7 Best Table Tennis Shoes for Men 2023 | December Updates

A comfortable shoe pair is crucial for a promising performance in table tennis matches. For this reason, we have brought the best table tennis shoes for men for better performance. These shoes offer better footwork that is crucial in table tennis sport.

In addition, players can trust the durability of these table tennis shoes. The structure of these shoes is given many enhancements for supreme longevity. So, players can be sure about the performance and quality of these shoe pairs.

Best Table Tennis Shoes For Men

The durability and stability of most shoes on the list may vary. So, you must demonstrate your requirements when looking to choose a perfect shoe pair. Further, you also need to understand that there are some exceptions when selecting a pair for yourself. Hence, looking upon your requirements will provide you with a better idea of your ideal shoe pair.

Best Table Tennis Shoes for Men | Editorial Pick

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Autper Men’s Air

Autper Mens Air Athletic Tennis Shoes

  • Rubber Sole
  • Better Traction
  • Sturdy Upper Layer



Nike Men’s Court Lite

Nike Men's Court Lite Tennis Shoes

  • Textile Detailing
  • Fusion Material
  • GDR Outsole



Adidas Men’s Approach

Adidas Men's Approach

  • Synthetic Material
  • Better Comfort
  • Premium Outsole

Best Table Tennis Shoes for Men | Detailed Reviews

We have recently reviewed the best shoes for pro table tennis players. Besides, we have also reviewed the most affordable shoes for tennis. However, most men need special shoes to enhance their performance and athletic abilities. So, here they are!


Autper Men’s Air Athletic Tennis Shoes

Autper Mens Air Athletic Tennis Shoes


Unique Rubber Sole

Knitted Upper Fabric

  • It comes with a superior rubber sole
  • Features breathable fabric upper knit construction
  • Air cushioning protects the feet from external impacts
  • Brings a sole non-slip design offering natural strength to the foot

The perfect table tennis experience starts with this pair featuring a superior rubber sole. It comes with a breathable fabric upper making it one of the best table tennis shoes for men.

Moreover, the air cushioning design promotes better foot protection overall. You can also carry it comfortably in one of these high-quality table tennis kit bags.


  • Colors: 14 mesmerizing colors
  • Size: 6.5 to 12.5
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Upper Material: tennis
  • Platform Measures: 1 inch

Dry Feet: This shoe pair keeps the feet dry, making it one of the best options for most outdoor players. They feature a knitted mesh upper promoting elite breathability to the feet.

Elite Protection: The air cushioning effect promotes a softening effect to the foot overall. Even if players play on a bumpy surface, this soft air cushioning will adequately protect the feet.

Stellar Design: The non-slip design remains one of its premium design factors. It is supported by the natural rubber material offering flexibility to most types of feet. Likewise, it promotes excellent ground grip, making it a naturally spectacular design element for most professionals.

More Features: Take these shoes for many outdoor activities besides just table tennis sport. The players can confidently go out for physical activities with great confidence with its wear-resistant design. Additionally, the elastic cushioning brings a better walking experience for most players.

  • Breathable design
  • Many colors option
  • Flexible air cushioning
  • Low price tag
  • Versatile shoes

  • Few customers report size issue
  • Sole wears swiftly

Our Take: This tennis shoe pair brings better playability for most professionals featuring air cushioning and breathable design for added comfort.


Nike Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

Nike Men's Court Lite Tennis Shoes


Synthetic Material

Premium GDR Outsole

  • Features textile detailing and synthetic materials
  • It has layers of protection on the toe, bringing abrasion-resistance functionality
  • Comes with a fusion of upper materials
  • The GDR outsole creates better traction and ground grip
  • Lightweight cushioning

These fabulous shoes are offering textile and synthetic materials construction. The rubber sole brings walking and running comfort to another level.

Furthermore, its mesh tongue promotes better foot breathability for most foot types. All you need is a high-quality table tennis training sets to yield the best performance with these shoes.


  • Colors: 3 decent colors
  • Size: 8 to 13
  • Weight: 13 oz
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Midsole: Full-length Phylon midsole
  • Material: Textile and Synthetic

Materials: The shoe is made out of textile detailing and synthetic materials construction. Its fusion brings better design language along with the enhanced durability for the structure. Besides, the rubber sole promotes superior foot flexibility that carries throughout physical activities.

Breathable Design: Its mesh tongue enhances the breathability of the foot in most situations. That lets the air pass through the whole structure, so your feet remain dry overall. It even works great in scorching conditions. Therefore, the shoe pair is perfect for most outdoor players.

Maximum Grip: Players experience a better foot grip making it a promising choice on most slippery surfaces. The GDR outsole brings better traction. Also, that brings an authentic walking comfort under most circumstances.

Better Cushioning: Lightweight cushioning has a better influence on the feet. This shoe comes with a full-length Phylon midsole providing better foot adaptability. Therefore, the foot comfort has been improved with this midsole proving highly beneficial for the foot comfort.

  • Lightweight cushioning
  • GDR outsole
  • Better ground grip
  • Highly comfortable

  • Quality declines after some time
  • Durability issues

Our Take: Make sure that you play with comfort with these shoes featuring a GDR outsole for better traction along with lightweight cushioning.


Adidas Men’s Approach Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Approach Tennis Shoe


100% Synthetic Material

Better Durability

  • Incorporates a superior 100% synthetic materials construction
  • Brings the base durability and comfort of genuine rubber sole
  • It can stand rough circumstances without outmost layers of protection

These table tennis men’s shoes feature a soft synthetic upper, offering better breathability support to the players’ feet. Accordingly, the genuine rubber sole brings better walking flexibility overall.

All you need are some of the top-rated table tennis paddle sets with it to achieve the best performance in the longer run.


  • Colors: 5 cool colors
  • Size: 6.5 to 14
  • Weight: 12 oz
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Material: 100% Synthetic

Construction Materials: The high-quality 100% synthetic materials construction makes this one of the best table tennis shoes for men. Synthetic materials stay in proper shape and sustain quality over long periods of usability. That is why these shoes offer maximum flexibility, even on most bumpy surfaces.

Moreover, these shoes bring a soft synthetic upper that promotes better breathability value for most players. Breathability gives you a sense of comfort as your feet remain sweat-free even in the most bitter conditions.

Durability Redefined: Its durability is the main highlight for most players interested in table tennis games. The shoe pair features a highly resilient, durable rubber sole marking better flexibility. Likewise, it does promote better base flexibility and durability at the same time.

Furthermore, the rubber sole has a stretchable profile, so it won’t wear off even when the surface or ground is exceptionally rugged.

Layers Of Protection: The outer part of these table tennis shoes is highly protected against outside impacts. It forms layers of protection by the participation of solid construction materials. Therefore, your overall feet health remains elite.

Besides, this solid construction also eats up the probability of bearing foot injuries in uncertain circumstances.

  • Protection against foot injuries
  • Soft synthetic upper
  • Sustains quality for longer
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Moderate price

  • Complains regarding poor-fitting sizes
  • Gaping holes appear after some time

Our Take: Wear these promising table tennis shoes for better cushioning comfort and protection against foot injuries.


Butterfly Lezoline Sal Table Tennis Shoes

Butterfly Lezoline Sal Table Tennis Shoes


Protective Rubber Frame

Brilliant Grip

  • Features a protective rubber frame for protection against bumps
  • Promotes brilliant ground grip
  • A lightweight and breathable design
  • a shock-absorbent design promoting walking stability

Experience the most stable footwork with these table tennis shoes offering lightweight and breathable designs. These shoes are made for better ground grip for better playability.

Also, these sports shoes come in varieties of color choices for you to pick your favorite one. You can start practicing with these shoes while having some of the most affordable table tennis training robots on your side.


  • Colors: 5 cozy colors
  • Size: 4.5 to 58
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Sole: rubber sole (EVA)
  • Material: synthetic fiber

Protective: This shoe pair offers a high value of protection against injuries and outside impacts. The layers of exterior protection keep the ankle and toe in premium protection. So players can stay protected even if they accidentally bump into something.

Shock-Absorbent: These table tennis shoes promote highly stable footwork with a shock-absorbent design. The table tennis game is highly based on intelligent and quick footwork, and that’s something this shoe pair provides you. Hence, you can achieve the best footwork in table tennis and become a professional player.

Design: Its design brings a better walking experience for most foot shapes. The lightweight design combines with the breathable construction makes it one of the most comfortable shoes to wear. Therefore, the design brings a very suitable functionality for the professionals and beginners equally.

  • Shock-absorbent design
  • Excellent traction
  • Lightweight, breathable design
  • Enhanced breathability

  • Slightly overpriced

Our Take: Trust these table tennis shoes for your important matches, promoting superior footwork and shock-absorbent design.


Asics Men’s Gel-solution Speed 3 Shoe

Asics Men's Gel-solution Speed 3 Shoe


Synthetic Construction

Flexion Fit

  • Made out of 100% synthetic construction
  • Features a PGuard toe protector for safety
  • Incorporates a rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning
  • It comes with a Flexion Fit for foot fitting support

Get the most promising feet comfort with these exceptional table tennis shoes offering Flexion fit. These shoes bring a truss tic system providing stability to your feet during important matches.

Additionally, the shoes have rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning for excellent comfort. Have one of these affordable table tennis tops on your side and start practicing while wearing this shoe.


  • Colors: White
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Material: 100% Synthetic

Construction: The shoe features a flexible 100% synthetic construction for better feet adaptability. In addition, the rubber sole forms better durability for most feet. You are also getting superior fitting functionality with these table tennis shoes with Flexion fit proprietary upper.

Likewise, players won’t face issues when trying to fit their feet in these shoes because of their adaptable nature.

Durability On Offer: These table tennis shoes featuring high-abrasion rubber, which makes them durable. The players can spot this rubber cleverly placed into the outsole. SO that brings better durability even if the shoes collide with a firm object.

Besides, there is a PGuard toe protector that protects you from toe injuries overall.

Better Cushioning: This shoe brings rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning and the toe-off phases, allowing the feet to work through free movement for sublime footwork. Moreover, the transition walking cycle is also perfect thanks to the next-level flexibility and comfort.

Quality Sustainability: Unlike this shoe pair, most shoes couldn’t continue the quality sublimity due to the weak materials and construction. This shoe brings a truss tic system that undermines every step impact on the sole, sustaining the shoe’s shape.

  • Forefoot GEL cushioning
  • PGuard toe protector
  • Flexion fit

  • Narrow opening
  • Available in one color only

Our Take: This shoe pair brings your comfort level to the next level with Forefoot GEL cushioning and PGuard toe protector.


Butterfly Lezoline Gigu Shoes

Butterfly Lezoline Gigu Shoes


Sponge Absorber

Dampen Shocks

  • Comes with a sponge absorber
  • Features a thick sole for dampening excessive shocks
  • It incorporates a protective outer sole assisting with grip
  • Brings STB offering balanced footwork preventing distortion
  • Made out of synthetic fiber with abrasion-resistant functionality

Experience sublime footwork and reliable comfort with this shoe pair offering a thick sole with shock-absorption functionality. Its outer sole offers impressive grip making it one of the best table tennis shoes for men.

Also, the synthetic fiber has an abrasion-resistant quality that helps with longevity. You can start practicing with these shoes while having one of these table tennis conversion tops on your side to achieve the best performance.


  • Colors: white & red
  • Size: 4.5 to 12
  • Weight: 2.43 lbs.
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Material: synthetic fiber & synthetic leather

Made For Professionals: This shoe pair promotes impressive footwork as it dampens excessive shocks. It has a shock-absorption sponge that cushions your every step making it an elite playing experience. Also, it offers brilliant flexibility to the feet, making it one of the best options for professionals.

Authentic Experience: It features a WINGRIP forming exceptional gripping capability on all sorts of surfaces. That also helps and directs your feet to the exact movement in the crucial matches. Therefore, you will be able to beat the opposition with a fair margin.

Highly Stable: The shoe incorporates a reliable STB helping you to step with tremendous confidence. It balances every step while shortening the vibrations from the uneven surfaces. Therefore, that allows players to maintain footsteps stability in your table tennis matches.

A High Value Of Comfort: There is no denying that this table tennis shoe pair brings supreme comfort to your crucial matches. The construction incorporates high-quality synthetic fiber and leather materials. Hence, that forms an abrasion-resistant functionality along with the convenience of the rubber sole.

  • Offers better foot stability
  • Dampens excessive vibrations
  • Protective outer sole
  • Promising synthetic fiber

  • A bit pricey

Our Take: This shoe pair leads you to the front with exceptional B-absorber and WINGRIP for correct footwork.


Li-Ning Men Table Tennis Shoes

Li-Ning Men Table Tennis Shoes


EVA Sole Construction

UFF Tip Layer

  • Textile materialization along with synthetic leather design
  • Shock absorbing technology coming in the EVA sole construction
  • Bendable shoe structure for the safety measurements
  • Additional UFF tip layer to provide comfort in the shoe
  • Coming with anti-skid outside manufacturing

Li-Ning, a cushion providing and cozy covering shoes highly preferable to the table tennis players. The design is very cooperative for beginners and even for pro players as well.

Alongside, the sole construction is considerable here, with premium advancement in the toe section for managing the track. Just have some budget-friendly table tennis tops on your side and you are good to go!


  • Colors: white
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Midsole: EVA midsole
  • Material: Synthetic leather & textile material

Outsole Construction: Here you’ll get the unique quality outsole construction with the premium rubber material. It will enhance the overall-wearing impact of the shoe along with groove design to maintain the balance. Plus, the weight distribution of this shoe is so perfect that the player will always keep track of every position while playing.

Toe Protection: The abrasion-resistant factor makes this shoe exceptional, coupled with the mesh vent structure. Moreover, reinforcement is also added for sustaining the performance. The toe features an anti-collision aspect with special precautions.

Breathable Design: The textile involvement in the manufacturing makes the design smooth and comfortable to wear. Moreover, the synthetic leather construction fills the part for the breathability purpose of the shoes. This factor will also make the shoe surrounding under the airy circumstances.

Midsole Specialty Factor: The EVA midsole protection is always considered a sign of comfort for professional players. An anti-skid factor will keep the player safe from any mishap, along with cushioning platform to place the feet. Furtherly, the side protection is there for enhancing the longevity of the shoe.

  • Rubber design with non-marking gum
  • Smooth EVA midsole cushioning
  • Protected UFF TIP structure
  • Synthetic leather breathable design
  • Mesh vent and groove construction

  • Available only in white color

Our Take: EVA midsole cushioning factor, along with synthetic leather and textile manufacturing, also possesses an anti-collision factor.

FAQ Regarding Best Table Tennis Shoes for Men

Q. What is special about table tennis shoes?

There are several advantages to table tennis shoes. They facilitate the movement of the player. In addition, these shoes are lightweight, incredibly well gripped, and have a thin sole that allows the player to move side to side without rolling the ankles.

Q. Can you wear tennis shoes for table tennis?

Few people ask whether they can wear other shoes while playing table tennis. We don’t recommend wearing these shoes for table tennis since they are not designed for the strains of the sport. Further, the tennis shoes are specially designed for playing games, keeping the feet safe, and giving better playing results.

Q. Are table tennis shoes nonmarking?

Yes, table tennis shoes are non-marking, which means there will be no black scuff or scratch marks on the playing surface. While walking, it is difficult to stop due to the side bulge of the shoe—a set of high-performance shoes that are suitable for table tennis.

Q. Which are the best table tennis shoes for men?

The top 3 and the best shoes are Autper Men’s Air Athletic Running Tennis Shoes, NIKE Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes, and Adidas Men’s Approach Tennis Shoe.

Best Table Tennis Shoes for Men | Quick Comparison

Best Table Tennis Shoes for Men - Infographics
Infographics: Best Table Tennis Shoes for Men

Our Recommendation

Our 1st recommendation is Butterfly Lezoline Gigu Shoes as the most premium shoe pair for men. The smooth outsole design with stability factor also comes with synthetic leather & fiber materialization construction.

Plus, our 2nd recommendation is Autper Men’s Air Athletic Running Tennis Shoes as the most trending design of table tennis shoes. It is coming with a breathable design and rubber sole structure together with a non-slip design for smoothness.


Now, finally, you can see the best table tennis shoes for men along with their special playability features. Alongside, the overall rating given by the shoes possessing the materialization has also been given above. These shoes’ midsole placement, outsole stability, and toe balancing factor will surely bring a professional change to your game.

Furthermore, the breathable design is a plus point in these shoes considering their high-quality material. Lastly, all of the designs are preferable for different sizes of feet with wide cushioning space as well.

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