Top 10 Twitter Popular Female Athletes In 2022

Twitter is a social platform where celebrities meet their fans virtually and it makes all the difference. Twitter has really helped a lot of emerging celebs to gain their fan base by directly conversing with them. With a growing fan base of athletes, their popularity has skyrocketed. So let’s check out these top 10 Twitter popular female athletes 2022, without much delay. Shall we?

Twitter Popular Female Athletes – 2022 Infographics

In the following article, we are going to take a look at some of the most iconic divas in the athletics field who are nothing short of an inspiration to millions of people and sports enthusiasts around the world. Twitter nowadays allows us to send messages, pictures, mentions to people across the globe in just seconds and that’s how fast connecting to your favorite celebrity has become nowadays. To know more about these celebrity athletes read on.

10. Anastasia Ashley

Twitter Followers: 109 Thousand
Instagram Followers: 1.1 Million

Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley is certainly part of that rare grace with brain sorts. In short, if you’re not following her, you’re bound to be a crazy person. Besides, she is the kind of existence that makes people sign up for Twitter in the first place.

She is an inevitable inclusion to the list of the best followed female athletes. This one in this list is one of the fabulous Twitter popular female athletes in 2022.

9. Alana Blanchard

Twitter Followers: 148 Thousand
Instagram Followers: 1.8 Million

Alana Blanchard

The name – that is all one needs to say. Besides, she has been one true superstar of her time and a foremost name in the history of sports. Alana stands proudly on the list of the top 10 best followed female athletes on Twitter.

Besides, this one in this list is one of the fantastic Twitter popular female athletes in 2022.

8. Angela Rypien

Twitter Followers: 10.5 Thousand
Instagram Followers: 20 Thousand

Angela Rypien

This LFL quarterback is the renowned daughter of former NFL QB and two-time Super Bowl Champion Mark Rypien. So she’s got flawless genetic ability. Of course, she’s got other legit genetic sorts of “talents” as well, but she didn’t get them from her dad supposedly.

But she is indeed a true addition to the list of the Twitter popular female athletes in 2022.

7. Hope Solo

Twitter Followers: 1.2 Million
Instagram Followers: 1 Million

Hope Solo

One of the richest female soccer players, Hope Solo, didn’t have a lot to remark on Twitter regarding her recently much-publicized domestic altercation and her marriage to former Seattle Seahawk Jerramy Stevens. All that could be worthy to find was one retweet of something one of her close friends said about true love winning in the end.

However, for the better part of it, you can expect some pretty candid and well-placed tweets from Ms. Solo. Just ask Brandi Chastain. Besides, this one in this list is one of the amazing Twitter popular female athletes in 2022.

6. Alex Morgan

Twitter Followers: 3.9 Million
Instagram Followers: 9.5 Million

Alex Morgan

If the photo of Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux dressed up wittily as McKayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas doesn’t convince you to be ready to follow them on Twitter, nothing else will.

Besides, these two are the future big things of American women’s soccer, and they are simply awesome and have made the list of the best Twitter popular female athletes in 2022.

5. Sydney Leroux

Twitter Followers: 2.18 Million
Instagram Followers: 1.2 Million

Sydney Leroux

Sydney Leroux isn’t quite as well known as the next two women featured on our list, who are also members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. She just happened to have made her major international debut past summer at the last Olympics. However, it can be perceived that it’s only a matter of time before she’s staying right up there.

She certainly grew her well-earned reputation when she and the woman at #5 wore matching (and extremely amazing) Halloween costumes. This one in this list is one of the top Twitter popular female athletes in 2022.

4. Lindsey Vonn

Twitter Followers: 1.04 Million
Instagram Followers: 2.2 Million

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is probably the most dominant and remarkable female athlete in the world today, having won a brilliant 4 of the last 5 World Cup championships. But to top even that, fans also know her as incredibly attractive.

Besides, she also frequently travels to incredible places spread all over the globe. So there’s always something fascinating and fun to check out on her Twitter page; no wonder she made the list of the Twitter popular female athletes in 2022.

3. Miesha Tate

Twitter Followers: 822 Thousand
Instagram Followers: 2.2 Million

Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate indeed claims to be given a spot in the list of the top 10 best followed female athletes on Twitter. She is an American former (now retired) mixed martial artist or MMA athlete.

Tate used to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She is gorgeous and still holds that majestic glory of her look.

2. Tanyka Renee

Twitter Followers: 21 Thousand
Instagram Followers: 327 Thousand

Tanyka Renee

Tanyka bills herself as a “Renaissance woman”— and rightfully so. An athlete, fitness, and nutrition professional, model, author, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and whatnot. However, we have no way of verifying her credentials as a remarkable nutrition expert or humanitarian, but you can vouch for her strong claims to being an athlete and model.

Renee plays famously on the offensive line for the Philadelphia Passion of the Lingerie Football League, and her busy Twitter feed is full of very interesting photos. She had to make the list of the top 10 best followed female athletes on Twitter.

1. Ronda Rousey

Twitter Followers: 3.4 Million
Instagram Followers: 14.4 Million

Ronda Rousey

This one in this list is one of the skillful Twitter popular female athletes in 2022. When she’s in the ring, with her impressive hair pulled back tightly, she looks like such a badass in control.

When she’s out of the ring and taking her break she looks like your typical girly girl who you are bound to adore. Besides, there’s something about that juxtaposition that is simply awesome.

Consensus #1 pound-for-pound female MMA fighter in the world and in one hand; the super-hot, fun-loving model, on the other hand, Ronda Rousey is the inevitable inclusion to the list of the most popular female athletes on Twitter in 2022.


So, these were the Twitter popular female athletes in 2022. Tell us about your favorite athlete in the comments down below.

Twitter Popular Female Athletes – Infographics

Twitter Popular Female Athletes - Infographics
Infographics: Most Popular Female Athletes On Twitter

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