How To Improve Your Forehand Smash In Table Tennis?

A forehand smash is one of the widely used attacking strokes in table tennis. Most beginners learn this attacking stroke so they can counter this situation in their matches. And this article will explain the ways to improve your forehand smash in table tennis.

There are some rules to follow when playing this very demanding and attacking stroke. We will go into great detail explaining the ways to generate a perfect forehand smash in table tennis.

We will discuss all the variations of forehand smash and how to execute each of them in the right manner. Besides, our article is also going to explain the ways to enhance this very crucial stroke.

Ways To Improve Your Forehand Smash In Table Tennis

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Ways to improve forehand smash in table tennis

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What Is A Forehand Smash?


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It is one of the most popular attacking strokes in table tennis right now. Players try to finish the point off when playing a forehand smash in the match. A forehand smash is not as straightforward as it might seem on paper.

The ball is required to qualify for a forehand smash in table tennis. Therefore, reading the incoming ball is equally important as hitting the ball with a paddle. So, players should perform a forehand smash when the incoming ball gains a greater bounce. Besides, using one of these high-quality paddle rubbers can also help you to achieve a better shot.

A greater bounce will help you drive the ball in a downward direction with full speed by swinging the paddle at shoulders height. There is little to no spin involved in a forehand smash. A slight topspin has been witnessed in most cases when executing this attacking stroke. Now, let’s discuss the steps to perfect this shot. These steps will increase your understanding of executing a forehand smash you can count on.[/su_note]

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The Backswing


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Firstly, you have to make a sideways rotation of your body. A perfect backswing sets a reliable foundation for your forehand to prosper in the match. So, position your body to perfection when looking to generate a perfect attacking stroke. Besides, using one of these affordable ping pong tables will also help you to a great extent.

This technique follows the guidelines for the right-handers in particular. Your right foot must be behind the left foot when standing ready to receive. Now you must understand the perfect of rotating the body sideways. Transfer your body weight on the right foot placed behind the left one.

It would be best if you had your paddle facing the ball from behind when about to strike. That is for mounting the entire body’s energy to swing into the ball at the time of the strike. Besides, position the racket to a proper height to make a solid follow-through in a downwards direction.[/su_note]

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Ready To Strike


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A perfect paddle-to-ball connection is highly essential for the forehand smash in table tennis. You must be in the ready position to strike now. Make sure to rotate your body in the forward direction while you put the body weight on the front foot.

Here comes the time when you are going to strike with your arm in a ready swinging position. Now understanding the ball compatibility for the forehand smash is mandatory. That is the time when you are going to see how well the incoming ball bounces.

Take on the ball at its highest bounce. The ideal height could be about your shoulder’s height. You can also strike the ball even before it bounces to its maximum height. That is also very effective if you perform it accurately.

If you want to seize your opponent’s reaction time, you can hit at moderate bounce. That takes place just above the net. Thus, it demands many risks. So, take your time to decide the condition of the match and do some homework on your opponent. You can do it easily while using one of the highly programmable table tennis training robots on your side.[/su_note]

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Now here comes a prime moment of this stroke. That is the time when you properly guide the ball and exert the exact potential that is required. Players must be progressing in the forward direction while striking a forehand smash.

Remember to put all your body weight onto the stroke in the exact forward direction. Some players mistakenly give an unnecessarily long follow-through losing time to get back in the ready position again. So, try giving a quick follow-through.

Don’t rush it but try managing the time so you can easily return to your base position. You can have an added advantage with improved traction while using one of the top-rated table tennis shoes this year.[/su_note]

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Best Practice To Improve Your Forehand Smash


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The timing and consistency of every forehand smash should be constant for better results in the matches. The tips below will try to cover the best possible techniques to help you improve a forehand smash.

  • Don’t Hit Too Hard: Some players miss the shot when they try to hit the ball too hard. Trying to hit the ball too hard isn’t always the way to go. It would help if you preserved some energy when adjusting the angle of the paddle for the incoming ball. Using high-quality side tapes for paddles can improve the balance to a great extent.
  • Fix The Wrist: There must be no wrist work involved in a forehand smash. Players should fix the wrist and use the body’s gravity to smash the ball in a downward direction. That technique is more effective than finding precision by hitting with loose wrists.
  • Improve Footwork: That is another useful technique that grows with continuous practice. Appropriate footwork is highly important when generating a forehand smash in table tennis. Using the right footwork pattern to move in and out of your striking domain is preferred.
  • Timing Is The Key: Try training to hit the ball at the perfect timing. That will help you to improve the efficacy of your smash. Don’t try to hit too early or too late. Beating these two conditions can help you achieve better results in no time.[/su_note]

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FAQs Regarding Best Ways To Improve Forehand Smash


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Q. How do you hit a forehand in a table tennis smash?

You mostly play a smash when you have to confront a lob. A lob usually goes high, so a forehand smash is the only appropriate option to deal with such high bouncing balls. Also, a forehand smash is used to push the other player away and eventually score a point.

Q. What is the purpose of a forehand smash?

A forehand smash has to be hit with power. The stroke makes the ball travel in a downward direction. Moreover, the speed and the angle of the ball put the opponent in trouble when returning.

Q. Can you smash in table tennis?

Yes, a forehand smash is a widely known attacking shot in table tennis. Players smash a ball when the incoming ball bounces high on the table. That pushes away the player back to their base position. That is the time when players hit the ball with full arm strength.

Q. Is Smashing allowed in table tennis?

The players can protect themselves by using the forehand smash whenever their opponent hits a shot with a higher bounce. Forehand smashes are used to finish rallies while creating a slight spin to end the rally and win the point.

Q. What is the forehand drive technique in table tennis?

The forehand drive is a powerful offensive stroke that forces mistakes and sets up attacking positions during table tennis. It is essential that the shot lands close to the baseline or sideline of your opponent.[/su_note]

How to play better forehand smash in TT?

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Final Thoughts

Our article is describing the ways to generate and improve your forehand smash in table tennis. This shot is highly practiced by both beginners and professionals. Besides, it promotes great efficacy when performed accurately.

Also, we did discuss all the important ways to generate this very effective smash in table tennis. All these techniques and simple directions enlighten everyone’s concept of a forehand smash. So, you must go through these details and improve your understanding of forehand smash eventually.[/su_note]

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