What Is An Inside-Out Swing In Baseball?

Inside-out swing in baseball is a type of swing that hitters use to hit the ball into the opposite field. To achieve this, swing with an open stance or rotate your body clockwise as you do so.

This method of swing can be used by hitters with power to the opposite field as well as by those with less ability to put the ball in play. You may extend your arms and hit the ball with more strength if you swing from the inside out.

Inside-out swing in baseball

What’s the Difference Between a Regular Swing and an Inside-Out Swing?

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The most eminent contrast between an inside-out and a normal swing is the way of the bat through the hitting zone or strike zone. With a regular swing, hitters normally attempt to make a backspin on the ball so that when it leaves their bat with speed, it will ascend high.

However, for this to occur, batters must let go of the bat just a little bit before the ball. This shortens the bat’s time in touch with the ball by causing the bat’s barrel to pass in front of it. As a result, when adopting a regular swing, hitters usually hit ground balls.

With an inside-out swing, the hitter holds the bat’s barrel in their hand until it reaches the hitting zone. As a result, hitters can maximize their time in touch with the ball. By doing this, power is increased and batters have better control over where they place the ball.

However, this also means that the inside-out swing makes the ball less buoyant than a regular swing. As a result, hitters with this swing are usually successful at hitting fly balls.

How to use the inside-out swing to your advantage

Although not all professional hitters use inside-out swings, amateur players who have trouble getting beneath the ball and hitting it into the air can benefit greatly from them. For hitters who frequently swing early and miss pitches, the inside-out swing can be beneficial.

To use the inside-out swing to your advantage, first, position yourself in the batter’s box with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

As the pitcher begins the throw, step forward with your front foot and keep both hands on the ball until the pitcher reaches the hitting zone. Once your front foot hits the ground, accelerate your hands and bat toward the ball to make hard contact.

Observations for Pitchers When Facing an Inside-Out Bat Path

Pitchers should aim low and away to induce a ground ball if a hitter is making an inside-out swing. A pitch up and in will also be a good choice of pitch.

In an attempt to accelerate his bat through the hitting zone, the batter is compelled to go beneath the pitch, which causes it to fly into the air or bounce off the barrel.

Advantages of Inside-Out Swing

  1. Batters are more likely to hit ground balls because their hands stay on the bat longer and have more contact time with the ball.
  2. A great approach to breaking a batting slump is an inside-out swing.
  3. A baseball player can use the inside-out swing to hit a fly ball by swinging on the pitch in the zone instead of a line driver ground ball.
  4. Pitchers must be more careful when throwing pitches to hitters using the inside-out swing because they can no longer throw pitches in the middle of the plate. 
  5. A batter who swings from the inside out will have more force because he may keep his hands nearer to his body.

Disadvantages of Inside-Out Swing

  1. A pitcher’s off-speed pitches have a greater chance of fooling a hitter who swings inside out.
  2. Implementing drills intended for this swing will be challenging for the hitting coach.
  3. A batter risks the danger of hitting the ball directly at the fielder when he swings at an inside-out pitch.
  4. A batter has less time in contact with the ball during his swing because his hands are closer to his body.
  5. Hitting fly balls is often more difficult than hitting line drives or ground balls, so hitters using this technique are likely to play fewer balls.

Some players are outstanding at this type of swing

  • Tony Gwynn
  • Derek Jeter
  • Wade Boggs
  • Rod Carew
  • Mike Trout


Therefore, in baseball, the inside-out swing is the technique used to hit a ball that is in the zone. This allows players to hit more ground balls than line drives. Just be careful not to let go of the bat when swinging big.

Use a batting tee to keep your hands at the proper height while you practice, and focus on making contact with the ball with your swing.

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