How To Select The Right Paddle In Table Tennis?

Considering the right paddle in table tennis can help you elevate your game strategy. There are many factors involved in choosing an ideal paddle suitable to your requirements.

That is the reason why we must look up to this factor the most. Many aspects predict the versatility of a paddle that you choose for yourself.

So, there are many things that you have to demonstrate when selecting a suitable paddle. We will try to cover all those points in great detail for your better comprehension.

Steps To Choose The Right Paddle In Table Tennis

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We have recently tested and reviewed the best kid’s shoes for table tennis and also the best TT shoes for pro players. However, you also need to select the right equipment besides having perfect accessories to deliver the best performance.

So, here are the steps to choosing the right TT bat. These essential factors can help in selecting an ideal paddle for the table tennis journey.[/su_note]

Selecting the best TT paddles

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There is a specified way to hold a paddle for each table tennis player. That is where a grip and its style on the paddle play a significant role. An unfamiliar grip style can impact your performance in crucial matches. So, choosing the well-suited grip style is the way to go here.

You must see if the paddle has that required gripping style that you are acquainted with. Many players in Asia prefer to go with the Penhold grip style, but that is not the standard for every player. Many grip styles change from player to player.

Shakehand grip is the most common out of all grips in table tennis. That is a gripping style where players hold the paddle as if they are trying to shake hands. Therefore, the type of grip influences your game strategy massively. But whatever your grip may be, you should definitely use high-quality TT side tapes on your paddles to get the optimum performance.

Handle Options:  Most paddles come in the straight handle or flared handle types. You can easily find these handles on the paddles when going to purchase. These two handles have distinctions based on holding styles. Most players prefer a firm grip go with straight handles.

Flared handles have a pronounced grip style for most players preferring to hold their paddles with a loose grip. Make sure that you go with the grip that goes with your playing strategy and style.[/su_note]

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Type Of Blade/Core


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The blade of your paddle specifies the performance and consistency of your shots. There are many types of paddles featuring different composites. These paddles vary significantly in terms of weight and playing styles. Besides, there are several TT paddles specially designed for kids that use lighter variants of composites.

You get to choose the materials that suit your playing style in the matches. Manufacturers use many composites like wood, graphite, and carbon when processing the paddle’s blades. Some paddles brilliantly combine these materials forming a balance of style and performance.

Players have to demonstrate the efficacy of the blades to ensure the best possible performance. In addition, the materials can impact the weight of your paddle, so see which paddle brings you the most suitable paddle weight.

How does it impact? Materials of the blade can help you select the right paddle in table tennis. Many factors are associated with the paddle’s material. They can vary in weight, precision, and consistency. And these values impact your performance. So, make sure to choose the exact paddle that suits your playing style.[/su_note]

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Choosing The Type Of Rubber


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The quality of rubber predicts the efficacy of your stroke in table tennis. It reflects spin and precision combined with the sponge on the paddle. You can also use one of the highest-rated table tennis rubbers to further assist your performance. Many players try specific rubber sheets to bring the best performance in their matches.

Some textures are best for the defensive game strategy and some for the offensive strategy. Besides, professionals mostly look up to the surfaces based on the quality of the spin they can get. So, the quality of the spin is something that you have to monitor closely.

Textures of rubber: You can try selecting rubber sheets with deep texture for more speed and consistency. Usually, deep-textured paddles are not for the players who mainly rely on the spin in their matches. A textured paddle brings better traction and variety for the players depending upon spin.[/su_note]

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Choosing The Type Of Sponge


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A sponge is a layer that lies between the blade and the rubber sheet. Mainly, sponges vary in terms of thickness and rigidity. These factors determine the quality of your sponge layer in the table tennis paddles. So, make sure that you choose the right thickness that is suitable for your playing style.

Some players go with thicker sponge sheets, and some rely on thinner sheets. Thick sponge sheets are built for the attacking scenarios in the matches. On the flip side, thinner sheets are best when the defensive strategy is your go-to strategy.

So, players have to closely monitor the sponge quality and thickness when buying a paddle. However, you can buy one of the highest-rated TT paddle sets that typically offer a much better sponge.[/su_note]

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Durability Standards


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We all have durability concerns and thoughts about the aging of the paddle that we choose to buy. Therefore, selecting a well-built paddle must be everyone’s priority. You can look into different paddle materials that value durability and resistivity.

Solid graphite, wood, and carbon are now the mainstream construction composites of paddles we often see. There is another thing to see when we talk about these construction factors in general. However, you definitely need to keep your paddles safe while storing those inside one of the top-rated TT paddle cases for better longevity.

The playability can vary from material to material, forming a distinction in choosing a paddle with a specific kind of composite. Therefore, you must see find out the materials that suit your playing requirements in the matches. That helps you to select the exact paddle that thrives with you.[/su_note]

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FAQs Regarding Right Paddle In Table Tennis


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Q. How do you pick a table tennis paddle?

There are many things worth considering when buying a table tennis paddle. Make sure that the grip of the paddle suits your style or requirements. Now comes the time to specify and make decisions regarding the blade and the composite of the paddle.

You can also consider looking at the texture of rubber sheets as they also prove to impact the quality of spin.

Q. What is a good table tennis paddle?

You can associate many qualities with a paddle to make it worth a deal. The griping and the comfort level of the paddle play a pivotal role in upbringing your game strategy. There is also a talk about the consistency and precision of strokes that you play in important matches.

Q. What is the paddle called in table tennis?

A bat used to play strokes against the ball in table tennis is known as a paddle/racket. The quality of a paddle can change from variant to variant depending upon the composite and construction techniques.

Q. What do the 3 stars on the ping pong ball mean?

The star ratings are the standards of quality of the balls we consider when purchasing. Mostly, 1- or 2-star balls aren’t the most durable, unlike 3-star rating balls. The 3-star rating balls are the best you can have for your essential matches.[/su_note]

Best Table Tennis Paddles

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We discussed in detail the ways to choose the right paddle in table tennis. These ways will enlighten your overall concept of a paddle in table tennis. You are always free to select a paddle for you, but these will help you become specific with your choices.

All the factors mentioned above bring about the best of your playing style through the use of a paddle. Now, you are in a solid position to select a paddle that will help you get the most out of your table tennis journey.[/su_note]

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