How To Do A Side Spin Pendulum Serve In Table Tennis?

You are about to learn a complex yet very effective serve in table tennis sport. Yes, we are going to discuss side spin pendulum serve in full detail today. Most players couldn’t generate a proper side spin with pendulum serve due to some shortcomings.

Now you will be able to learn this highly professional service in table tennis through steps. There is proper guidance that most players will require when learning this service in table tennis. So, this article is going to be a great help when it comes to the proper implementation of this service.

Proper directions enlighten a concept, so we are going to start with the basics. So, players can learn everything at the end of the article.

Side Spin Pendulum Serve – Step By Step Guide

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Side Spin In Table Tennis

What Is Side Spin With Pendulum Serve In Table Tennis?

Although it’s not easy to generate a side spin in the pendulum, serve because it’s one of the complex serves out there. This serve brings many variations to the game. That is another reason for its great popularity around the world.

The main idea is to forbid or limit the other player from making a solid reply on your serve. Besides, you can always make an opponent confused using this serve. There is a slight backspin on the ball when applying this spin on the ball.

Moreover, that usually deceives the other player as he thinks that there are a lot of spins. So, the chances for a weak return are always bright. That is why this is a wonderful serve option for all the table tennis players out there. You can comfortably practice this stance while having some high-quality table tennis training sets. And the following steps present the best way to develop this effective services in a table tennis game.

The Body Position

Perfect body positioning is highly important when trying this fancy serve. The arm swinging and the speed of the serve both depend on the body stance. There is a greater probability of creating a better spin on the ball with the right stance.

Try standing close to the table. The distance must be appropriate enough to serve with great comfort. Also, make sure that you stand on the backhand along with the left leg progressing above. You also have to relax your wrist and make a good stance for the throw.

Players will have their knees slightly bent in order to get in an agile position. That is really important as you are about to serve, which is the most important shot of the match. So, you must be ready all the time. And if you are worried about your toddler, you can simply try one of these top-rated table tennis paddles for kids to complete a perfect body stance.


It is another factor in developing a side spin pendulum serve in table tennis. There are many preferences when it comes to acquiring a grip on the paddle. Many players are holding unique choices than the other players.

But we’ll start by suggesting players practice a loose grip on their paddles. That allows for better wrist work, as this stroke is all about imparting spin on the ball. Though the amount of the spin can vary, it’s always there.

Most professional players recommend placing index fingers on the top of the forehand. The rest of the fingers aren’t involved when practicing grip on your paddle. All you need is some top-quality table tennis paddle sets to perfect your gripping.

Face The Ball

Now here comes an important step where you must position the paddle to strike. The head of the paddle must face in the downward direction facing the table. Players can adjust the paddle’s face depending upon the side spin that they are looking to impart.

Brush the side of the ball away while disguising the spin imparted on the ball. Players can even try to brush the other side of the ball depending upon their preferences. You can have some beginner-friendly table tennis balls to complement this skill even better.

Follow-Through In Another Direction

The follow-through of the serve is different than in most spin serves. Players no longer have to move their arm in the same direction but in different dimensions. You have to direct the paddle in another direction after connecting the ball with spin.

That’s how players deceive or confuse the opponent as they disguise the spin on the ball. The opponents assume as if the ball goes in the direction of the progressing paddle, but it’s the other way around. You can practice this skill with some affordable table tennis robots to try this year.

Players have to be swift when shifting the role of paddle and ball. They will have to move away from the arm in an entirely different direction. That is the point where the players become confused about the exact direction of the ball.

Add Varieties

Most players confuse this spin shot as a backspin side-spin serve. You can add varieties in the spin of serve so that you can have a more inadequate return. The improved arm action can lead you to achieve better results overall.

Moreover, players can try more spinning options as they play their way through. So, you can always have more opportunities to try when looking to impart this spin type in the serve. Have some affordable table tennis tops on your side, and you are good to start your practice.

Bonus Points To Maximize The Success

Besides all the above steps that are important to play a part in executing a side spin in a pendulum serve, the points below are also very crucial.

The timing plays a pivotal role in upbringing better side spin in the pendulum serve. You must focus keenly on all the points contributing to the spin on the serve. All such points can be perfected by practicing in pre-match sessions. You can also have some top-rated table tennis balls to compliment this skill.

Improve each and every aspect of the spin category. Some players struggle to generate backspin and some with side spin. So, players must make sure that they have improved focus on each section of the process generating the spin.

Different varieties can bring more chances of better results. 3-Try as many varieties as possible when it comes to side spin in pendulum serve. If you try side spin, then you must try backspin at some point. That brings variety and makes the opponents confused and weak.

Players can try to achieve maximum side spin and then try to bring spin styles altogether. That helps you improve your game standing overall.

FAQs Regarding Side Spin Pendulum Serve

Q. What is side spin serve?

Most players apply sidespin on the ball to control the opponent’s returns. The players brush the side of the ball when it comes in contact with the paddle. Moreover, you can generate more spin speed on the ball by applying different techniques.

Q. How do you serve a pendulum?

Pendulum serve is attaining great popularity nowadays. Players usually impart sidespin while disguising it at the same time. Therefore, it makes a slice arm action, but the arm direction changes after the ball connect with a paddle. So, it has a significant effect of confusing the opponent as this service is hard to read and respond to.

Q. What are 2 key points to improve your service?

You can try to toss the ball high with great accuracy and expect to receive without moving your feet. Do not try to reach for the ball but let it return. Also, improve this serve timing to enhance your serve quality.

Q. Who gets the point when a let occurs on a serve?

In tennis, if an opponent’s serve hits the net, but the ball bounces on their side of the table, the point is a let, which means it must be played again. The ball recipient receives an automatic point if the ball strikes the net and does not reach the other side.

Side Spin Serve In Table Tennis

Final Verdict

So, these were our analyses about the sidespin pendulum serve in table tennis sport. That serve brings great variety to the game. That is a highly complex yet effective way to improve your overall game.

Players perform a deceptive arm swinging action to disguise the spin on the ball. That promotes excellent confusion among the opponents overall. So, it is essential to learn this service type to elevate your expertise.

All the above details support the process of generating the side spin in the pendulum serve. So, you can get the most out of your table tennis game.

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