How To Increase The Power Of Smash In Table Tennis?

A forehand smash can be a very important shot in your table tennis game overall. Our today’s article will explain how to increase the power of smash, making it more effective. Besides, that is for everyone to practice but not just beginners as per se.

There are some rules and techniques that players ought to follow when smashing with perfection. It’s often referred to as an offensive shot that most players try to practice.

They mostly imply this stroke to gain points in the matches. So, learning to improve the power of a forehand smash can prove worthy for most of you.

Steps To Increase The Power Of Smash In Table Tennis

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We have recently reviewed the top-rated table tennis shoes and also the highest-selling table tennis kit bags. But, before you start using this specialty equipment, you need to work on your basic skills first. So, let’s dive deep into the world of smash in TT.[/su_note]

Ways to execute better smash in table tennis

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What Is A Smash In Table Tennis Sport?


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Players primarily practice a smash in table tennis to finish off the point as quickly as possible. It is an attacking shot category in the table tennis game. There are specific parameters on where players play smash in table tennis.

You are to put all your potential in a smash because that’s what this stroke all demands. Smashing a ball after learning and understanding the bounce is highly important. That way, players can effectively smash to win points in important matches.

There is a way to add spin to the ball while smashing it in the game. There are many probabilities while smashing a ball. It could have some spin and high velocity at the same time. Hence, a smash can be carried out in many possible ways. However, you need to keep your paddle in the perfect condition to deliver a better smash. And for that, you need to have one of these TT paddle carrying cases on your side.

A perfect smash stands on timing, placement, and positioning. So, we are going to talk about the steps when striking a smash in a table tennis game.[/su_note]

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The Right Backswing


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Players must have the correct body positioning in order to generate a better backswing for the smash. Make sure that you have your feet and body in an accurate position to work through the backswing. We’ll discuss the positioning for the right-handers here.

Now comes the time to make a body rotation sideways when performing the backswing. Your left foot should be slightly progressive to the right foot. Also, the whole weight of the body should be transferred to the right foot, the foot that is placed behind.

That sums up the potential in the last foot to transfer more energy to the shot. Now you have to prepare yourselves for an effective forehand smash. Make sure that your arm is in position behind the incoming ball. Moreover, your paddle must be at a proper height.

The height of your racket suggests that you are going to strike at the maximum bounce. Then, players have to come down on the ball while pushing it forward with full potential. That positioning will undoubtedly help to produce a perfect smash. You can also use some high-quality table tennis side tapes to improve the performance of your paddles.[/su_note]

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Time To Strike


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Timing of the ball connection with the paddle must be settled and well in practice. Wait for the ball to bounce and approach in your domain. Make sure that you strike and push the ball forward after the ball lands in your area on the table.

Transfer the weight of your eventual foot to the front foot to increase the power of your smash. What happens after your body has completed a sideways rotation and is now in ready positioning. Now you must be prepared to strike the ball for a smash.

Striking time and placement are other factors to consider here. So, make sure that you let the bounce to an appropriate height. It can be of your shoulder’s height. That means players must strike at the prime bounce of the ball.

A Risky Stroke: Some players don’t just wait for the ball to bounce to its prime height that is equivalent to shoulders. They try to act on the ball just above the size of the net. It can or cannot be beneficial for some players.

It requires a small time to react to this shot if players try to play. It can easily result in a point or score. Otherwise, things can go entirely out of shape, a risky smash shot in the table tennis game. However, you can minimize the risk a bit while using top-quality table tennis rubber sheets on your paddles.[/su_note]

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Proper Follow-Through


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A follow-through of any shot is of prime importance. That is why you should always consider this part keenly to expect better results. A smash is a highly offensive shot that most table tennis players practice in their matches.

Make sure that your body weight is leaning forward, offering more force to the smash. Also, make sure that you get back into the ready position after giving a proper follow-through to the smash. If you are looking for ways to help your kids, just have them one of these highest-selling table tennis kid’s paddle sets and you are ready to go![/su_note]

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Techniques To Add More Power To Your Smash


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You first need one of the most affordable table tennis training sets on your side to practice this skill. And these techniques will help you get the most out of your smash in a table tennis game.

No Wrist Work: Though wrist work is essential in many other table tennis strokes but not with a forehand smash, a proper forehand stroke requires a fixed wrist to get down on the ball and strike.

Do Not Use Full Force: Apply 100% of your power to affect your forehand smash precision. There are more chances that you will miss the ball when trying with full force. Try to be concise when transferring your power to the shot in all cases.

Perfect The Timing: Striking the ball at an appropriate timing is highly crucial. Some players strike the ball too late, or some strike too soon. Wait to get the ball to show its prime bounce that is just equal to your shoulder’s height.

Make sure that your practice the time of connecting the paddle and ball. You can easily enhance your contact time in pre-match sessions. These sessions will develop your perfect striking routine that continues.

Footwork: Some players aren’t perfect at optimal footwork during table tennis matches. In addition, there are times when players have to move while hitting and to get in a ready position. That is one of the essential aspects you can look after for a better smash in table tennis.

So, make sure that you perform proper foot movement when performing a strong smash.[/su_note]

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FAQs Regarding Better Smash Power In Table Tennis


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Q. Is smashing allowed in table tennis?

You can also call it a forehand shot in the table tennis game. It is widespread, and most players play this shot when the incoming ball bounces high. Players exert more force into a forehand smash to end up with a point gain.

Q. When would you use a smash in table tennis?

Mostly, this stroke is in practice to counter the lob in table tennis games. The players also use this stroke to push away the opponents or to win a point. This is the shot that most aggressive players use.

Q. How can I improve my table tennis?

The players must understand the spin coming on each and every ball in their domains. They must learn to use the paddle’s angle in the best possible way. These are the two significant openings that help you improve your table tennis game.

Q. Why do you need power in table tennis?

To maintain excellent balance and produce fast strokes, a player needs to have proper muscular strength and power. To overcome resistance, muscles must be able to exert a single maximal force.[/su_note]

Improve smashing power in table tennis

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Final Thoughts

Our explanation about how to increase the power of your smash ends here. We did explain all the essential factors that can contribute to a strong smash in your table tennis matches. All the above introduction and supporting details help to improve your smash.

Players must pay heed to the information that we have collected from professionals. We also have explained how a deal smash can be played through a proper step-by-step process for learning. Now it is you to make sure that you understand every detail deeply to perform well under most circumstances.[/su_note]

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