How To Perform A Banana Flick In Table Tennis?

There are many developing strokes in table tennis. A banana flick in table tennis could be the most trending topic among most table tennis players right now.

Most players execute a banana flick with the backhand strategy, and that’s where it mostly excels. Players can bring about a lot of spins and their variations using this crafty stroke.

There are some rules that can help you get this stroke to ideal execution. So, we are going to cover all the essential details about this trendy stroke for better understanding.

Banana Flick In Table Tennis | Complete Guide

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We have recently reviewed the professional-grade TT shoes and also the specially-designed kid’s TT shoes. However, you do need to perfect your skills first before you start using a great pair of shoes or any other specialty accessories. So, here are the steps to execute a banana flick.[/su_note]

Banana Flick Table Tennis

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Preparation For The Stroke


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The preparation for the stroke is the most crucial point. You can execute a proper banana flick without getting into a comfortable position to strike. So, it would be best to look into the factors that influence your preparation for a banana flick.

Proper footwork and body balance can improve the efficacy of your banana flick. These steps will direct the right-handed players. Therefore, players can apply according to their preferences. If you are a male player, it is great if you can use any of the top-quality men’s table tennis shoes to enhance your performance.

The stance: You have to move towards the incoming ball quickly for better execution. Players have to make sure that they get some time to make adjustments in terms of angle and direction where they are going to play.

Try to move in your proper position even before your opponent strike the ball in your direction. Your sudden movement will allow you to determine the direction where the ball can arrive. That anticipation is quickly necessary for determining the direction of the incoming stroke.

A banana flick demands you come closer to the incoming ball. Players have to progress their right foot below the table in the direction of the ball. That will allow you to get under the ball and strike with the desired variety.[/su_note]

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Positioning For A Banana Flick


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Now comes the time when you have to position your racket down towards the table. You have to make sure that your progressive foot is right behind the table. That allows you to get under the ball to strike. If you are a female player, there are many amazing women’s TT shoes available these days that can enhance your performance.

Pointing your paddle head on the table will help you counter the incoming ball with different spins. Move about the table with both of your legs in either direction, depending upon the dimension of the incoming ball. Moving quickly can elevate the execution standards of banana flick in table tennis.

There is one more thing to understand when executing this stroke. Players have to rely mainly on the wrist work to produce different spins on the ball they will hit.[/su_note]

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Time To Strike


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Striking a perfect banana flick can be a deceptive idea for most table tennis players. It involves a great deal of wrist movement when the paddle comes in contact with the incoming ball. The movement can include rotating your wrist to 360 degrees. Besides, it is great if you can use one of the top-quality table tennis rubbers to enhance your performance.

That’s a whole lot of movement, and that is the reason why it’s challenging to practice, especially for moderate-level players. We are targeting a backhand strategy with the banana flick here. Players have to brush the back part of the ball, imparting spin.

Brush the back part of the ball while snapping your wrist in the upward direction. Make sure that you keep your paddle closer to the body for a better impact. You can try imparting different spins with the banana flick. Players try more spins as they get better with the initial execution.[/su_note]

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A proper follow-through is an essential section of your banana flick we see in table tennis. Players have to ensure the direction of the paddle imparting spin is the same after finishing contact with the ball. Mostly, a banana flick is played from the middle part of the table.

That comes as a protocol of this stroke as you can’t execute it standing away from the table. So, you have to go near while getting under the ball to strike. Besides, it is better if you use one of the best-rated TT paddle side tapes to get a better balance of your bat.[/su_note]

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Getting Back To A Neutral Position


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Players mostly overlook this portion, but this is the most important factor of any stroke we find in table tennis. You have to cover a whole side of the table when executing this stroke. So, you require agility when turning back to face the next incoming ball.

Therefore, try practicing the returning position as much as possible to acquire incredible results in future matches. You can buy one of the specially-designed TT paddle sets for kids to improve the performance of your toddler.[/su_note]

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FAQs Regarding Banana Flick In Table Tennis


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Q. What is a banana flick in table tennis?

Banana flick in table tennis is a trendy stroke where a player goes to his other side of the ball for a backhand flick. It involves excellent wrist work that is ideal when it comes to generating spin on the ball. Players tend to choose the amount and quality of the spin they will be putting into their banana flick. Hence, the dimension of the ball highly depends upon the value of spin, and the type of spin players did impart on the ball.

Q. What is a backhand flick in table tennis?

A backhand flick is mainly seen as an attacking stroke that is executed against the good length ball. That is mostly shorter delivery. A player has to improvise his wrist and forearm when carrying a backhand flick out in table tennis.

Q. What is a backspin in table tennis?

Players usually have to connect the paddle with the backside of the ball to impart a backspin. A simple connection is not just the standard to execute backspin. It’s another quality of spin on the ball where the ball rotates in the backward direction. Players have to brush the ball in a specified direction gently.

Q. What is the forehand drive technique in table tennis?

It is one of the attacking strokes that we often discuss in table tennis. This stroke is in practice to drive the opponent back to their baselines. The main objective of a forehand drive is to drive the opponent to play false strokes and win a point in return.

Q. What is a loop shot in table tennis?

Most strokes with a lot of topspin are known as loops in table tennis. The quality of the spin and its frequency depends highly upon the speed of the loop. Generally, speedy loops scarcely contain topspin.[/su_note]

Banana Flick In Table Tennis

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So, here we come to an end about the ways to perform a banana flick in table tennis. The techniques mentioned above intelligently reach all the details you require to try this stroke in your upcoming matches.

That stroke is undoubtedly going to be a remarkable addition to your table tennis strategy. It requires persistent efforts and practice sessions to implement this stroke. So, go through our full details to get the most out of this intelligent table tennis strategy.[/su_note]

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