7 Most Amazing Tennis Shoes For Kids | March 2024

Tennis is a highly encouraging physical game for the growing kids besides just adults. So, we have brought the best tennis shoes for kids in today’s article. These tennis shoes are going to bring great comfort to your kid’s feet.

These tennis shoes incorporate very comfortably cushioning for walking pleasure. Also, the shoes are very pliable and flexible, with the best soles in these tennis shoes. These shoes ensure the best performance in the shape of any physical challenge. So, your kids can achieve their tennis goals with great comfort.

Most Amazing Tennis Shoes For Kids This Year

The durability of these shoe pairs has also been revamped for lasting experience/performance. There’s ankle protection functionality in these tennis shoes as well. So, you can let your kids enjoy tennis matches with peace of mind. Besides, these shoes are super adjustable to most foot types.

Best Tennis Shoes For Kids | Editorial Pick

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Adidas Grand Court

Adidas Unisex-Child Grand Court Tennis Shoe

  • Synthetic Material
  • Authentic Rubber Sole
  • Premium Outsole



NB Child 996 V4

New Balance Unisex-Child 996 V4 Tennis Shoe

  • Ndurance Outsole
  • Hybrid Material
  • EVA Midsole



Wilson Rush Pro Jr Ql

Wilson Rush Pro Jr Ql Tennis Shoe

  • DF2 Cushioning
  • 2D-FS Technology
  • R-DST Cushioning

Best Tennis Shoes For Kids | Detailed Reviews

We have recently tested and reviewed some of the top-quality tennis shoes for men and some of the top-rated tennis shoes for women. However, kids do have their special needs. And to address those needs, here are the best kids’ tennis shoes to try this year.


Adidas Unisex-Child Grand Court Tennis Shoe

Adidas Unisex-Child Grand Court Tennis Shoe


100% Synthetic Material

Authentic Rubber Sole

  • Made out of 100% synthetic material offering safety and comfort
  • Incorporates an authentic rubber sole for excellent durability check
  • Its rubber outsole protects against impacts for lasting performance

This tennis shoe pair takes on the next level of comfort for your next tennis match. It comes with a rubber sole base offering great flexibility for the feet.

This shoe has a regular fit that adjusts all types of feet. In addition, its synthetic construction makes it one of the best tennis shoes for kids. Needless to say, it is surely the highest-rated tennis shoes you should try this year.


  • Available Colors: 42 striking colors
  • Available Sizes: 3 (toddler) to 7 wide (big)
  • Material: 100% Synthetic
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Shaft Measurement: 0 to 6 inches from arch
  • Best For: for all courts

100% Synthetic: This tennis shoe is highly durable with its 100% synthetic construction. Its synthetic materials have more efficacy than other shoe materials. Additionally, the shoe has a stretchable feel so that you can run hard without any performance decline.

Durable Sole: Its rubber sole brings a better walking experience thanks to its flexibility. This sole gives great comfort to your feet without sacrificing maneuverability. In addition, the players can now face bumpy surfaces without getting their feet hurt.

Comfort: It offers comfort to your feet as it has a synthetic leather upper. This upper leather hides your feet in a soft covering giving great comfort. Further, it has a great fit for most foot types, so you’d no longer experience troubles with foot sliding.

Resilient Against Impacts: Foot protection matters big time when it comes to kids. But this issue no longer exists thanks to this shoe’s rubber outsole. Lastly, this rubber outsole is great protection against high impacts and weather harshness at the same time.

  • Consumer-friendly synthetic construction
  • Synthetic upper leather brings comfort
  • Rubber outsole for better protection
  • Affordable price
  • It is available in 42 colors

  • Average quality laces
  • The toe section is fragile

Our Take: Make a great tennis game possible with this tennis shoe offering synthetic construction and upper leather comfort.


New Balance Unisex-Child 996 V4 Tennis Shoe

New Balance Unisex-Child 996 V4 Tennis Shoe


Ndurance Outsole

Unique EVA Midsole

  • Made out of a fine blend of 50% synthetic and 50% mesh materials for enhanced flexibility
  • It comes with a pliable rubber sole offering a high value of durability
  • The Ndurance outsole offers excellent traction and resistivity
  • Features a feathery weight EVA midsole for cushioning and comfort
  • Comfortable to wear in high-wear areas with its Toe drag tip

Experience a perfect tennis game with this one of the best tennis shoes for kids featuring durable rubber soles. The shoe is made out of 50% synthetic and 50% mesh materials.

These materials form a strong, durable profile with maximum flexibility for a convenient walking experience.


  • Available Colors: 6 chic colors
  • Available Sizes: 1 little to 7 wide
  • Material: 50% synthetic & 50% mesh
  • Sole: rubber
  • Best For: hard court

Promising Design: The shoe is a fine blend of synthetic and mesh material. These materials make up for a great flexible profile that doesn’t wear off. Moreover, you’re getting a rubber sole in the design that adds to the flexibility. Furthermore, there’s a toe drag tip that makes wearing this shoe super easy.

Ndurance Outsole: It incorporates a full-length Ndurance outsole offering high-value traction. It is highly durable at the same time as well. So, you don’t have to worry as this outsole takes care of high impacts in particular. Its durability never declines, even when tested under harsh circumstances.

Lightweight Midsole: You’re getting a light EVA midsole with this tennis shoe. It makes a highly flexible component of your shoe for a remarkable walking experience. In addition to this, the midsole supports excellent cushioning that brings down cracks and impacts.

  • Promising midsole for high flexibility
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Promotes excellent traction
  • It comes with many color options
  • Superb cushioning for pronounced comfort

  • Toe ripped out after some time
  • A bit pricey

Our Take: Exalt your tennis game with this shoe promoting amazing traction and flexibility with EVA midsole.


Wilson Rush Pro Jr Ql Tennis Shoe

Wilson Rush Pro Jr Ql Tennis Shoe


2D-FS Technology 

Augmented Cushioning

  • It comes with a rubber sole that is stretchable and durable
  • It contains df2 offering high cushioning and performance boost
  • The 2D-FS provides great stability and foot control when playing on tennis courts
  • Quicklace offers strong lace giving strong foot positioning
  • It comes with R-DST augmented cushioning for extra responsiveness

Empower your tennis game with this tennis shoe pair offering Df2 improving comfort and performance. It also incorporates 2D-FS for extra responsiveness and stability to the feet.

Additionally, your feet remain in place with their strong lace. Don’t forget to club it with some top-rated Wilson rackets to witness an unmatched performance of your kid.


  • Available Colors: 3 decent colors
  • Available Sizes: 1 to 12
  • Sole: rubber
  • Best For: all courts

Performance Boost: Its Df2 offers great cushioning without making performance decline. This feature exalts the shoe performance making it a great in-field component. Also, it is highly comfortable at the same time, offering great flexibility.

More Responsive: This tennis shoe comes with 2D-FS giving a quality boost when in full action. It also enhances the footwork and its stability overall. You’re able to control your forefoot with great brilliance thanks to this promising shoe.

Easy To Tight: These shoes are highly convenient to tight and fix. They come with quick lace bringing strong lace for easy foot sliding functionality.

Become A Pro: The R-DST augmented cushioning gives great comfort to the foot. Moreover, it comes with a pro torque chassis light that incorporates arch technology for impressive speed. Moreover, this shoe is also highly flexible so that players can become professionals in no time.

  • Highly responsive
  • Promotes stable footwork
  • Offers impressive speed
  • Easy to wear

  • Complains about shoelaces
  • Too narrow to slide feet in

Our Take: Get the most out of your tennis game with this tennis shoe offering sublime comfort and responsiveness.


Troadlop Lightweight Breathable Kids Sneaker

Troadlop Lightweight Breathable Kids Sneaker


Anti-Collision Toe

Cushioned Insoles

  • The shoe has a breathable vamp that keeps your feet dry by soaking moisture
  • It has an anti-collision toe that provides great safety
  • It has protective ankle support for ankle injury protection
  • Cushion insole design brings comfort

Ensure the safest tennis experience for your kids with this tennis shoe offering an air knit sole. It comes with a unique design that offers great flexibility for all surfaces.

In addition, this tennis shoe brings memory foam and orthotics for incredible foot comfort overall. Just club it with some high-quality tennis rackets for kids to boost the performance of your toddler.


  • Available Colors: 16 trendy colors
  • Available Sizes: 1 little kid to 7 big kid
  • Sole: rubber

Highly Breathable: This shoe comes with a breathable vamp offering superior foot comfort to your feet and helps to keep your feet dry with the air passing in and out. As a result, players won’t experience foot sweating or itching issues with this shoe pair.

Sublime Protection: It comes with protection functionality with this tennis shoe for the kids. It has anti-collision toe forming resilience against impacts on the toe. In addition, it’s highly stretchable, giving convenience in putting this shoe on and off.

Brilliant Cushioning: Players are tennis a comfort cushion insole design for great walking comfort. Its comfort goes along from walking to running by sustaining foot movement. And, you can move your feet without trouble with this flexible cushioning.

Versatile Design: The design incorporates an air knit sole for superior foot flexibility. There’s a non-slip rubber outsole bringing great safety features, especially for the juniors. Also, you’re getting arch support insole and stable rubber outsole support.

  • Highly protective against impacts
  • Supports ankle and toe safety
  • It comes with sublime cushioning
  • Features a breathable design
  • Suitable for both gender

  • Shoe’s fabric is prone to get holes
  • Complains about uncomfortable interior

Our Take: Achieve extreme tennis performance with this shoe pair providing excellent foot protection and breathable design.


NYZNIA Tennis Lightweight Breathable Sneakers

NYZNIA Tennis Lightweight Breathable Sneakers


Breathable Upper Mesh

Exceptional Insole

  • Features a breathable mesh upper for a great lightweight feel
  • The non-slip outsole provides anti-impact and abrasion-resistant functionality
  • Its exceptional insole offers great comfort to the feet and ankle protection
  • Provides the great value of safety against your toes

Expand your color vision with this tennis shoe, offering over 13 unique colorful designs. Its flexible rubber sole makes it one of the best tennis shoes for kids.

This shoe pair incorporates a non-slip rubber outsole marking a great durable experience. Just set up a mini tennis net in your backyard and let your kid play while wearing it.


  • Available Colors: 13 eye-catching colors
  • Available Sizes: 1 little kid to 7 big kid
  • Sole: rubber
  • Best For: all courts

Highly Comfortable: These tennis shoes also contain a high value of breathability, enhancing the comfort of your foot. In addition, there’s an incredibly comfortable insole offering a great fit to your feet. This insole also covers and protects your ankle support. So, you’re getting comfort all around your feet with this tennis shoe.

A Purposeful Design: This tennis shoe offers a non-slip rubber outsole that supplies cushioning against impacts. Also, it is abrasion-resistant and offering great safety against slipping. Furthermore, it is known to perform under all circumstances.

Expand Your Vision: The main focus of this shoe is to provide a great performance value to young tennis players. There are many more to its solid design, proving its limitless strengths. Lastly, the players can use this versatile shoe pair in many physical activities besides tennis.

  • Provides great cushioning and strength
  • Highly flexible design
  • It comes with a non-slipping outsole
  • The price is reasonable

  • Average quality mesh
  • Issues with sole’s life

Our Take: Reimagine your tennis game with these tennis shoes promoting a non-slipping experience and pliable design.


KUBUA Kids Sneakers For Tennis

KUBUA Kids Sneakers For Tennis


Soft Fabric Material

Better Shock-Absorption

  • The shoe incorporates fabric materials with a fully cushioned insole
  • Features padded collar that prevents foot sweating
  • Its rubber sole has shock-absorption functionality
  • Suitable for walking, tennis, jogging, and exercise

Experience a trouble-free tennis game with this tennis shoe offering cushioned insole for impressive comfort. Its fabric and padded collar support your foot dryness overall.

Moreover, the shoe comes with a rubber sole offering shock-absorption functionality. Just have it in the tennis kit bag of your kid and watch a miraculous transformation in no time.


  • Available Colors: 8 elegant colors
  • Available Sizes: 10 (toddler) to 4.5 (big kid)
  • Platform Measurement: approx. 0.50 inches
  • Sole: rubber
  • Outsole: EVA
  • Best For: all courts

Mesh Upper Layer: Its mesh upper is highly breathable with its lighter materials. Your feet always be dry even when the weather is unpleasantly hot. Therefore, it’s highly resistive against sweating and promotes quality comfort to the foot.

Easy To Wear: The design of this tennis shoe is very convenient for the kids. It comes with a versatile hook and loop closure. Additionally, this closure makes sliding foot in and out super easy and smooth. Therefore, you are no longer going to stress over this issue with kids.

EVA Outsole: You can practically use this tennis shoe anywhere as It comes with an incredible wear-resistant outsole that is made for its durability. And it offers anti-slipping functionality that makes it incredibly safer to walk with.

Next-Level Design: Players can walk with the great flow with this shoe pair offering shock-absorption technology in its sole. It prevents the vibration transfer to your body parts. This helps juniors in their protection against bone injuries. Lastly, its fabric with a padded collar offers excellent cushioning to the feet.

  • Wear-resistant EVA outsole
  • Offers shock-absorption functionality
  • Prevents foot sweating
  • Easy to wear for kids
  • Low price

  • Its toe wears off with time
  • Color rubs off

Our Take: Expect maximum tennis performance with this tennis shoe offering EVA outsole and a convenient design.


Troadlop Boys Tennis Shoes

Troadlop Boys Tennis Shoes


Knitted Air Sole

Non-Slip Cushioning

  • It comes with an air knit sole offering excellent flexibility and support
  • This shoe comes with an arch support insole
  • It offers a non-slip in support with a rubber outsole for safety
  • This shoe is suitable for all physical activities

These tennis shoes give you the best comfort and flexibility for all the kids. The shoe comes with an air mesh fabric upper, offering a lightweight design.

Moreover, you’re also getting an arch support insole bringing sublime comfort to your feet.


  • Available Colors: 10 cool colors
  • Available Sizes: 8.5 (toddler) to 6.5 (big)
  • Design: Anti-collision
  • Sole: rubber

Safest Design: These tennis shoes offer an anti-collision design for maximum foot coverage. In addition to this, shoe prevents injuries that can take place during running and so on. The kids can be reckless while walking. Therefore, parents can fully trust their kids with this tennis shoe pair.

Supreme Comfort: This tennis shoe comes with maximum breathability in its clever design. The kids’ feet remain safe with their maximum cushioning from the inside portion. Plus, a player is going to feel extra comfort in having his feet dry with improved breathability.

Anti-Slip Construction: The kids play safe with its non-slipping sole that is lightweight at the same time. This shoe’s sole never slips, even when the surface is too slippery. Moreover, it is super effective in bringing down the chances of slipping on the ground.

Interesting Design: Players are getting a superior design with these tennis shoes featuring air knit soles. The shoe also contains an arch supports insole offering superb cushioning and memory foam. Lastly, this makes up for a very stable performer when in action.

  • Features promising air knit sole
  • Maximum comfort with a breathable design
  • Anti-slip functionality
  • Protection against ankle injuries
  • Highly durable

  • The top elastic strap is too tight
  • The materials don’t sustain their shape

Our Take: Experience a superb tennis game with this shoe offering a great breathable design and anti-slip functionality.

FAQ Regarding Best Tennis Shoes For Kids

Q. What shoes are best for children?

Adidas Unisex-Child and Troadlop Kids Sneaker are best for the kids who play tennis. These shoes are lightweight and safe for kids’ feet. In addition, these shoes are versatile as they are not only for tennis.

Q. Should toddler shoes have arch support?

Exceptional arch support is usually not necessary for children. By the age of six or eight years old, most toddlers have arched feet. Outer soles provide traction, cushioning, and flexibility for shoes. Lastly, it is best to avoid outer soles that are very sticky or very dense.

Q. What are the best walking shoes for toddlers?

New Balance Unisex-Child 996 V4 and Wilson Unisex-Child Rush Pro Jr Ql are suitable for walking and tennis. These shoes are suitable for both girls and boys. In addition, these have lightweight and are made with durable material and rubber sole.

Q. Are soft-soled shoes better for toddlers?

Children are often allowed to grow free with soft sole shoes as they are roomier than hard-soled ones. In addition to being more comfortable and relaxed, the soft sole offers better support to children without losing their comfort.

Best Tennis Shoes For Kids | Quick Comparison

Infographics: Best Tennis Shoes For Kids

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is New Balance Unisex-Child 996 V4 Tennis Shoe as the most premium tennis shoe. It brings the excellent comfort of the EVA midsole with its cushioning. Also, the shoe has a Ndurance outsole offering superior traction and incredible resistivity.

Also, our 2nd recommendation is Wilson Unisex-Child Rush Pro Jr QI Tennis shoe as the most accessible offering here. It marks a solid design and excellent cushioning for brilliant comfort. Overall, this shoe is a great deal to consider and is considered one of the best tennis shoes for kids.


The above discussion about tennis shoes for kids has offered many valuable choices to you. All these tennis shoes differ in terms of price and design. So, you’re in charge of deciding which shoe is going to suit you better.

That being said, all shoes are excellent for most juniors. They are highly protective against all sorts of foot injuries. So, these tennis shoes make a great choice for all concerned parents. These choices rightly help you get the most out of the tennis game.

Lastly, we hope that you can get the best tennis shoes for kids this year after a detailed review.

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