How To Overcome Bad Footwork Habits In Table Tennis?

Table tennis is all about footwork, and that is why one must overcome bad footwork habits in table tennis. Some techniques can help you overcome these bad footwork habits.

That can help most players elevate their game standards. These techniques will also assist you with better shot improvisation. So, you can become a better table tennis player by improving your footwork techniques.

We are going to discuss these techniques in great detail for most struggling players out there. Let’s try a deep analysis of the best practices that can help you nurture better footwork in future matches.

Overcome Bad Footwork Habits In Table Tennis

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We have recently reviewed the best-rated men’s table tennis shoes and also the top-quality women’s table tennis shoes. But you also need to sharpen your footwork besides using a great pair to actually improve your performance. So, follow these steps![/su_note]

Improve Footwork In Table Tennis

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Relax Your Foot Positioning


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Many players face this problem with foot positioning. They lock their feet position where they stand. That makes it hard to approach the incoming ball in another or unexpected direction. Moving slowly and accurately is the best advice you can keep right now.

That doesn’t specifically mean that you don’t have to position accurately at some point in the match. All that is mandatory for different shot types, but the ball can arrive in unexpected ways. That is the reason why stiffening the position can prove harmful.

So, reaching the ball using appropriate footwork is highly crucial. Make sure not to lock your foot position when in table tennis matches. That does add strength and quality to the stroke that you are going to play. Besides, using top-graded TT shoes can also help you to achieve better traction.[/su_note]

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Reach The Ball With Footwork


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Some players try to reach the incoming balls with their primary position, but that is entirely wrong. That is highly repellant to a good quality stroke that you often look up to. The solution is going to be very simple when it comes to this prevailing trouble in young players.

Make your mind that you are going to reach all corners of the table but not just one. That way, you are not going to dwell on a single-foot position. So, try a less stiff foot position when you get ready to receive an incoming stroke. And if your little champs are performing, try to teach them the same steps besides having some of the specially-designed TT shoes for kids.

Reaching the ball with an arm is not recommended by professionals. Try decent footwork to reach out for the ball. That way of dealing with the incoming strokes will downgrade the quality and the potential of the shot.[/su_note]

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Try Training With A Partner


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You can try this valuable technique to overcome bad footwork habits in table tennis. Players can try training with a senior player for the best possible results. The training isn’t complicated at all. You will have the ball thrown to you in different directions.

Playing and countering the incoming balls from different angles with enhancing your footwork. Building the footwork requires some time and consistency. So, if you are training regularly, you have better footwork technique than most players struggling with footwork.

How does that help? Training with the ball at different angles builds better instincts to strike back. Your feet begin to move naturally in the specified direction. That is one of the plus points of training from different angles. You can use one of the most affordable table tennis training robots to achieve these assistances.[/su_note]

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Calmness Is The Key


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Shaky footwork can cause chaos in important matches. An impatient player will face many problems putting up a final decision to play a particular stroke. The remaining calm and poise during a game go in direct benefit.

One must stay poise when playing table tennis. Table tennis is all about making quick decisions with every passing strike. The time period between the exchanges of strokes is really scarce. That is the reason why players must stay calm to avoid shaky footwork. Besides, using high-quality TT training sets can help you to a great extent.

Most professional table tennis players report that the players with shaky returns don’t stick around for long. Flat and confident returns promote dominancy in the matches. Therefore, playing calmly and acting confident can help you overcome shaky footwork.[/su_note]

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Practice In And Out Footwork


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You can take this footwork as a prime model to enhance your table tennis strategy. After contacting the ball, players get in the game domain with a progressive foot and get back to the ready position. You can practice this footwork for a better experience.

It is one of the natural states of a table tennis match where you eventually have to get back to the ready position. So, the in and out footwork can help you gain the lead in most table tennis matches. Besides, you should also use pro-rated table tennis paddle sets to further enhance your performance.[/su_note]

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Some Footwork Habits To Adopt In Upcoming Matches


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First thing first; try to always keep your shoe inside one of the highest-quality table tennis kitbags. And there are many rules that you can adopt to strengthen your footwork game in table tennis.

Don’t try standing too close to the table, as it can subtract your reacting time. That is one of the critical footwork rules that you must acknowledge today. Due to lack of space, you will miss out on essential strokes, just like a backhand loop.

Players can learn the spin on the incoming ball and react accordingly. Those who can’t specify the type of spin on the ball will face trouble making the right footwork. Hence, understanding the spin on the upcoming delivery can let you follow through with the accurate footwork.

Moving side to side can also build on your footwork technique set. It comes as a crucial element of your table tennis strategy. You can try moving sideways to your base position depending upon the nature of the stroke you will try.[/su_note]

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FAQs Regarding Bad Footwork Habits In Table Tennis


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Q. What are the common mistakes in playing table tennis?

Returning late to the base position is one of the biggest mistakes table tennis players make in matches. That is the reason why you should always practice a ready position when playing table tennis. Returning the ball can be difficult if you get late to the ready position.

Q. What is important about having good footwork in table tennis?

A proper table tennis player relies on appropriate footwork to enhance their game strategy. Adopting the proper footwork lets you reach the incoming balls with convenience. Otherwise, if you stick around the same position will limit your shot effect in the match.

Q. What is the common mistake in holding the paddle in table tennis?

Most players make a common mistake with respect to index finger placement. Your strokes lose efficacy when the index finger placement is inaccurate.

Q. How can I improve my table tennis fast?

There are many ways to improve your table tennis game strategy and ultimately become a professional. You can start training with an experienced coach to perfect your shot execution. Also, you can learn to see professionals playing in matches.

You can also adopt a better footwork technique to enhance striking capacity. Lastly, practicing a ready position makes you a great table tennis player in every possible way. You can’t respond to the variety of incoming balls without getting back into the proper ready position after each stroke.[/su_note]

Bad Footwork In Table Tennis

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We tried to explain the ways how to overcome bad footwork habits in table tennis. Most professionals dwell upon proper footwork when playing table tennis. Limiting these mistakes will help improve your table tennis match strategy in an ideal way.

You can’t become a professional player without adopting a better footwork strategy. We have also provided the footwork techniques that you can adapt to become a promising table tennis player today.[/su_note]

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