How To Do A Backspin Serve In Table Tennis?

A backspin serve in table tennis can be a winner if practiced accurately. Also, creating a backspin serve isn’t straightforward, so it is not common. So, if you are a beginner or just trying to learn this fabulous sport then this article can offer great help.

There are some critical steps that players follow to apply backspin serve to their shots. We want to go into great detail, talking about the possibilities that can undermine its effect.

Backspin Serve In Table Tennis

Also, we are going to give the best possible explanation on how you can generate backspin serve next time.

Backspin Serve In Table Tennis | Step By Step Guide

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Backspin In Table Tennis

What Is A Backspin Serve In Table Tennis?

A backspin serve is not a commonly practiced serve. It requires a lot of practice to generate accurately. A ball acquiring backspin can have a lot of reverse movement when it travels through the air. Therefore, a shot with backspin is usually hard to return or understand.

The backward forces on the ball repel the accuracy of the opponent. It takes a lot to fully understand and return a backspin serve in this popular sport.

So, when a player applies backspin on the ball, it’s really hard to return. So, most players end up losing points in the match. It requires a lot of practice and effort to use this spin in the matches. Most professional players use backspin to gain progress their way.

If you have a space problem, you can simply have some top-rated table tennis air hockey combo top to start practicing. And then, follow these below-mentioned points are going to help you understand and execute a backspin serve with excellent efficacy.

Eye-To-Ball Coordination

A strong eye connection with the ball is crucial for producing a backspin serve in the game. The overall strength and accuracy of the backspin of the serve depend upon this value. Practicing hard can make a significant difference in the actual quality of a backspin serve.

An effective backspin serve can make you win or lose the game by gaining more points. So, players must learn to learn the movement of the ball when going to generate this serve. Therefore, try to improve your eye-to-ball connection in pre-match sessions. And to do that, you need to have some professional-grade table tennis conversion tops on your side.

The Stance

The players stay close to the table when generating a backspin serve in table tennis. In most cases, players draw their own distancing rules concerning the table. Also, they are to confront the table with a relatively lower stance.

That is what we call a ready body positioning to generate this serve in a table tennis game. Moreover, players have to make sure that they don’t push their arms for force because that won’t let them work their way through flexibility. Just have some affordable table tennis tops on your side and start improving your stance.

The wrist work matters a lot when looking to impart a shot with spin. So, it is essential to keep the arms relatively relaxed. So, a player must keep the wrist relaxed when holding the stance for the backspin serve.

Toss It Up

It’s time to toss the ball up as you are already in a position to hit the ball. It would help if you threw the ball up not horizontally but vertically. Try to make it as vertical as possible because that’s what the shot demands. It will be even better if you use some high-quality table tennis spin paddles on your side.

Make sure that it doesn’t go too far in the air. It must remain at about 7 inches to the height and then must return. For this, a hand must be in a relaxing state when tossing the ball for the serve.

The other way will not let them enjoy a perfect air throw that is necessary for a backspin serve. So, make sure that you don’t go too harsh on the ball when tossing up in the air for a promising backspin serve.

Time To Hit

Here comes the time when you are going to hit the ball while waiting for it to come down. Do not try to reach the ball yourself, for that is not necessary. Now, as the ball has arrived, make sure to brush it forward with your racket. And, you need to cross the table tennis net to the opponent’s side.

Time of strike matters a lot when imparting backspin on the ball. So, it would help if you never reached for the ball to hit rather wait. Brush the ball from underneath as you strike on the falling of the ball. Brush it through maximum wrist work so that it has more backspin.

Body Movement And Follow-Through

Your body movement is of prime concern when we talk about backspin serve. A player cannot generate an ideal backspin serve without putting body movement restrictions. So, make sure that your body doesn’t move much when brushing the ball.

Move the paddle in a forward advancing position naturally with the arm movement. Do not try to cloud the concept by pushing the racket forcibly with the whole-body stand. Besides, players must keep the stroke to a short length.

If you are working through the body, then the movement stroke is going to be longer. So, limit the body movement and try working through the wrist as much as possible. That is the only way to give a proper follow-through to a backspin serve. All you need is some professional-grade table tennis balls on your side and start practicing these stances.

Tips To Ensure The Best Backspin Serve

A player must ensure that the paddle’s angle is as much open as possible. Therefore, the racket’s face must be utterly open for slicing the ball when it comes in contact. Closing the paddle’s face may result in troubles when looking to generate backspin on the serve.

Make sure that the racket speed is faster as fast progression gives a better spin on the serve. So try to accelerate the ball through the progressive paddle movement to generate the best backspin on the serve.

A higher tossed ball will have a faster return, and that is another secret tip to follow here. If you can throw the ball higher for the serve, it will return quicker, and you will impart a better spin on the ball.

Keep the stroke short but not way too short. And you can improve this skill by using top-rated table tennis paddles. That provides a specific angle for the opponent to hit the ball with a wide slice. As a result, the return itself will remain shorter, so keep the range of the stroke in check when generating a backspin.

FAQs Regarding Backspin Serve In Table Tennis

Q. Can you serve backhand in table tennis?

A backhand serves usually takes place from the backhand corner of a player who is serving. That takes place from the middle of the table tennis table. So yes, players can serve a backhand in a table tennis game.

Q. How do you serve a spin in table tennis?

There are many techniques available talking about ways to generate a spin in table tennis. Players usually brush the ball through different angles to impart different spins in the game. So, the timing, wrist work, and body stance matter a lot in spin serves.

Q. What is a block in table tennis?

The shot that uses the ball speed of the opponents against them is a block in the table tennis game. That mainly promotes a defensive mood of the player receiving a stroke with real aggression. So, a block is a fundamental technique in this game.

Q. What are the types of spin in table tennis?

A topspin, a backspin, and a sidespin are the three basic spins in table tennis. While the ball is in mid-air, the air pressure differences, and curved and dipped paths on the top, back, and side of the ball cause the ball to curve.

Backspin Serve In Table Tennis

Final Thoughts

So, here was our brief discussion about generating a backspin serve in table tennis. The topic covers every aspect of this complex serve that most professional players practice in matches. So, we’ve taken some inspiration and gave our best possible analysis to all keen learners.

Also, a backspin serve holds excellent value in the table tennis game. The serve can quickly put the opponents under fair pressure about the ambiguity of spin diversion. So that is very important for the players to learn and practice.

That way, players can step up their skills in this game and become better players.

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