Top 10 Greatest Fast Bowlers of All Time

greatest fast bowlers

Cricket is a very famous & widely played game so much that it’s the 2nd most popular game in the World. And Bowling is a Crucial Part of the Cricket. There have been many skillful fast bowlers in the history of Cricket who made their names by their great bowling skills. Here we are going … Read more

Top 10 Best Spin Bowlers In Current Cricket

best spin bowlers in current cricket

Aggression is something related to fast bowlers in cricket. Because of the destructive behavior of these bowlers, they are considered more famous. Spin bowlers, on the other hand, have to exhibit their performance and ability at their best. We have seen many legendary spin bowlers worldwide. But, here we discuss the top 10 best spin … Read more

Top 10 Best Spin Bowlers of All Time

best spin bowlers of all time

The technique of spin bowling is used in cricket very often. The main purpose of Spin bowling is to bowl with rapid rotation, to make it deviate from the normal straight path when it bounces on the pitch. This will make it difficult for the batsman to make a clean hit. In the case of … Read more

Tallest Cricketers Ever In The History Of Cricket

Tallest Cricketers Ever

Cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar with a height of 5.5 feet have been way more successful than many others who are taller than him. Here we have compiled a list of all-time tallest cricketers in the history of the gentleman’s game. Tallest Cricketers In The History – Exclusive Ranking Usually, Cricket is a game of skills and … Read more

Top 10 Greatest Wicket keepers In Cricket History | All-Time Ranking


Not many cricketers are capable of perfecting the skill of wicket keeping. In terms of cricket fielding positions, it’s the most important one. The wicketkeeper position is the most challenging position in cricket, as very few cricketers have excelled at this position. Here we discuss the top 10 greatest wicket keepers in cricket history of … Read more

Top 10 Most Successful Cricket Captains of All Time

Many star players in cricket have shown the world that they are the best in their field. Some are well known for their batting and bowling. However, some gained massive popularity due to their fielding skills. But there are many few from the beginning who surprise the cricket fans with their exceptional captaincy careers. Here … Read more

Top 10 Most Dangerous Hard Hitters In Cricket History


Cricket is known as a gentlemen’s game, but some of its gentlemen are known for being deadly competitive bowlers because of their hard-hitting. Here we will discuss the ten most dangerous hard hitters in cricket history. These hitters have the ability to change the situation of any match with their surprising batting skills. Most Dangerous … Read more

Top 10 Most Famous Cricketers With Mustaches

most famous cricketers with mustaches

It is fair to say that cricket, and cricketers, have evolved over the years. Protective gear, colored clothing, white ball, lights, and the helicopter shot have helped the sport come a long way from the times when cricket bats resembled hockey sticks. At the same time, cricketers have flexed their muscles when it comes to … Read more