7 Best Side Tapes For Table Tennis Paddles 2023 | December Updates

If you are a table tennis player, you must be looking to improve the durability of paddles. So, we have brought you the best side tapes for table tennis paddles. These side tapes increase the durability of your table tennis paddles.

These tapes complementing your paddle’s safety have a significant influence on the game as well. Keeping this in mind, these edge tapes offer excellent security against rubber sheet peeling troubles with most paddles. So, you can enjoy all-around protection with these side tapes.

Also, players can get experience better striking stability using these paddles. Most of the side tapes dampen the vibrations produced on the paddle surface. So, players can enjoy a stable paddle swinging using these excellent side tapes.

Furthermore, the side tapes improve the life of the paddles by protecting them. That just tells how vital that these side tapes are for your important table tennis paddles.

Side Tapes For Table Tennis Paddles | Editorial Pick

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Killerspin Side Tape

Killerspin Table Tennis Side Tape

  • Robust Protection
  • Promotes Stability
  • Control Vibration



Butterfly Side Tape

Butterfly Side Tape

  • Protective Tape
  • Secure Corners
  • Lightest Weight



Paddle Edge Tape

Table Tennis Paddle Edge Tape 20Pcs

  • Unmatched Protection
  • Protecting Sheet
  • Spongy Structure

Best Side Tapes For Table Tennis Paddles | Detailed Reviews

We have recently reviewed the best table tennis training sets and the top-quality table tennis balls for beginners. But yes, you do need some high-quality side tapes, too, for improving your overall performance. So, here they are!


Killerspin Table Tennis Side Tape

Killerspin Table Tennis Side Tape


Robust Protection

Promotes Sublime Stability

  • Offers solid protection to the table tennis paddles
  • Promotes sublime stability forming a controlled game experience
  • Made out of promising nylon offering lasting paddle safety
  • Centers in all the vibrations to the sweet spot

This side tape gives a versatile character to your table tennis paddles. It brings the paddle’s edge protection feature making it one of the best side tapes for table tennis.

Also, applying this tape to your paddles can form a stable striking experience overall. You can even use it for some top-rated table tennis paddles for kids and toddlers.


  • Brand: Killerspin
  • Size: 10 mm x 50 cm
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Nylon

Premium Protection: The Killerspin paddle side tape promotes superior protection to your table tennis paddles. That tape covers the edge of the paddle protected against impacts. Therefore, players no longer have to worry even if their paddles collide against different types of surfaces.

Besides, the tape works to protect the rubber surface of the paddle from peeling off. So, your paddles will stay clean and safe using this premium side tape.

Highly Effective: You will not see a quality decline when you apply this side tape on your table tennis paddles. It is made out of premium nylon, promoting the lasting life of the glue on the paddle. So that means you can perform to your most total in all matches.

Stable Experience: Experience the swinging flow of your paddle through this side tape. It centers in all the vibrations of the struck ball into the sweet spot. That doesn’t increase or promotes vibration effects to your body and shoulders specifically. So, you become better with every shot.

Accuracy At Its Best: All your shots are directed to the sweet spot so you can become accurate with striking potential. That gives most players a sharp edge in the game. So, you make a precise striking tendency naturally using this side tape.

  • Long-lasting nylon
  • Stable gameplay
  • Protection against impacts
  • Low price

  • Don’t adhere properly to the paddle

Our Take: Get the most out of your table tennis game with this side tape featuring durable nylon and protection against impacts.


Butterfly Side Tape

Butterfly Side Tape


Protection Against Drop

Secure Corners

  • Highly protective tape offering protection against hits and uncertain drops
  • Keeps the paddle’s corners secure from the scratches and impacts
  • You can choose from either 10M and 50M roll size options

Roll around your paddle and stay out of worries with this excellent side tape for table tennis paddles. The edge tape is highly effective against the outer impacts you may occur when playing.

In addition, the tapes come in 2 sizes offering so you can select to your requirement. Just have some high-quality table tennis rubber sheets with it, and your paddle will be in great shape.


  • Brand: Butterfly
  • Size: 10 m /50 m rolls
  • Color: Blue/Silver

Impactful: This promising side tape is an excellent resistance against hits and collisions. Fast swinging action is even more secure thanks to this table tennis paddle. So, you can be sure of no damage even if your paddle has struck somewhere unexpected.

Choose Better: You are getting two size options when it comes to this side tape for the table tennis paddle. It comes in two sizes that you can select depending upon your needs. The possibilities are 10m and 50m roll tapes, giving you the most flexibility you require.

No More Scratches: Protecting a table tennis paddle is not an easy deal, especially in rough conditions. But this side tape promises the best safety against all sorts of scratches. Therefore, this side tape brings the best protection for your table tennis paddles that we all desire.

Protects Rubber Sheet: This protective side tape seals the rubber sheet on your table tennis paddles. Some rubber sheets can be prone to peel off when treated harshly, but no more. Also, the rubber sheet never displaces from its position no matter which playing style you equip.

  • Highly resilient
  • Steady safety from drops
  • Protection against scratches
  • Flexible size options

  • Reduces the striking feel

Our Take: Pick up your table tennis protection with this side tape offering safety against scratches while keeping the rubber sheet in place.


Table Tennis Paddle Edge Tape 20Pcs

Table Tennis Paddle Edge Tape 20Pcs


Extend Paddle Life

Balanced Performance

  • It protects your paddle from bump impacts and damages
  • Extends the life of your paddle by protecting rubber sheet as well
  • Balance the performance of your table tennis paddle
  • Includes 20 pieces of sponge racket edge tape in unique colors

Effectively improve the safety of your paddles with these sponge racket edge tapes. The package includes 20 pieces of sponge edge tape in both black and blue colors.

Also, this edge tape improves the life of the table tennis paddle while preventing damage impacts at the same time. Just club it with some high-quality table tennis paddle sets with it and you are good to go.


  • Brand: Baoblaze
  • Blue Tape Size: 44 x 1 cm / 17.3 x 0.4 inch
  • Black Tape Size: 49 x 1.2 cm / 19.3 x 0.47 inch
  • Available Color: Black & black

No More Damage: Expect no more damage with this one of the best side tapes for table tennis. It seals the edges of the paddle for maximum protection against drops and bumps. Therefore, this side tape brings the best safety to your table tennis paddles with a good effect.

Lasts Long: Most players face a quality decline in paddles with time. But this issue no longer exists with this side tape for table tennis paddles. It holds the whole structure of the paddle, leaving all worries behind. Your paddle will remain exact no matter how long you play.

Balance Your Performance: Shaky paddle swinging can lead to undesirable results in table tennis sport. So, this problem is no longer present courtesy of this side tape. The tape balances the structure of the paddle. Also, it directs every shot in the middle of the rubber sheet. So, every shot becomes perfect with this paddle edge tape.

What Are You Getting: The package includes 20 pieces of sponge racket edge tapes in two colors. You will receive ten racket edge tapes in black and 10 in blue. Each side tape makes great use for every paddle you want to cover for protection. That’s how this deal is worth every penny.

  • Sustains paddle quality
  • No more edge damages
  • Prolongs the product’s life
  • No more rubber peeling
  • Great value for money

  • Small in diameter
  • Color is slightly different from the picture

Our Take: Protect your table tennis paddles using this original paddle edge tape featuring quality sustainability and damage protection.


Baoblaze 10 Pcs Table Tennis Edge Tape

Baoblaze 10 Pcs Table Tennis Edge Tape


Protect Against Scratches

Better Speed & Control

  • Saves paddles from unwanted scratches and bumps
  • It gives the product a long-lasting performance capability
  • Dampens the vibrations on the paddle while increasing balance

There is no better way to protect your table tennis paddles than using this tennis racket edge tape. This edge tape promises excellent safety to your paddles while prolonging the product’s life.

Besides, this tape offers a balanced striking functionality to all concerned players. You can have this on your paddle and start practicing with some top-rated table tennis training robots.


  • Brand: Baoblaze
  • Size: 49 x 1.2 x 0.1cm / 19.3 x 0.47 x 0.04 inch
  • Available Color: Black & Red
  • Material: Sponge

A Lifesaver: Keep your paddles away from scratches and bump using this promising racket edge tape. This tape provides an absolute value of protection against slight impacts. These impacts can result from a sudden collision with the table surface.

Therefore, that tape complements the safety of your entire table tennis paddle. So, players can be sure that their paddle’s safety is in good hands.

Better Life: A product’s life highly relies upon the durability of the construction and composite. If construction is prone to damage, then durability is at stake. So, your table tennis paddles require this racket edge tape offering superior quality control. It won’t let the paddle lose its quality over the period.

Highly Stable: You can’t expect to perform well without stable paddle performance. That is why this side tape dampens the excessive vibrations coming with every shot. All vibrations and shakiness of the paddle will be gone thanks to this side tape closure to the structure.

Hence, players will be able to enjoy a stable playing experience that excels with every match.

Strong Companion: Rubber peeling trouble is no longer there, thanks to this side tape. The strong sponge materials ensure an excellent holding capability on the edge of the paddle. So, this is the strongest paddle companion that you can possibly get today.

  • Strong edge closure
  • Protective to impacts
  • Sustains quality and prolongs it

  • Average sponge

Our Take: This side tape brings durable sponge material and sublime paddle edge closure for protection.


YITAQI Table Tennis Paddle Side Tape

YITAQI Table Tennis Paddle Side Tape


Made Of Sponge

Better Longevity

  • The side tape is made out of sponge and comes in unique colors
  • It helps with the longevity of the paddle
  • Maximum protection against impacts using anti-collision technology

Ensure supreme safety for your paddles with this one of the best side tapes for table tennis. This side tape brings anti-collision technology offering brilliant protection for your paddles.

Additionally, the side tape comes in unique colors so you can have a personalized experience with every paddle you cover. All you need is an affordable table tennis top and you are good to start practicing with these tapes having on your paddles.


  • Brand: YITAQI
  • Length: 46 cm / 18 inches
  • Thickness: 1 – 2 mm / 0.04 – 0.08 inches
  • Width: 9 – 10 mm / 0.35 – 0.39 inches
  • Available Color: Black, Blue, & Red
  • Material: Sponge

Unique Colors: The package contains about four side tapes in different color schemes. So, this makes up for a fascinating experience for all the table tennis players. Moreover, these side tapes are enough to help you cover more paddles than you even have.

High-Quality Profile: You are getting a solid side tape with a high-quality texture that offers excellent resistivity. The side tape brings a decent width that is enough to keep the whole paddle safe. So, players can keep having a secure experience when playing continuous table tennis sessions.

Anti-Collision Technology: Most paddles damage after accidental drops and hits, but this is no longer the case. The side tape has an anti-collision technology that keeps the paddle safe from unexpected falls. So, players can get to enjoy a safer table tennis experience using this promising side tape.

Better Quality: Your paddles will sustain quality with this side tape. The side tape helps massively in keeping the paddle’s life longer with excellent safety covering. So, players will be able to enjoy a safer experience with this side tape in usage.

  • Anti-collision technology
  • More colors inside the tape
  • Tough texture
  • Better value for money

  • Not much sticky

Our Take: This side tape offers valuable safety to your paddles using anti-collision technology and rigid composite.


MonkeyJack Table Tennis Edge Tape

MonkeyJack Table Tennis Edge Tape


Spongy Construction

Prevents Peeling

  • Made out of flexible sponge improving performance
  • Prolongs the life of the paddle by offering protection against bumps
  • Prevents probability of rubber sheet peeling from the surface

Keep your table tennis paddles in prime protection with this one of the best side tapes for table tennis. This tape improves your performance by keeping the paddle in balance.

On the flip side, this tape doesn’t have a rubber sheet to peel off. Just have some professional-grade table tennis balls on your side and you are good to start your practice.


  • Brand: MonkeyJack
  • Size: 49 x 1.2 x 0.1cm / 19.3 x 0.47 x 0.04 inches
  • Available Color: Black & Red
  • Material: Sponge

Prevents Damage: This side tape makes sure that the paddle doesn’t experience damage. It also improves the endurance of a table tennis paddle by covering its edges. Besides, you don’t have to worry about getting scratches on the wooden edges. So, you can play in all matches with complete confidence.

Flexible Composite: This side tape has a sponge composite offering a high value of flexibility. There is a great value of resistivity when the paddle comes in contact with any surface type. Therefore, it can hold and endure impacts from most surface types. You can expect an adaptive performance by this side tape.

Go Safe: There is another excellent functionality that this side tape provides. That tape prevents rubber sheets from peeling, which promotes a safe experience. Hence, players can enjoy a long-term performance from their table tennis paddles.

What’s In The Package: You are getting 20 pieces of edge tape coming in two colors. There are ten pieces of edge tapes in red and the rest of 10 in black. So, this promotes a unique experience for all the table tennis players overall.

  • Flexible sponge material
  • Reduce rubber peeling
  • Protects paddle edges
  • Unique colors

  • It doesn’t stick properly

Our Take: Look up to a superior table tennis experience using this side tape offering flexible sponge composite.


Butterfly Side Tape Tenergy Orange 12mm

Butterfly Side Tape Tenergy Orange 12mm


Highly Protective Tape

12 MM Width

  • Highly protective side tape measuring 10m in length
  • It has a 12mm width and height to cover almost 23 paddle edges
  • Offers premium protection against wooden edges of the paddle
  • Features Tenergy logo on an attractive orange color theme

You can trust this complete side tape to cover your whole paddle featuring a solid texture. The tape has a fancy Tenergy logo on an attractive orange color.

Moreover, players can apply this versatile tape on almost 23 paddles. Besides these tapes, you can also have some top-rated table tennis paddle covers to keep your bats in great condition.


  • Brand: Butterfly
  • Size: 12 mm / 10 m rolls
  • Color: orange

Flexible Choice: You are not bound to just one length option, but this side tape offers two options in size. This side tape has 10m and 50m extended options, so you can select what suits you the best. Therefore, this provides beautiful flexibility to the table tennis players when buying.

Besides, professional players can consider purchasing a 50m long option. That may be a fitting choice to their requirements.

Attractive Take On A Side Tape: Most side tapes look dull, covering the frame of the table tennis paddles. But this side tape comes in a fancy Tenergy lettering offering a great outlook. In addition, the whole side tape is inundated in fascinating orange color exalting the appearance of your paddle overall.

Premium Protection: Now you can enjoy premium protection against hits and drops, unlike other side tapes. This side tape has a firm texture that helps with the paddle’s safety in every possible way. Therefore, players no longer have to worry when taking their paddles to the outdoor matches.

The side tape also has a significant influence on the longevity of the paddle. Your table tennis paddles will accompany you for long-term usage. Therefore, this side tape is super necessary if you are looking to improve your paddle’s life.

  • Attractive design
  • Bump damage safety
  • Two size options

  • Pricey

Our Take: Experience a superior table tennis game with this side tape offering bump damage protection and attractive design.

FAQ Regarding Best Side Tapes For Table Tennis Paddles

Q. Does table tennis need edge tape?

The edge of the table tennis bat can be covered with edge tape, and it is also called side tape. Even though edge tape is not needed, many players use it to make their bats look more stunning or give them just a “wow” look.

Q. Should I use edge tape?

It will protect the rubber edges from light to medium table contacts, as is the primary function of the side tape. As well as making the bat look neat and clean, the cap also protects the blade very slightly. In addition, the tape can also help hold rubbers down at the edges of the glue fades, and the rubber would otherwise flap on hits.

Q. What are the best side tapes for table tennis paddles?

The top 3 are; Killerspin Table Tennis Side Tape, Butterfly Side Tape Tenergy Orange, and Butterfly Side Tape.

Q. Is there a difference in the sides of a ping pong paddle?

According to the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), a certain amount of spin or speed is applied to different surfaces on both sides of the paddle. On one side of the paddle, a player may have rubber that spins heavily, but on the other, it does not spin at all.

Best Side Tapes For Table Tennis Paddles | Quick Comparison

Best Side Tapes For Table Tennis Paddles - Infographics
Infographics: Best Side Tapes For Table Tennis Paddles

Our Recommendation

Our 1st recommendation is Killerspin Table Tennis Side Tape. This side tape gives sublime protection to your paddles and offers great control. Additionally, it is made with durable nylon.

Likewise, our 2nd recommendation is Butterfly Side Tape Tenergy Orange. This side tape is considered one of the best side tapes for table tennis paddles as it provides flawless protection against the wooden edges of the paddle.


So, here was our complete discussion about the best side tapes for table tennis. These side tapes must be considered a mandatory component of your table tennis paddles/rackets. They protect and prolong the life of paddles.

In addition, you can also enjoy high-quality playability using these edge tapes on paddles. All these tapes cover the damages most drops can result. So, all table tennis players must consider these side tapes for a safe experience.

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