7 Best Table Tennis Shoes For Kids 2023 | November Updates

Are you looking for a reliable shoe pair for your small table tennis champs? Then our 7 best table tennis shoes for kids will end your search as they offer incredible value for money. These shoes provide the flexibility that most feet require when taking on physical activities.

All these table tennis shoes are highly professional and provide the best playability possible. Durability is also excellent as these shoes feature the best-rated materials forming longevity. In addition, parents no longer have to worry about safety as these shoes bring it right in the design.

Best Table Tennis Shoes For Kids

Most of these shoes bring a highly protective design that gives parents peace of mind when their kids play outdoors. These shoes improve footwork as they all feature flexible materials forming better foot movement overall.

Best Table Tennis Shoes For Kids | Editorial Pick

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Caitin Kids Running

Caitin Kids Running Tennis Shoes

  • Breathable Design
  • Medium Density Sole
  • Unique Loop Closure




PERSOUL Air Shoes for Boys Girls Kids

  • Flexible Rubber Sole
  • Feet Friendly Fabric
  • Shock Absorption



New Balance 696 V4

New Balance Kid's 696 V4 Tennis Shoe

  • Synthetic And Mesh
  • NDurance Rubber
  • Non-Marking Outsole

Best Table Tennis Shoes For Kids | Detailed Reviews

We have recently reviewed the top-rated men’s table tennis shoes and also the highest-selling women’s table tennis shoes. However, this saga will remain incomplete without mentioning the best shoes for the little champs of TT. So, here they are!


Caitin Kids Running Tennis Shoes

Caitin Kids Running Tennis Shoes


MD Sole Construction

Breathable Design

  • It comes with a breathable design
  • MD sole construction for better playable scenario
  • A loop closure design
  • Lightweight and cushioned space shoes with safety coverage

A secure wearing shoe variant for the athletic kids to show their skills without any hassle. The Caitin brings the smoothest cushioning space for the feet along with proper fitting.

You’ll get a pleasing surrounding for the ankle, making it one of the best table tennis shoes for kids. Without any doubt, it is one of the best-rated table tennis shoes you can buy this year.


  • Size: 4.5 (toddler) to 5 big (kid)
  • Colors: 26 eye-catching colors
  • Sole: MD sole

Mesh Fabric: Coming with mesh fabric construction which makes the shoe breathable. The shoe is easy to wear for the kids because of the meshy exterior that will keep the feet dry throughout the game. Alongside, the interior construction is pretty flexible, letting the kids’ feet move freely for Swifty cuts.

Secure Head Design: An anti-collision factor is given here because of the very professionally made thick and protective head structure. The double-sided design of the head will prevent any chances of hitting the feet with the strike. It will provide additional support to the toe section for secure playability.

Loop Closure Ease: Kids will have a convenience here rather than messing up with laces; they can simply open and close the shoes with a hook and loop. It will also save much time for the kids to set up the shoe before playing, and the chances of losing the laces will also get neglected.

Firm And Protective Sole: The anti-slipping aspect of the shoes is a must-pick for parents to buy for their kids. MD sole here will provide the best results during the quick moving of kids’ feet. Even then, the wear-resistant construction will enhance the overall performance coupled with the shock absorption feature.

  • Shock-absorbing MD sole
  • Mesh Vamp Knitted design
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Easy opening and closing
  • Available in a variety of colors

  • Weird smell in shoes
  • Shoe breakage issues

Our Take: A flexible, attractive color variant of the shoe coming with MD sole possessing an anti-slip aspect. Also, it has a mesh vamp knitting construction.


PERSOUL Air Shoes for Boys Girls Kids

PERSOUL Air Shoes for Boys Girls Kids


Flexible Rubber Sole

Premium Fabric

  • Comes with an authentic flexible rubber sole
  • Features feet friendly fabric offering the best fit
  • Offers non-slip and wear-resistant functionality
  • It has shock-absorption functionality

Break your table tennis performance barriers with this shoe pair featuring a flexible rubber sole. These shoes offer feet-friendly fabric along with sock-like functionality.

In addition, these shoes are brilliant for kids as they provide air cushion soles tailored for kids. You can also comfortably carry this in any of the highest-selling kitbags for table tennis.


  • Size: 7 (toddler) to 7 (big kid)
  • Colors: 11 trendy colors
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Material: fabric

Versatile Design: This shoe pair brings skin-friendly fabric, offering excellent sock-like fitting and comfort to your feet. That design lets the feet breathe with maximum liberty. The shoes are easy to put on and off with the best slide-in design that you can get anywhere.

Brilliant Rubber Sole: The rubber sole is highly flexible for all walking nature and offers a wear-resistant functionality overall. Its texture holds perfectly even when you walk on the smoothest surface because of its perfect ground grip.

Comfort That Matters: That shoe pair features a reliable air cushion that is perfect for the kid’s bones protection. It cushions each step they take and ensures a quality playing experience overall. So, the players are getting reliable foot support along with maximum comfort.

Stability: Walking stability is one of the main highlights of this shoe pair. It adapts to most foot shapes promoting a reliable walking experience. The soft air cushioning brings strength with every step. Therefore, players will be able to walk without trouble with these shoes.

  • Kids-friendly design
  • Easy to slide in
  • Running stability
  • Brilliant comfort
  • More color choices

  • Upper layers tear off after some time
  • Compromises with stability

Our Take: Get these shoes to prove yourself in essential matches with the air cushioning and running stability.


New Balance Kid’s 696 V4 Tennis Shoe

New Balance Kid's 696 V4 Tennis Shoe


Synthetic & Mesh

NDurance Rubber

  • 50% mesh and 50% synthetic construction
  • NDurance rubber compound with a non-marking outsole
  • Rubber sole insertion makes it easy fitting for the kids
  • Sports-inspiring combination of color variant design

An upgraded design of the professional playing shoe’s variant allows kids to have a premium gaming experience. The shoe offers a very lightweight construction with a breathable composition of the outsole as well.

The portion of synthetic part in the structure will enhance the quality of the shoe. Just have some high-quality table tennis paddle sets for kids with these shoes and your toddler is ready to go!


  • Size: 1 (little kid) to 7 wide (big kid)
  • Colors: 9 mesmerizing colors
  • Sole: NDurance rubber sole
  • Outsole: non-marking
  • Material: 50% Synthetic & 50% Mesh
  • Recommended For: hard court

Premium Outsole: The herringbone pattern on the outsole promotes the quality of the shoe with extra coverage. Meanwhile, the hardcourt compatibility factor here will let the kids play freely without any breakage issues.

Firm Construction: An equal proportion of mesh and synthetic materialization makes the shoe flexible for use. The breathable factor is also given here due to the wide cushioning range inside the shoe structure

Smooth Exterior Traction: The NDurance rubber compound makes it one of the best table tennis shoes for kids here. The non-marking durability factor will manage the movement of feet in different directions. The rubber sole insertion will make sure the kid will have a soft placing space with flexible cushioning.

Forefoot Coverage: The forefoot section has a perforated detailing factor making it secure and airy for the players. It also has a secure surrounding outsole from the sides to give a secure end preventing any misshape during sharp cuts.

  • Breathable design
  • NDurance non-marking rubber
  • Outsole with Herringbone pattern
  • Soft rubber sole insertion
  • Hardcourt compatibility

  • Toes section falls apart
  • A bit narrow surrounding

Our Take: Upgradation of NDurance rubber compound outsole in the shoe also possesses the breathable mesh and synthetic composition.


ASICS Kid’s Gel-Resolution 8 Clay GS Tennis Shoes

ASICS Kid's Gel-Resolution 8 Clay GS Tennis Shoes


Flexion Fit Upper

Precise PGuard protection

  • The upper has a FLEXION FIT
  • Stable from the midfoot placement with upgradation
  • It also comes with a protective toe section possessing PGUARD
  • DYANWALL technology promotes the firmness
  • Synthetic portion materialization

Are you aiming for the best? Then the ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 variant comes with the combination of most premium factors in the construction. The breathable design and the torque control feature enhance the midfoot flexibility all in one shoe.

Additionally, the toe guard protection is also given here for kid’s playing protection. Buy your toddler one of the top-rated tennis training sets and your young chap will be ready to dominate the arena.


  • Size: 1 (little) to 7 (big kid)
  • Colors: 7 unique colors
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Midsole: GEL technology-based midsole
  • Material: Synthetic & mesh

GEL Technology Aspect: Here you’ll get the Gel technology on the rearfoot section to perform better sharp cuts. Also, the smooth traction of the shoe gives the close-to-the-court vibes with a professional impact. The player can get the acceleration on the movement with flexibility in the shoe coverage.

Materialization Aspects: The mesh construction, along with the synthetic portion, makes the Resolution 8 variant a breathable shoe. The DYNAWALL technology also enhances the performance of the shoe wearability with a wide cushion. Plus, players will not get any disruptions during the abrupt transitions and a smooth running experience.

Supportive Fitting: It comes with FLEXION FIT on the upper section with a responsive impact during the sharp and challenging cuts. These shoes are also clay court compatible with stability factors on the surrounding of the shoe. The secure locking structure will keep the kids’ feet in control prevent the chances to slip.

Midfoot Stability: The coast-to-coast coverage moving scenario is now under control with upgraded midfoot stability. In brief, the portion of the cushion is there in the heel section that will overcome the weight slipping possibilities. These shoes also offer a wide space-wearing placement for different shapes of feet.

Torque Control: A secure heel counter area of the shoe is a significant improvement here, allowing the player to have proper torque control. The weight ratio will also be reduced due to the GEL technology given here. The PGUARD also offers toe protection with covering safety.

  • Stable midfoot and rearfoot
  • DYNAWALL technology
  • Cushioning heel space
  • FLEXION FIT durability

  • Tiny holes for the laces
  • Narrow spacing

Our Take: The stable midfoot design of the shoe comes with FLEXION FIT upper section and PGUARD toe protection. Also, it possesses DYNAWALL technology with a midfoot stability factor as well.


Wilson KAOS Junior Tennis shoes

Wilson KAOS Junior Tennis shoes


Rubber Sole Insertion

Hook & Loop Design

  • Explosivity featuring characteristics with the FS aspect
  • It comes with rubber sole insertion
  • Cushioning space construction with proper ration derivation
  • Easy shoe setup with hook and loop design

A pro-playing design variant of shoe for the growing kids to experience hassle-free moveability. The manufacturing is imported with smooth cushioning insertion to maintain the flexibility factor.

The head section has some up-gradation regarding safety coverage, emphasizing protective playability. Just have some table tennis balls designed for beginners and you are good to go!


  • Size: 1 (big kid) to 13 (big kid)
  • Colors: 3 catchy colors
  • Sole: rubber sole
  • Material: bungee

Smooth Sole Insertion: It got smooth cushioning space due to the insertion of the rubber sole. The side tracks of the shoe are very stable, with even distribution of the weight. Also, the comprehensive coverage factor inside the shoe area is flexible, making it easily wearable for different shapes of feet.

Cushioning Factor: The R-DST with a flexible rebound feature that will enhance the players’ stability. The extra added cushioning impact is here, allowing the player to feel the smoothness under the feet. It will also provide an extended area with protective boundaries to cover the sides.

Duralast Comfort: Maximum aspects of the traction are given here with smooth and intensive density factor of the Duralast construction. Furthermore, the quick performance feature is possible here due to the DF2 technology.

Easy Closure And Secure Head: The head section has pores with a secure sand protective design as a must-pick for the kids. The shoe structure is also coming in hook and loop setup without the hassle of laces. The high density of the material will also resist the abrasion factor.

  • Lightweight design
  • Duralast high-density design
  • Velcro straps with Hook and loop
  • Soft rubber sole

  • Small space coverage

Our Take: Here you’ll get a smooth cushioning of Duralast high-density space in the shoe. This shoe also possesses a DF2 factor along with the rubber sole insertion.


Apakowa Unisex Kids Running Tennis Shoes

Apakowa Unisex Kids Running Tennis Shoes


Vinyl Acetate Base

Breathable Upper Mesh

  • Features a durable Ethylene Vinyl Acetate base sole
  • Comes with a breathable mesh upper
  • Brings mesh lining and cushioning
  • It has an anti-collision protective shoe head
  • A lightweight molded EVA sole

Take on the best performance in all table tennis matches with these shoes incorporating Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole. This shoe provides a better feel with the excellent mesh lining.

Its breathable mesh upper promotes maximum comfort, making it one of the best table tennis shoes for kids. Buy your toddler one of the best table tennis paddle sets with these shoes and wait to see the magic.


  • Size: 1 little kid to 3.5 big kid
  • Colors: 3 decent colors
  • Sole: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole

Protection That Matters: Feet protection is undoubtedly a prime concern of most parents for their kids. This shoe features an anti-collision head, offering premium protection against bumps and smashes. Therefore, kids will be able to play without boundaries while keeping their parent’s minds at ease.

Better Comfort: This shoe features a lightweight molded EVA sole promoting brilliant comfort to the flexibility ratio. The feet remain calm and protective with this supportive EVA sole.

Construction: The shoe comes with an EVA sole. It has a better flexibility value along with a better overall resistivity. Players will be able to enjoy its excellent benefit when playing crucial matches. Besides, mesh lining and cushioned foam offering a great feel to the kids’ feet overall.

It promotes a better walking and running experience for most foot types.

No More Smelly Feet: That has been one of the prevailing problems with every shoe pair you purchase but thankfully, no more. This shoe brings breathable mesh upper, providing air passage throughout your drills and essential matches. So, it does not let moisture stay inside the boots, keeping them dry and fresh.

  • Keep feet fresh
  • Protective design
  • Lightweight EVA sole
  • Foot cushioning

  • Few customers don’t like the design

Our Take: Carry excellent performance in all critical table tennis matches with this shoe pair featuring foot cushioning and supportive midsole.


Adidas Unisex-Child Courtjam X Tennis Shoe

Adidas Unisex-Child Courtjam X Tennis Shoe


Toe Protection

Pronounced Ankle Safety

  • It comes with layers of toe protection
  • Promotes better footwork with rubber sole
  • A pronounced ankle safety with easy slide-in design

Maintain good footwork with this shoe pairing offering better comfort for the kids. You are getting quality rubber sole protecting its base and every step you take.

Moreover, it guards your foot-toe for maximum safety that boosts your confidence. Just buy one of the affordable table tennis training robots and you are all set for your toddler’s practice with these shoes.


  • Size: 1 little kid to 6 big kid
  • Colors: blue
  • Sole: rubber sole

Premium Protection: Your kids are safe with these table tennis shoes when playing outside. This shoe features a protective layer at the toe end, securing it against uncertain bumps and crashes. Also, there is an ankle safety layer that makes sure your kids can play safe every time.

Better Footwork: Its rubber sole promotes premium footwork that the professionals inspire. So, players will be able to give their best out in important matches.

Convenient Design: Players can easily slide their feet inside these shoes with a purposeful and clever design. That makes it convenient for most players out there.

  • Appealing design
  • Toe and ankle protection
  • Enhanced footwork

  • Pricey
  • No color options

Our Take: These shoes serve great in most physical activities with the rubber base sole and layers of protection.

FAQ Regarding Best Table Tennis Shoes For Kids

Q. What is special about table tennis shoes?

It is good to wear table tennis shoes while playing. These shoes have a unique design that helps players move more quickly. The soles on these shoes are thin, so there is less chance of rolling the kids’ ankles as they move quickly from side to side. These shoes are light, have good grip properties, and have a thin sole.

Q. What are the best table tennis shoes for kids?

On our list, the best table tennis shoes for kids are; Caitin Kids Running Tennis Shoes, PERSOUL Air Shoes for Boys Girls Kids, and New Balance Kid’s 696 V4 Tennis Shoe. These shoes are kids-friendly and keep the kids’ feet safe. Additionally, these shoes are versatile and suitable for both girls and boys.

Q. Are table tennis shoes worth it?

Yes, it is absolutely true, if you are a professional tennis player you need a perfect pair of tennis shoes. You should not use inadequate or inappropriate shoes when doing your footwork.

Best Table Tennis Shoes For Kids | Quick Comparison

Best Table Tennis Shoes For Kids - Infographics
Infographics: Best Table Tennis Shoes For Kids

Our Recommendation

Our 1st recommendation is ASICS Kid’s Gel-Resolution 8 Clay GS Tennis Shoes as the most advanced design shoe for kids. The FLEXION FIT durability factor along with DYNAWALL technology is given here with supportive rearfoot construction.

Additionally, our 2nd recommendation is Caitin Kids Running Tennis Shoes as the most attractive tennis shoes for kids. It is possessing shock-absorbing technology, coming with a double-sided and thick head structure for secure playability.


7 best table tennis shoes for kids bring a better design and flexibility for kids of all ages. Kids will feel comfortable with the superior foot cushioning and versatile technique that works under most circumstances.

These shoes are highly durable, offering longevity in terms of playability. So, players can have peace of mind when playing with these shoes. The shoes also feature a brilliant design forming a better taste that most kids desire.

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