7 Best Table Tennis Shoes For Women 2023 | December Updates

Are you looking for a reliable shoe pair for table tennis? Well, the best table tennis shoes for women on our list will end your search. These are highly professional shoes offering better footwork capability for most table tennis players.

You aren’t just bound to play table tennis, but you can effortlessly perform other physical activities. These table tennis shoes are specially designed for the women’s foot type to have ease and comfort during important matches. The shoes are comfortable and highly durable at the same time as well.

Best Table Tennis Shoes For women

These shoes perform no matter where you decide to take them. You can wear them without thinking about the type of surface where the match will be held. Also, these professional shoes are promoting a high degree of stability in the toughest conditions.

Best Table Tennis Shoes For Women | Editorial Pick

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Mosha Belle Non-Slip

Mosha Belle Women’s Non-Slip Running Shoes

  • Flexible Sole
  • Unique Knit Vamp
  • Non-slip Outsole



Adidas Pw Tennis

Adidas Pw Tennis Hu Sneaker

  • Unique Rubber Sole
  • Unmatched Suede Sole
  • Various Colors



Butterfly Lezoline Gigu

Butterfly Lezoline Gigu Shoes

  • Better Shock Absorption
  • Assures Foot Stability
  • High-Ground Grip

Best Table Tennis Shoes For Women | Detailed Reviews

We have recently reviewed the professional-grade table tennis shoes that international players use. Besides, we have also reviewed the best men’s shoes for TT. But this saga will remain truly incomplete without mentioning the best women’s shoes for table tennis. And here they are!


Mosha Belle Women’s Non-Slip Running Shoes

Mosha Belle Women’s Non-Slip Running Shoes


Premium Rubber Sole

Breathable Knit Vamp

  • Features a flexible rubber sole
  • It comes with foot breathable KNIT VAMP
  • The shoes have a supportive non-slip outsole
  • It brings more colors for personalized styling

Keep your feet fresh and functional the whole day with this one of the best table tennis shoes for women. This shoe incorporates a promising rubber sole offering flawless playability.

In addition, the shoes feature KNIT VAMP bringing foot breathability for incredible footwork. You can also comfortably carry it in the top-rated table tennis kitbags.


  • Colors: 12 cool colors
  • Size: 5.5 to 10.5
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Material: Stretchable mesh fabric

Highly Comfortable: These promising table tennis shoes bring the KNIT VAMP flexible mesh fabric promoting brilliant breathability. That provides continuous airflow passage to your feet even when the weather conditions are tough. That keeps your feet dry and fresh throughout important matches.

These shoes promote a painless experience because of the flexible rubber sole on the base structure. That lets you walk and play without limits.

Supportive Design: The design is one of the main highlights of this promising shoe pair, and it is featuring a non-slip outsole forming a rubber sole with a curved structure. That provides for a stable walking experience for all types of feet.

In addition, this incredible outsole is designed to dampen the shocks and vibrations a foot experiences when walking somewhere uneven. Players can now take advantage of the excellent footwork these table tennis shoes provide.

Walk With Style: You can play and redefine your unique style with these demanding modish table tennis shoes. These shoes come in a range of fine color options. That provides you with a variety of choices for a flexible purchase. That lets players choose according to their personal taste.

  • Stylish design with color options
  • Non-slip outsole
  • Dampens shocks

  • Shoes are somewhat hard
  • Customer complains shoe is wide from the midsole

Our Take: This shoe pair is a brilliant pick for all women table tennis players as it features a breathable, supportive design and flexible rubber sole.


Adidas Pw Tennis Hu Sneaker

Adidas Pw Tennis Hu Sneaker


Unmatched Cushioning

Premium Suede Sole

  • The shoe has a rubber sole
  • It comes with a remarkable suede sole
  • It offers more color options

These shoes pronounce your walking comfort with the promising rubber sole. The shoes also bring suede sole cushioning your every step with brilliant comfort. It comes with different color options.

All you need is one of the highest-rated table tennis training kits and you are good to start practicing wearing this shoe.


  • Colors: 9 cool colors
  • Size: 4 to 13
  • Sole: rubber sole

Authentic Experience: The players can enjoy an authentic playing experience with this shoe pair incorporating a rubber sole. That rubber sole is highly flexible, promoting great elasticity with every step. Players can walk and play with extreme foot movement.

Durability: The rubber sole protects the base while promoting incredible durability on top of everything. You will have no trouble walking on different kinds of surfaces. Also, that won’t lead to quality decline even after continuous playing sessions.

Players can easily slide in their feet with this very convenient shoe pair. The structure brings that highly incredible functionality so players can fit in their feet quite easily.

Protection: You will be at peace playing outside with these tennis shoes offering prime foot protection. The ankle and the toe of the foot will remain in certain protection with the protective band. The rugged materials cover the sensitive parts of your foot, giving you confidence while playing.

  • Authentic rubber sole
  • Flexible footwork
  • Prime foot protection
  • Easy to slide-in

  • Loose on foot
  • Pantyliner soles

Our Take: Experience a premium walking experience with this shoe pair offering flexible footwork and brilliant durability.


Butterfly Lezoline Gigu Shoes

Butterfly Lezoline Gigu Shoes


Better Shock Absorption

Synthetic Material

  • Featuring a thick shock-absorption sole
  • It comes with STB for foot stability
  • Highly value comfort with strong synthetic fiber
  • Outer sole with high ground grip

Try these impressive table tennis shoes for a professional table tennis experience featuring a shock-absorption sole. The players can have better walking stability with its STB assisting brilliant footwork.

You are also getting sublime comfort with the sturdy synthetic fiber. Just have one of these top-quality table tennis paddle sets and you are ready for your practice session.


  • Colors: black/red & white/silver
  • Size: 4.5 to 12
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Material: synthetic fiber

For Professionals: The players can achieve a professional table tennis experience with this one of the best table tennis shoes for women. Foot comfort is highly crucial to bring about your skills in matches. So, this shoe pair promotes impeccable comfort for professional playability.

Dampens Shocks: This shoe pair uses one of the thickest soles ever emerged in the Lezoline series. That sole brings a shock-absorption technology forming better foot stability. In addition, the shoe also features a shock-absorbing sponge giving extra soft cushioning to the feet.

Better At Comfort: Comfort is all you get with these shoes featuring solid synthetic fiber along with synthetic leather materials. That promotes better foot comfort because of the stretchable profile. These materials also promote abrasion-resistant functionality making an option for most players.

Highly Stable: These shoes bring better foot stability aided by the STB, preventing distortion. There are some specific unusual feet movements where the feet transition can turn unstable. That is where this shoe helps the most. The outer sole is a worthy addition to pronounce foot grip on the ground on the flip side.

That is highly encouraging for most table tennis players because most of them fear slipping while playing.

  • STB aiding stability
  • Strong synthetic fiber
  • Offers ground grip

  • Bit more pricey

Our Take: With this shoe pair featuring STB foot stability and strong synthetic fiber comfort, you can now play like professionals.


Butterfly Women’s Table Tennis Shoes

Butterfly Women's Table Tennis Shoes


EVA Midsole

Durable Synthetic Upper

  • Offers ideal foot balance and control
  • Features reliable synthetic fiber material
  • Incorporates artificial leather and EVA midsole

These table tennis shoes provide ideal balance and comfort altogether in a compelling design language. The design brings high standards of durability along with safety components for your feet safety.

Its synthetic fiber materials, along with EVA midsole, offer better quality assurance for longer. You just need one of the most affordable table tennis robots with these shoes to have a wonderful practice session.


  • Colors: black, blue, & navy
  • Size: 4.5 to 10
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Midsole: EVA
  • Material: Synthetic Fiber

Ideal Balance: This shoe is all about perfect foot balance on most surfaces. The shoes promote better ground grip along with excellent traction. Therefore, you will be able to give your finest in your important table tennis matches.

Materials: These shoes are made with synthetic fiber and artificial leather. Synthetic fiber materials are known for great durability and flexibility overall.

The rubber sole is another strong point of the construction these shoes hold. Rubber sole shapes your walking comfort with its flexible profile along with the durability it holds for the overall shoe structure.

Comfort That Remains: Cushioning makes your foot movement a delightful activity. So, that is something you can expect with this table tennis shoe pair featuring EVA midsole. That supports your foot cushioning, making them one of the most comfortable shoes in our shoes listing category.

A Deeper Look: Players are getting a lightweight design in these professional shoes with redefined foot comfort. It also features a superior grip sole that contains EVA Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate in the processing. Likewise, that brings a certain end to the vibrations and distortion, promising a smooth foot transition.

  • Better balance
  • Shock-absorption
  • Compelling design
  • EVA midsole

  • Few customers don’t like the design

Our Take: Make every match successful with these shoes featuring EVA midsole and ideal foot balance.


Adidas Women’s Aspire Tennis Shoe

Adidas Women's Aspire Tennis Shoe


100% Synthetic Material

Forefoot Perforation

  • Incorporates 100% synthetic materials
  • It comes with lightweight and durable synthetic upper
  • The clever forefoot perforation for breathability
  • Highly comfortable midsole cushioning

Add perfection to your table tennis footwork with this shoe pair featuring premium midsole cushioning. The shoes do have a reliable forefoot perforation increasing the breathability for extreme weather conditions.

Players can play with perfection with the stable and lightweight design. Just have one of these affordable table tennis tops on your side and you are good to play wearing this shoe.


  • Colors: 3 decent colors
  • Size: 5 to 11.5
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Material: 100% Synthetic

Materials And Construction: The shoes feature 100% synthetic materials construction forming better walking flexibility. There will not be any hassle even if you walk past a very uneven patch of land.

That is the reason why synthetic materials are always in the recommendation for a professional shoe pair. Rubber sole, too, brings brilliant flexibility when you walk or run.

Demanding Durability: The shoes highlight an ADIWEAR outsole offering better durability for your overall feet. You are also looking at a synthetic upper promoting more durability combining with the ADIWEAR outsole.

There is a non-marking rubber outsole that has high-wear value-adding into its resilience. Outside bumps will have a negligible impact on your feet with these defensive elements installed on the shoes.

Soft Stepping: Convenient stepping and foot movement is what every player looks for in a shoe pair. These shoes promote midsole cushioning for a convenient energy transition between every step you take. That brings the most comfortable walking or running experience you can ever desire.

  • 100% synthetic materials
  • ADIWEAR outsole
  • Midsole cushioning
  • Moderate price

  • Complains about unusual size fitting
  • Lacks ankle protection

Our Take: These shoes make a brilliant choice for all players incorporating an ADIWEAR outsole along with the midsole cushioning.


HEAD Women’s Tennis Shoes

HEAD Women's Tennis Shoes


Tri-NRG Midsole

Durable Rubber Sole

  • Features highly comfortable TRI-NRG midsole
  • Lightweight and durable with rubber sole
  • Excellent forefoot protection with PU coating

Experience a brilliant table tennis experience with this one of the best table tennis shoes for women. The lightweight design combines with demanding durability promotes better playability.

In addition, the TRI-NRG midsole offers a highly comfortable experience overall. Have one of the top-rated ping pong paddles on your side and you are all set to wear this shoe and dominate the table.


  • Colors: 6 stylish colors
  • Size: 5.5 to 10
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Midsole: TRI-NRG midsole

Performance Fusion: This shoe brings a very lightweight design without making compromises on the durability of the structure. Running and walking are all easy with the weight-friendly profile making the performance superior in every match. So, that promotes better playability in every single match.

Comfortable Midsole: Its TRI-NRG midsole offers a very comfortable walking experience for most table tennis players. That midsole undermines the effects of harsh surface types, making a smooth walking experience.

Premium Protection: These professional table tennis shoe pair brings superior protection for the feet in an inspiring design. It features a seamless PU coating that protects your forefoot.

Trendy Design: Design is something that makes these table tennis shoes special. The shoes feature a very inspiring design that combines traditional and modern elements together. In addition, these shoes come in a range of color options.

  • Seamless PU coating
  • TRI-NRG midsole
  • Feathery weight
  • Attractive design

  • The texture is stiff
  • Slides off the heel

Our Take: These shoes mark a perfect choice for table tennis as they bring PU coating forefoot protection and TRI-NRG midsole comfort.


Mizuno Women’s Tennis Shoe

Mizuno Women's Tennis Shoe


Mizuno Wave Plate

SR Touch Midsole

  • Features rubber sole with MIZUNO WAVE plate
  • Shock-absorption with SR touch midsole
  • It comes with a lightweight midsole
  • It has U4icX Strobel lasting board

Achieve the most premium foot comfort with shoe pair featuring a MIZUNO WAVE plate for stability. It also has SR Touch that undermines the impacts of outside distortions and shocks.

The players can now walk with everlasting comfort due to the lightweight feel with every step. It is better to practice outside while wearing this shoe. And for that, you definitely need one of these budget-friendly outdoor TT tops on your side.


  • Colors: 2 cool colors
  • Size: 6 to 11
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Material: Advanced cushioning material

Premium Cushioning: It comes with MIZUNO WAVE plate technology, which scatters the foot’s energy to the border area for a better cushioning effect. Additionally, the shoe contains an SR Touch mid-sole that is preset to absorb excessive shocks and vibrations. It provides a lightweight feel to feet for smooth and effortless footwork overall.

Stable Feel: A comfortable foot matters a lot when players are engaged in physical activity. These versatile table tennis shoes bring U4icX Strobel lasting board offering brilliant underfoot comfort and feel. So, players will be able to feel the best foot comfort they can imagine.

Other Applications: Players are getting a highly lightweight midsole, forming brilliant foot comfort. It also forms high durability standards, so players will have no worries when playing important matches. There is unique 3D-solid upper promoting high breathability.

Also, the breathability and softness combine to provide a highly comfortable experience for most foot types.

  • Smooth feet transition
  • Prime foot cushioning
  • Promotes supreme breathability

  • Slightly high price

Our Take: Expect the most reliable table tennis performance with these shoes offering prime breathability and premium step cushioning.

FAQ Regarding Best Table Tennis Shoes For Women

Q. Which shoes are best for table tennis?

The best table tennis shoes for women on our list are Butterfly Lezoline Gigi Shoes, Adidas Women’s Aspire Tennis Shoe, and HEAD Women’s Tennis Shoes.

Q. What is special about table tennis shoes?

There are many advantages of table tennis shoes. It is easier to move when you wear table tennis shoes because they are lightweight, have good traction, and their soles are quite thin. Players are less likely to roll their ankles when the player moves side to side.

Q. What is the difference between marking and non-marking shoes?

Make sure there are no marks on the paper by dragging your heel across it. The soles of the shoes will not mark if the shoe is non-marking. It is more likely that shoes with black soles will leave marks than those with light soles. However, there are black-soled shoes with non-marking soles.

Q. Are badminton and tennis shoes the same?

There is a lot more weight in tennis shoes as compared to badminton shoes. Tennis shoes are sometimes designed to provide more or less grip on specific surfaces. It depends on the structure of the surface on which the Tennis shoe soles are intended to be used, whether they are tougher or softer than Badminton shoe soles.

Best Table Tennis Shoes For Women | Quick Comparison

Best Table Tennis Shoes For Women - Infographics
Infographics: Best Table Tennis Shoes For Women

Our Recommendation

Our 1st recommendation is HEAD Women’s Tennis shoes, 40 EU, as the most advanced option. These shoes come in a very lightweight design bringing supreme foot stability required for footwork. You are also getting PU coating protection marking safety for your forefoot.

Moreover, our 2nd recommendation is Mosha Belle Women’s non-slip running shoes as the most accessible option. They offer a stylish design along with a non-slip outsole for better durability. The shoes also have shock-absorption functionality for effortless footwork.


These were the seven best table tennis shoes for women on our list. These shoes are proven to perform in very tough playing conditions. Buying them doesn’t bound you to just table tennis. You can perform many other physical activities as you desire, and they still will perform the best.

The durability and comfort have been incredible with these options. Your foot protection has also been considered greatly. So, if you are looking for a true table tennis shoe companion, then these shoes are worth considering today.

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