What Are The Various Types Of Table Tennis Shots?

Table tennis is an ever-growing sensation among youngsters. So, if you are looking to learn this sport, you must know various types of table tennis shots. This article will explain to you all the major shots that you can practice in this game.

You must get familiar with these table tennis shots as they are a must. Practicing these shots will help you play with great confidence. Moreover, players can bring variety to their game. So, learning basic shots can help players to build a unique game strategy.

So, you must go through these shots to get the most out of your table tennis experience.

Different Types Of Table Tennis Shots

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We have recently reviewed the top-quality table tennis paddle cases and also the best table tennis nets to try this year. But yes, you do need to learn the art of this game first. So, let’s get into a detailed analysis of shots that you can try in the table tennis game.

Various Kinds Of Table Tennis Shots

Forehand Push In Table Tennis

This shot holds great value in the table tennis game. You can put an end to the attacking shots by trying the Forehand push. All you need is a budget-friendly table tennis top on your side to start practicing this shot.

This shot is vital and tough to execute at the same time. So there requires some practice to perform this shot perfectly.

How To Execute A Forehand Push?

The players must get their bodies in the right position when trying this shot. Make sure that your feet are apart from each other. You can try keeping a shoulder distance between your feet

Also, your right foot must be a little behind. This will help you get in a useful position to strike a perfect forehand push. Players are to push the ball gently, so a small weight of the body is transferred to the ball.

Players must not expose their paddles completely when carrying this strikeout. They must strike with half of the paddle surface exposed to push slightly. Make sure to let the ball travel below your table tennis paddle.

You must remember to position your body in front of the ball when striking. Now comes the part when you will work your way up with the backswing. Strike the ball with delicacy but not strength. Expose your elbow when producing a backspin on the ball.

So, this will keep the ball low just above the net. So, whenever your opponent is attacking, try the forehand push to shut the harsh incomings. But yes, you do need some spin-friendly table tennis paddles to assist this skill.

Backhand Push In Table Tennis

Backhand push is one of the various types of table tennis shots. This shot is easy to practice, unlike the Forehand push we have discussed earlier. So, you can practice this shot to build an impact in your matches. Just have some high-quality table tennis conversion tops on your side and you are good to go.

Keeping in mind, this defensive push must be implied when the incoming ball is low. This shot stops the opponent from making any progress in attacking behavior. So, this is the most simple and easy-to-practice shot that you must learn from today.

How To Execute A Backhand Push?

The players are to stay up to close line when playing this strike. You must expose half of your table tennis paddle just like a Forehand push shot. The players are to work through the backswing while keeping the paddles near the chest.

Keep your arm up front while the paddle must face the table surface. This is how you expose the back of your hand when playing this versatile shot. Move your paddle against the ball when collision. Make sure to brush away the ball while not pushing it with force.

Finish things as the paddle is still facing the table surface. The players are to make sure that their arms are slightly bent. This strike is another way to push the ball slightly with a backspin. Mostly backhand pushes are in control of the player. But yes, you do need some top-rated table tennis paddles to assist this shot.

Forehand Drive In Table Tennis

This is one of the basic shots that you learn to play in a table tennis game. The forehand drive puts tremendous pressure on the opponent if you carry it out with perfection. It keeps the opponent back into the baseline of the table.

It’s basically a responsive shot when the incoming balls get deep and high. So, responding with the right aggression is going to drive your opponent back to his baseline. Have some high-quality outdoor table tennis tops on your side and start practicing this shot.

How To Execute A Forehand Drive?

Executing a perfect Forehand drive is linked with the right body positioning. Keep yourself near the table when trying to go deep into the ball. These strikes are powerful and quite different from defensive shots like forehand push.

A player has to put his body weight on the body. This will drive maximum power back into the ball for a certain aggressive shot. Now you need to have your knees and feet bent slightly to get in a strong position to reciprocate. You can definitely practice these stances while having some best-rated table tennis training sets on your side.

Move your paddle backward before striking the ball to sustain enough power. Now you are to transfer your body weight to the progressive right front foot. Make sure you don’t expand your arm much as the game itself is limited.

Wait for the ball to bounce completely up when you finally decide to strike. Make sure the paddle face is closed to the face of the table surface. In addition, try adding agile movement to the arm to the moment of striking. This can result in substantial topspin on the ball.

Backhand Drive In Table Tennis

It is another attacking shot in table tennis that is similar to the Forehand drive. Players are working with their bad hands when carrying out this shot. It can keep the aggressive shots of the opponents limited. You can have some best table tennis balls for beginners to practice this shot.

The main game is to send the ball right near the baseline of the opponent. This makes it difficult for the opposition to survive this shot as they have to step back.

How To Execute A Backhand Drive?

Get close to the table as you plan to strike a Backhand drive. Make sure to strike as you put the body weight on your feet, just like in the Forehand drive shot. Move your arm ahead in the depth of the table.

Your arm must be facing the ball when you strike. There is a possibility of generating spin on the ball if players lose the wrist work. Keep your paddle surface in an upward direction when striking the ball. Your elbow must be bent throughout the process.

The spin imparted on the ball can deflect the opponents as they try to respond. So, make sure to work through your wrists when proceeding with a Backhand drive. So, just have some high-quality table tennis paddle sets on your side and you are good to go.

FAQs Regarding Various Shots In Table Tennis

Q. What is the most used shot in table tennis?

Forehand drive and Backhand drive are the most used shots in the table tennis game. Players use these shots to show aggression in the game. It drives the opponents back into the baseline and deflects further with topspin.

Q. What are the two kinds of serves in table tennis?

The two serves are Forehand serves, and Backhand serves. These two serves can help you get started with this game. You can try these serves according to different scenarios in the game. So make sure to use them in the fitting situation for fair results.

Q. What are the four basic strokes in table tennis?

You just need to know the basic strokes to play table tennis. These strokes are backhand drive, backhand push, forehand drive, and forehand push. When you learn these strokes fully, you will be a pro player.

Q. What is the most important skill in table tennis?

An essential skill in table tennis is the ability to hit the ping pong ball consistently. The rest of the game becomes easier for the player once he figures out how to control the ping pong ball.

Q. What is the bounce rule in table tennis?

A ball must bounce at least once on the server’s side of the table if it is hit back over the net by the opponent. It is possible to lose points if the ball rings twice on your side of the table at once during its bounce.

Different Types Of Table Tennis Shots

Final Thoughts

So here was all the discussion about the various types of table tennis shots. You can get started with this game by learning these shots. These shots ensure your safe passage in the table tennis matches.

Practicing plays a major part when you want to try these shots perfectly. The right implementation of these table tennis shots is also very important. We try our best to explain every shot in detail with the major steps so that you can learn them with great convenience.

Players must go through each step carefully because that’s what will help them perfecting this game idea. So, start practicing today and become a solid table tennis player.

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