What Are The Types Of Pool Games Played Worldwide?

If you have a pool table at your home, then there are many types of pool games that you can try today. All these games are widely played among pool table players.

They can either be professionals or just casual bar players enjoying these incredible games. These games vary in terms of skills and other factors surrounding an overall game. So, these become a kind of must-know pool game for most interested players around the world.

We will try to discuss every game with details that we got on the list. You can start with your favorite one today.

Types of pool games | Complete Details

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We have recently reviewed the top-rated pool table felts and also the highest-rated break cues in Pool. However, you also need to learn about the real craft before you start using these specialty items. So now, here are the types of pool games played around the globe.

Pool Games Types

Traditional Snooker

Let’s talk about one of the famous games that most pool players enjoy playing. To play a snooker game, players will require a billiard table featuring six pockets. That is a necessity for a snooker game to take place. The setting is straightforward and traditional too.

Players require 22 standard balls (colored) along with a white cue ball to start the match. You will use this cue ball (white ball) to strike against other standard balls to earn points. The pocketing has to be done systematically for fair play.

You earn a point every time you pocket a standard ball played against the cue ball. Players can continuously take turns as long as they pocket the balls consecutively. If they couldn’t pocket the ball constantly, then they have to share the turn.

There is a foul that most players must remember in snooker. Players pocketing cue ball accidentally will be on foul, and the opponent will give the point.

Cushion Caroms

It’s a game that you might not be familiar with as a casual pool table player. Most players aren’t familiar with the cushion carom. The indirect name game also knows it. Players have to play with two cue balls and one red ball on the table.

The rules of this interesting game are very simple and compelling. You have to strike the cue ball against the other two balls on the pool table while striking the rail for once. That is when the second object ball comes in contact. Players have to play with these 3 balls, making it a limited pool game format.

When this happens in the game, you earn a point. You lose a point once you fail to perform this. The players set the number of issues before they could start the match. So, the player reaching that first mark is going to be the winner of the game.


That is one of the most known types of pool games we see as a world pool game trend. The name is very similar to what we will get on the table when this game begins. There are going to be four balls as suggesting its very name.

There are two white and two red balls required for playing the game. You will use the white balls are the cue balls, just like you did in the other pool games. The game mechanism works very simple for most of the players out there.

You score a point when you strike a cue ball connecting with the other two or three balls. The cue ball strikes with all other (three) balls, then the player will get two points straight. A stroke hitting just a single ball will be counted as a zero-point gain.

Hitting your cue ball with one other ball will not help you gain any point in the match. So, you return the stick to the other player and continue the game.

8-Ball Pool

This is probably the most played pool table game you would ever hear about. That is the game most players are familiar with and enjoy playing everywhere. You have to make sure that the table features 6 pockets to start.

The game requires you to have sixteen balls that are seven stripes and seven solids. In addition, there is a cue ball and black ball to get the game started for you. All the balls are merged in the middle of the table, forming a group that players have to break.

A player pocketing the first solid ball will be pocketing the rest of the solids and vice versa. After you have pocketed all the assigned balls, players have to pocket 8-ball in the specified pocket that the other player calls. When players can pocket the ball to win or pocket the black ball, the opponent wins the match.

Bank Pool

Here comes another very compelling game that most players play for the sake of challenges. It is different from what we have seen in the other pool table games. The players have to strike the directed ball without making combos and fusions.

Players have to bank the called shots right into the pockets after striking all the cushions. All the players are hitting the bank with 5 or 8 balls to win the match. The numbers can vary depending upon the level of the game you are playing in.

Straight Pool Game

This is probably the simplest pool game you will ever come across. Players can actually hit any ball that is present on the table. There is no rule to imply an aim on a specific ball. The straightforward rules make this an impressive choice for beginners.

The players agree on setting a maximum point value for the winner. So, players have to pocket the balls to earn the points in the match. The more points you earn, the more chances for you to reach the desired target.

FAQs Regarding Types Of Pool Games

Q. What is the most common game of pool?

8-ball is probably the most common game of pool that we can find everywhere. The name stripes and solid also know it. There is a ball distinction between solids and stripes in the game. That is where it gets its name.

Q. What is the most common way to play pool?

The common format of the pool games originated in the USA. These games are eight-ball and nine-ball Pool and are enjoyed all around the world. You require a standard size table along with 6 pockets. That is how the player started in the most common possible way.

Q. What are the two types of balls in the Pool called?

There are two distinctive ball types when we talk about cue sports like pool games. These balls are standard and Aramith balls.

Q. Can you hit the opponent’s ball first in 8 ball Pool?

You are legal to hit any ball when the table is open to hit. So, yes, you can strike any ball first in an 8-ball pool game. Besides, you are bound to pocket a specific ball type after contacting an exact ball when the table is open to hit.

Different Pool Games Played Worldwide


Here was our brief discussion about the types of pool games that you can try today. We talked about all the essential games in detail, covering all the important aspects. We try to discuss the points and game rules briefly so you can get a better idea all along.

In addition, these games differ in terms of technique and intricacy. So, some might suit beginners and some professionals in that regard.

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