventure.

  • Dimensions: 10.00 × 2.00 × 10.00 inches
  • Product weight: 0.034 ounces

In the Quiet Town of Arkham: Work your way out under the dark clouds of terrifying mysteries with your friends. Scary creatures and haunted places support the game experience as the players (Investigators) will find themselves facing these frightening situations very often.

Explore Your Flaws: The players will find themselves fighting with their terrors on their way to unravel the mysteries. The game offers an unforgettable journey to explore the traits of the characters. You’ll have to fight your fears to find more clues and get deep into the mystery investigation. Those perfectly solving them will win the game. So, get the most terrific experience of horror fantasy on your tabletops.

  • Travel through different unique characters and explore your way
  • Role-playing experience in a classical card game
  • The game is lightweight and can be easily carried

  • Difficult for Beginners

Our Take: Experience the dark fantasy in a role-playing card game, making it a great choice.


A Feast For Odin By Asmodee

A Feast For Odin By Asmodee


Experience Vikings

Tile-Placement Game

  • Experience the life of Viking with myth related scenarios
  • Players strive to hold more processions through uncountable methods in the game
  • You direct your workers to plunder and seize processions from new territories resulting in more points
  • A tile-placement game that is driven by strategy and wisdom
  • You’re to become a chieftain with the most balanced outcomes

Pave your path to victory in this multi-dimensional board game inspired by history. There are countless ways to mark your progress and learn from this history-rich game experience.

  • Dimensions: 4.60 × 12.30 × 8.80 in inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds

Vikings Are The Myth: In this strategic game, you can experience and conduct the lifestyle of Vikings. So, survey the village of Odin’s, instruct a group of Vikings to make a wealthy trade. Furthermore, you can order them to raid, loot, and rob different areas to advance your tribe. Explore different territories and raid them to get more wealth.

Learn Trade And Strategy: One of the best platforms to learn and observe the tactics of the trade. On Vikings’ land, you can produce different goods like gold, wool, grain, and many more to trade them. Well, strategic learning is the basic idea of this board game where you can customize your strategic skills through fun.

  • The gameplay offers you to play for 2 hours now
  • Filled and featured with a new strategic theme
  • Viking storyline along with history-related content
  • Build up a simulating empire with advanced strategies

  • Complicated card selection for some people

Our Take: Master your strategic and trading powers through these best solo board games.


Dark Souls By Steamforge

Dark Souls By Steamforge


Learn About Moves

Tactical Teachings

  • Sharp your mind and learn about enemy moves
  • A perfect game for tactical teachings
  • A world full of dark souls adds more craze to your gameplay
  • Enhance your strategies by playing this horror mystery

Hold your nerves to play this approved version of a video game, the Dark Souls, on your tabletop on a board game platform.

  • Dimensions: 30.50 × 30.50 × 13.50 in cm
  • Weight: 3.5 kilograms

The Theme Of The Game: The storyline is challenging, of course, a horror mystery with an impact of dark force war platform to face. Are you brave enough to be the chosen one? The path is difficult, but who knows what’s going to happen when the gloomy climate covers the world into darkness. And there will be no choice but to fight with the monsters.

Beat The Dark Enemies: Humanity is suffering from a curse, and you are the sufferer. You will have to save humanity from the curse by using your special skills and powers. Add up your intimates and join the action, be careful and learn the tactics of the enemy. Beat the enemies to chase the win. Without any doubt, it can give you the complete excitement of the best fantasy board games.

  • Up to 4 players can play this thrilling board game
  • Double-sided tiles for playing in variation
  • A perfect gift for your kids and friends
  • The player can locate and get skills on a hidden map

  • Few customers report on package damage

Our Take: A game with a story of a popular video game is a perfect choice for strategy lovers.

FAQ Regarding Best Solo Board Games

Q. What is the theme of these board games?

The manufacturers have designed these board games with promising themes and engaging content for everybody. A collaboration of storylines, including war simulation and horror mystery, is featured on the maps to make some interest. The players will be able to apply new ability skills and survival techniques according to the stages as well.

Q. Can I also play these board games with my friends?

Although these are solo game board scenarios, however, the games have the flexibility for the multiplayer criteria as well. Thus, then you can have a joint teaming adventure with your friends & family. These games are even brilliant if you are looking for 6-player board games.

Q. Is there any age restriction to play these board games?

Well, the age limits are particularly mentioned on each of the enlisted board games with their advanced gaming rules. Normally 12 to 14 years kids can easily play solo and co-op scenarios to enjoy the mystery simulation and wargaming themes.

Best Solo Board Games | Quick Comparison

Best Solo Board Games - Infographics
Infographics: Best Solo Board Games

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is the Dark Souls by Steamforge Board Game as one of the best board games. The dark forces and going to invade humanity, so it’s up to you now to save the nation from dark creatures in a horror battleground.

In addition, our 2nd recommendation is Fantasy Flight Presents Arkham Horror Card and Board Game as the best card game. With the compatibility of around 4 players, this investigation and mystery theme game will surely grab your attention till the end.


Of course, these are the best list of solo board games featuring top-quality accessories and engaging content. You’ll love the unique interconnection of mysterious scenarios together with spy detection gaming rules. Plus, the war simulation models are exceptionally designed on the board maps with advanced gaming rules for the players.

And surprisingly, these board games also offer multiplayer compatibility with up to 4-5 players to play together. The cooperative gaming scenario will help you lead a team while inspection and survival platforms.

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