How To Play Table Tennis? – Tips From Professional Players

How to play table tennis? Want to know? Here we are bringing some very assistive guidelines to make your gameplay look easy and extraordinary simple. This is a game full of thrills and healthy spirits that have become motivating for sportsmen.

Even if you are looking to learn the rules of the ping pong game, then you are at the right spot. Because table tennis and ping pong games are the same with the rules, it is just a change in the name. The boundaries, accessories, and regulations are all the same. Minimizing this, let us have a look at our guide.

How To Play Table Tennis | Pro Tips To Follow

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We have recently reviewed the best ping pong paddle sets for kids and the best ping pong robots for practice. But you do need to have some pro player tips to really shine on this game. And all this information is collected from the recommendations of world-class table tennis players to keep the authenticity.

How To Play TT Like Pro Players

Paddles And Balls

Before playing your table tennis match, you need to know about the playing accessories. All in all, table tennis is played with a paddle that is also known as a racket or bat with adding balls. And you definitely need high-quality table tennis paddles to get better performance.

The paddle has an exceptional size with a small carrying that everyone can easily handle. On the other side, the balls come in a round shape of 40 mm size and comprise of plastic material.

Where To Play

A place or platform is essential to get your strategies on it. That is why tables for playing tennis come with a special design, and these affordable tables for table tennis have entirely aligned with boundaries. Furthermore, these tables allow a central area to fix the net on it, and it recommends to keep it in place for nonstop play.

These tables come with extra durable and stout-made legs so that you can play on any type of surface.

Gripping The Paddle

We are discussing the most reliable gripping methods of the paddles, which are known as pen grip and shake hand grip. That is not an important thing to choose one of them. You just have to grip high-quality ping pong paddles with a loose hand for the free movement of your wrist.

Taking about the holding styles, the pen hold style gives complete access to the paddle as you can get to the pen. Secondly, in the shake and style, you place your hands as in handshaking. With this, you can take your fingers wherever on the paddle with a loose feel to get a powerful comeback.


This game starts in a flick with a theme of service. Serving the ball needs to be tricky sometimes to baffle your opponent. So, the most crucial part of how to play table tennis is this point of service. Combining up all the rules of service from ITTF, we are delivering a simple learning summary to you.

According to the professional and international system, the ball has to be in an open palm for the startup. This open palm restriction has to reduce the spinning and toss effect to zero. Also, this leads to having a cheating-free and less deceiving match.

As a second rule, you have to throw the table tennis ball at least six inches in the air to save the opponent. This rule is helpful for the opponent to get the same from ball hiding and quick serving. In addition to this service, you cannot hit the served ball behind the end line of the table.

The fourth and last rule for the service is to hit the ball after it gets over the net and then bounces it to the other side. Follow these steps to keep your ball movement on for more warm strikes.

Ball Returning

After the service, the ball goes straight to the opposite side of the table tennis net, and the second player must have to return the ball to continue the game. But there is flex in returning the ball, and it is quickly done after the bounce on your side.

This flex is just for a single bounce, and in case you return the ball after twice bounces, that results in losing the point. This rule is the same for both side players. Also, ITTF has added a rule in this ball returning scenario: the ball hitting on the net.

In this schema of hitting, if your ball hits the net and goes to the opposite side, that is okay for playability. But if it hits the net and comes back, then it is counted as a foul.

Points System

Every player should have some of the main points about how to play table tennis with point flex. Firstly, if your service hits the net and doesn’t join the opposite side, you have lost a point. Adding up, hitting the ball on the wrong half will point to the opponent. You can easily practice it on high-quality table tennis conversion tops.

In the case of the return, if you hit the net first and the ball comes to your side, this one is also counted as a lost point. Also, touching the served ball with your body parts is not allowed, and doing this awards a point to the opponent.

The last rule for points is not to touch the table with freehand because this is going to give a point to your opponent. Moreover, moving the table by any means results in the same as a loss of another point.

Scoring Mechanism

It is very important to know the scoring mechanism of any game. In case, if you are not aware of the scoring rules, your opponent can easily cheat you to get the match. Thus, we are giving you the most manageable information for the score counting system and leading score rule.

The ITTF states the score with 11 points and two points for the alternative in this table tennis game. It is chief for a player to get a difference of two points to win the match.

Skills Improvement

Telling the existing and classical skills improving features will seek your attention. Talking about exercise, playing table tennis is the best choice for wrist work.

This table tennis game develops eyes, hands, legs, and universally the whole-body movement on a minor note. So, you should start practicing this sport on some top-rated outdoor table tennis tables to improve your performance.

FAQ’s Regarding Playing Table Tennis

Q. What is a foul in table tennis?

If the ball reaches the server’s side of the table, passes the table’s edge, and does not pass the net, then it is a let or foul service.

Q. What skills do you need in table tennis?

There are 4 simple and easy skills for table tennis that you must know. These are forehand drive, backhand drive, backhand push, and forehand push.

Q. Who started table tennis?

He is an Englishman, and his name was David Foster. As noted earlier, David Foster withdrew the first English patent for the first table tennis game in 1890 when it was introduced on 15 July by England.

Q. How many let serves are allowed in table tennis?

There are no boundaries and counts or serves in table tennis. If your served ball hits the net and comes back to your side, you can pick it up for another serve. There is no boundary for doing these repeated serves. You can serve the ball until that is not leading to the opponent.

Q. Can you put your hand on the table?

There are different causes for this question. Firstly, if you’re putting the hand before playing, then that is allowed, but placing the hand on the table results in a point loss.

Q. How do you win in table tennis?

Winning table tennis is pretty simple and easy for beginners. As we know, ITTF has mentioned an 11-point boundary for the players. To get the victory, the player needs to achieve a difference of two points.

Play Table Tennis Tips

Final Thoughts

Elaborating on how to play table tennis, we have concluded that this game is the easiest in all. It is featuring simple and easy learning rules. It is just a matter of handling paddle, serve, ball returning, and thrilling strikes to run your gameplay.

As a best and most versatile conclusion, learning this game makes you a sportsman and improves your body’s strategy. Now we hope you can get an idea of how to play table tennis and win easily.

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