Top 25 Most Iconic Sports Photographs Of All Time | 2024 Updates

If you flip through the pages of the history book of sports, you will find much more than just statistics about scores, contract amounts, and victories. No, the world of sports is much more than just win or loss or the numbers that come along. It is about moments that touch the hearts of the people who have their eyes set upon the field. It’s throwback time as we are up with some of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

Iconic Sports Photographs | 2024 Updates

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That is why some of the moments in sports are etched in the memories of the witnesses. For those who did not get the opportunity to witness such iconic moments, photographs have captured the memories and saved them for eternity. Let’s take a look at some of the most emotional sports photographs.

25. Jim Peters Collapses Before Reaching The Finish Line

Jim Peters Collapse

Marathon runner Jim Peters established a 17-minute lead in the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Vancouver. However, after running 26 miles, he was only 220 yards away from the finishing line when he collapsed and struggled in the final few yards.

The heartbreaking moment was captured in this picture which is inducted in the 25th place among the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

24. A Moment of Silence

Priscah Jeptoo Of Kenya

This photo, one of the most moving and emotional photographs in sports, depicts some deep emotions as Kenya’s Priscah Jeptoo paused to take a moment of silence and contemplation after finishing second at the 2012 London Olympics, 5 seconds behind Ethiopia’s Tiki Gelana.

This image is inducted in the 24th place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

23. Abebe Bikila Ran Barefooted At Night

Abebe Bikila Barefooted

Due to the sweltering heat at the 1960 Rome Olympics, the marathon race was held at night. During that race, Ethiopian runner Abebe Bikila approached the Arch of Constantine on bare feet as he went on to win the Olympic marathon.

This photograph captures him on his journey, exuding pride and struggle, and is inducted in 23rd place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

22. Kerri Strug Beats Pain And Strikes A Graceful Pose

Kerri Strug Beats Pain

In 1996, during the Atlanta Olympics, Kerri Strug was seen holding a graceful pose as she stuck the landing on her vault, even though she had an injured ankle. With the hopes of a gold medal for the US resting upon her, she fought her pain and secured the title for her country.

This picture is inducted in 22nd place among the most iconic sports photographs of all time. And with this graceful pose, she also made her place among the best gymnasts of all time.

21. Federer’s Loss At The Australian Open

Federer In Australian Open

This picture of Roger Federer shows him looking at the trophy at the Australian Open and realizing that he would have to wait a little longer to equal Pete Sampras’ record of 14 majors.

He lost in a five-set final, and the moment established the 21st place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

20. WWE Mourns Eddie Guerrero’s Death

Eddie Guerrero Death

One of the most popular WWE superstars and a great human being, Eddie Guerrero, passed away suddenly due to acute heart failure in 2005, leaving the world of wrestling shocked. The stars from the WWE RAW roster were reduced to tears as they gathered to pay tribute to him.

This emotional photograph holds the tears his fellow fighters shed for him and is placed at the 20th position on our list of most heartbreaking photographs in sports.

19. Monica Seles Gets Stabbed

Monica Seles Stabbed

Being a fan sometimes brings out the worst emotion, as was evident when Seles was stabbed during the 13th game by a Steffi Graf supporter in Germany. The two women were great competitors at that time and battled each other for the top spot.

This picture, with Seles writhing in pain, silently brings out the hateful emotions of her stabber and is thus at 19th place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time. It was followed by a halt in her career for two years.

18. Ayrton Senna’s Crashed Car

Ayrton Senna Crashed Car

Touted as one of the best drivers in the modern F1, Brazilian racer Ayrton Senna was only 34 when his car met with an accident in the 7th lap at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994. Head injuries during the crash killed the talented driver. Besides, it also became a part of the most tragic deaths in sports.

This photograph shows his crashed car, with his helmet lying next to it. It is induced in the 18th position on our list of the most heartbreaking photographs in sports.

17. Brotherhood Above Rivalry

Oliver Kahn Showing Brotherhood

As Valencia lost 5-4 to Bayern Munich during the 2001 Champions League Final, their goalkeeper Santiago Canizares fell to the ground, heartbroken. Bayern Munich’s keeper and one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, Oliver Kahn, showed true sportsmanship as he refused to celebrate and console his Spanish rival.

This photo captures a moment of transcendence of rivalry and also deserves the 17th position in our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

16. Helpless Tears

Helpless Tears Of Sarita Devi

At the 2014 Asian Games, India’s Sarita Devi was robbed of her gold medal, and an unfair ruling led to Korean boxer Park Jina’s victory even after Sarita had dominated since the second round. After a failed appeal of review, she stood on the podium, crying, and refused to take the bronze medal.

The moment has been perfectly captured in this photo, which also acquires 16th place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

15. David Beckham’s Tear-Filled Goodbye

David Beckham Farewell

One of the most skillful and most handsome football players of all time, David Beckham, retired from the sport in 2013. At the end of his last game for Paris Sait Germain, he walked out, with tears in his eyes, amidst cheers from fans.

This moment undoubtedly created one of the most moving sports photos, which is inducted in the 15th position on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

14. Magic Johnson Makes A Shocking Announcement of Retirement

Magic Johnson's Retirement

Magic Johnson, one of the greatest basketball players the world has ever known, declared in 1991 that he was retiring. This was a shocking moment, but more shocking was the reason behind this decision – he had tested HIV positive.

The moment of his announcement was that of shock and sadness. Besides, the picture grabs 14th place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

13. Zinedine Zidane Walks Off The Trophy

Zinedine Zidane Quits World Cup

At the end of a glorious soccer career, Zinedine Zidane went out of the field because of a red card in his final match. What should have been a prestigious award to mark the end of such a star’s career was replaced by punishment. But after that, this great football player didn’t have a chance to lift the prestigious world cup.

As he walked out in the worst way possible, he passed the 2006 World Cup trophy, and the moment made it to the 13th place among the most heartbreaking photographs in sports.

12. Derek Redmond’s Father Helps Him Finish The Race

Derek Redmond And Father

Derek Redmond was running in the 400-meter race at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 when his hamstring snapped, and he was unable to continue. But his father helped him complete the race. This photograph then eternalizes a moment from the journey that Redmond covered with his father.

And, it is inducted in 12th place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

11. Pete Sampras Cries After The Death of His Coach

Pete Sampras Crying

One of the greatest tennis players, Pete Sampras’ coach, who was suffering from brain cancer, had suffered his third stroke and eventually died. This was before the 1995 Australian Open. During the 5th set of the match, a spectator tried to encourage him by shouting, “Win it for your coach, Pete!”

As Sampras broke down, the moment was captured, creating one of the most sentimental sports photos, which is inducted the 11th place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time. However, he did manage to win for his coach.

10. Serena’s Fiery Celebration

Serena Williams' Fierce Celebration

This picture of tennis hero Serena Williams was taken during the 2007 Australian Open finals against one of the hottest female tennis players, Maria Sharapova. Williams, unseeded at that time because of her world ranking of 81, went on to beat Sharapova.

The lady’s raw emotion of fierce joy is palpable here, inducting it to the 10th place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

9. Bengal Tiger Celebrates

Sourav Ganguly's Shirtless Celebration

Former Indian captain and one of the greatest left-handed batsmen of all time, Sourav Ganguly, always noted for his attitude and pride, was seen baring his torso and swinging his shirt above his head as he stood at Lord’s balcony and his boys in blue beat England in their own ground in 2002. Ganguly then took his sweet revenge from Flintoff, who had charged, shirtless, in India’s Wankhede Stadium just a few months back.

Thus, the Bengal Tiger instilled a feeling of pride and celebration among all Indians. This moment, instilled in the mind of every Indian, makes a powerful picture.  Besides, it also secured 9th place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

8. Matthias Steiner’s Olympic Disaster

Matthias Steiner's Olympic Disaster

During the 2012 London Olympics, defending weight-lifting champion, Matthias Steiner lost balance while lifting about 432 pounds. And then, the barbell hit his neck.

This heartbreaking image captures the man’s pain on his face as he gets physically hurt and his dreams shatter. Indeed, it deserves 8th place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

7. Why Should Boys Have All The Fun?

Brandi Chastain Celebration

US footballer Brandi Chastain kicked the penalty shot that won her team the 1999 Women’s World Cup. She then celebrated in a way that’s common among male footballers but unconventional among women.

She celebrated by removing her shirt. And it brought a surge of many emotions of positivity and empowerment among women. The photo acquires 7th place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

6. Football On One Foot

Maxwell Fornah And Victor Musa

This photograph, in the 6th place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time, undoubtedly deserves its place, as Maxwell Fornah and Victor Musa, members of the Single Leg Amputee Sports Club of Sierra Leone, play football in Freetown.

These members are among the 6000 amputees who lost their legs to a brutal civil war, but not their spirit.

5. Phil Mickelson’s Leap of Joy

Phil Mickelson's Celebration

Golfer Phil Mickelson made an 18-foot putt on the 18th hole during the 2004 Masters and bagged a victory. To celebrate the big moment, Phil then jumped into the air.

The media then also caught him on camera in the act, as his fans celebrated his victory with him. The picture acquires the 5th position on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

4. Ervin Kovacs’ Dive

Ervin Kovacs' Dive

One of the most heart-wrenching and yet strangely uplifting moments from the Paralympics of 2004 turned out to be one of the most iconic photos in the world and clinched 4th place on our list of most iconic sports photographs of all time.

In this photo, swimmer Ervin Kovacs from Hungary is seen taking his dive into the water. And his prosthetics wait by the pool. Besides, Kovacs won a silver medal in the race.

3. Flying Staubach

Roger Staubach Celebration

During a 1963 match at Annapolis, in which the US Naval team locked horns with Maryland in a match of American football, the Navy won, and Roger Staubach took a leap of joy.

The moment was caught on camera in this beautiful still, where Staubach appears to be literally flying with glee. And the picture deserves 3rd place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo In Tears

Cristiano Ronaldo Crying

Young Cristiano Ronaldo was seen crying after his team Portugal lost to Greece in the Euro 2004 final. Thus, the hope of his first major silverware was crushed. Ronaldo, who still shows the same excitement about soccer as he did then, had given his best.

This image now holds 2nd place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time.

1. Sachin Tendulkar Bids Farewell

Farewell Of Sachin Tendulkar

After a career of 24 years, one of the greatest cricketers of all time, Sachin Tendulkar, bid farewell to the world of international cricket. The moment, a heart-breaking one for not just Indians but all the cricket lovers, was captured in this image. And, it is now also inducted in 1st place on our list of the most iconic sports photographs.

Humans are capable of feeling, showing, and acting upon a wide range of emotions. It consisted of happiness, sadness, pride, jealousy, brotherhood, vindictiveness, loyalty, hatred, pain, and a lot more.

It seems that on the sports field, these emotions come out, as well. That’s what makes sports so special – it’s not just about entertainment but a lot of emotional and sentimental attachment. These emotional photographs in sports history freeze such moments of outbursts for eternity.


We hope you liked this list of the most iconic sports photographs of all time. Don’t forget to send us your opinion in the comment box below.

FAQs Regarding Greatest Sports Photographs

Q. Who invented sports photography?

David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson took the first sports photograph using the calotype. He invented the paper negative in 1841, enabling contact photography to produce images.

Q. When did sports photography start?

The first magazine devoted to sports was “La Vie au Grand Air” (1908) which featured great sports photography for the first time! The vast majority of its content was image-based, an antecedent of today’s magazines.

Q. When was the first sports photograph taken?

Great sports photo for the first time! It was the first sports magazine (1908). Approximately 70% of the magazine’s content was image-based, a precursor to today’s magazines. Close-up and overlapping techniques were used in sports photography.

Q. What is important in sports photography?

Intense sporting competition is frozen in time. This type of photography depends both on the skills of the photographers as well as on the technical advances that allow those transient events to be photographed as accurately as possible.

Q. Who is the most popular sports photographer of all time?

Walter Iooss is one of the most outstanding sports photographers of all time. As one of the most famous amateur sports photographers in history, he has become a household name worldwide.

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