10 Best Female NASCAR Drivers Of All Time

Best Female NASCAR Drivers

Legendary female driver Danica Patrick is undoubtedly the greatest female NASCAR driver of all time. In her career till now, she has achieved 7 top 10 finishes in NASCAR Cup Series, 7 top 10 finishes in NASCAR Xfinity Series, and 7 podium finishes in Indy Car Series. Retired American female drivers Patty Moise and Shawna … Read more

Top 10 Fastest Pit Stops In F1 History

fastest pit stops in f1

Belgian-Dutch racing car driver Max Verstappen currently holds the record for the fastest Formula1 pit stops of all time. He recorded a 1.82-second pit stop in 2019 while driving for the Red Bull team. Max Verstappen’s 1.88-second pit stop in 2019 and Pierre Gasly’s 1.91-second pit stop also deserve their mentions among the fastest pit stops … Read more

Top 10 Good looking Boxers In 2024: The Ultimate List

good looking boxers

These good-looking boxers in mesmerize the ordinary folks with their magnificent body, and then they amaze us all with their fight and games. The awesomeness of the boxers is manifold. To know more about them, keep reading the following article. So, let’s get started on this journey, shall we? Good looking Boxers In : The … Read more

Top 10 Best Race Car Drivers In 2024

best race car drivers

Racing can be classified into multiple sports, but we have collectively gotten the figures in the following list. People who are much into racing don’t really care about what vehicle is used. While those games are becoming popular, real-life racing drivers are overcoming hurdles and challenges. To know more, read on. Here are the 10 best … Read more

Top 10 Best Gymnasts 2024 | Updated In July

best gymnasts in the world

Legendary American athlete Simone Biles is truly the greatest gymnast in the world right now. She won 4 Olympic gold medals, 19 World Championship titles, and 2 Pacific Rim Championship titles till . Japanese artistic gymnast Kohei Uchimura, with 3 Olympic gold medals and 10 World Championship titles, and American sportsman Sam Mikulak, with 2 … Read more

Top 10 Best Volleyball Players | Updated 2024 Ranking


Brazilian athlete Ricardo Lucarelli is surely the best volleyball player on the international circuit right now. He helped the Brazilian national team to win the gold medal at the 2016 Olympic Games. Besides, he also led Brazil to become a four-time South American Champion. Russian star athlete Pavel Kruglov and Polish sportsman Mateusz Mika also … Read more