Which Strokes To Learn First In Table Tennis?

Getting the basic table tennis strokes right is like a milestone for beginners, but which strokes to learn first in table tennis is the most general question.

That article will help you master these basic strokes in table tennis. We will discuss them at great length, so that most beginners can easily comprehend these basic strokes.

In addition, we have this step-by-step guide that makes a clear understanding to most of you. So, if you are new to table tennis, then you must learn and practice these strokes.

Basic Strokes To Learn First In Table Tennis

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We have recently reviewed the best-rated outdoor ping pong tables and also the top-quality ping pong paddles. However, you need to perfect your shots first before using this specialty equipment.

So, let’s get to the basic strokes that new players can know to improve their game. Besides, there are some advanced strokes that professionals practice in their match strategies. For now, we’ll try to help you get started with the basic ones given below.

Strokes To Learn First In TT

Forehand Drive

It could be the most basic attacking stroke in table tennis as of yet. Players use this stroke to drive the opponents away from their domains. In addition, a forehand drive can or cannot have a spin on it, depending upon the nature of the ball and paddle contact. However, you can much control while using pro-quality table tennis paddles to execute forehand drives.

Most players prefer to execute a forehand drive with a bit of topspin. Therefore, that highly relies on players where they make contact with the ball. The bounce and height of the incoming ball also specify the probability of spin in a forehand drive.

How To Generate A Forehand Drive Effectively?

Your body positioning matters a lot when executing a perfect forehand drive. Place your feet apart from each other. The distance must be slightly more than the length of your shoulders. Place your right foot above the other foot making a ready position.

Knees should be slightly bent with your arms in front of the body. Make a backswing by rotating your body from your right hip section. Also, you are to shift the body’s weight on the back foot to strike with maximum power.

Now catch the ball at its prime bounce making a forward movement, unlike in the backswing. So, your body weight is now onto the front foot. Strike in the forward direction and try accelerating. Do not rotate your body too much.

Your paddle should point in the direction of where you have hit the ball. Also, do not forget to get back to the ready position. Besides, using a high-quality table tennis ball can significantly improve your performance.

Forehand Push

A forehand push is one of the standard strokes to learn first in table tennis. Mostly, new table tennis players face difficulties generating a forehand push when practicing. It is one of the defensive strokes that undermine the impact of attacking an incoming stroke. You can use one of these top-graded spin paddles to create more impact.

It is very difficult to generate, and players have to practice a lot to get it right. Players have to strike behind the ball along with the backspin. So, the ball is going to travel in a downward spiral. If this stroke is played right then, it can result in a bright outcome.

How To Generate A Forehand Push Effectively?

There’s one thing here note for the players. Make sure that you position yourself close to the table. Get into your ready position with your body slightly bent to receive the incoming ball confidently. You are not going to drive with extreme potential, unlike in forehand drive.

So, you are not going to exert more force; instead, work through the feel of your body movement. Make sure that your body and arm don’t come in contact anytime during the time of stroke. Now transfer a slight weight of your body to the progressive front foot and aim beyond the table tennis net to execute the shot.

Make sure that you don’t do over a connection with the ball, but just a delicate brushing will do. Try putting some wrist work into the ball to impart spin. Your paddle angle should also be open throughout the action.

The paddle’s face must be facing down to the table, so it should impart a backspin. That is how you can effectively play a forehand push in table tennis.

Backhand Drive

It is one of the attacking strokes that is in the common practice of most table tennis players. Most backhand drives have a small value of topspin. A backhand drive must not be confused with spinning loops because it shows signs of aggression.

A player has to watch and demonstrate the incoming ball to play a backhand drive. You have to watch if the incoming ball exhibits some sort of spin or not. Most floating balls with little to no spin should be dealt with a backhand drive. So, have one of these affordable table tennis tops on your side and start perfecting this shot.

How To Generate A Backhand Drive Effectively?

Players must be standing near the table in the direction of the play. Your feet must be placed apart, just above your shoulder’s length. Make sure that your arms are right in front of your body with slightly bent elbows.

There is no rotation of body involved when it comes to the backhand drive but arm swing. Make sure that your paddle’s angle is not totally open but slightly closed. Keep the angle of the paddle closed all the way through.

Now players have to move the paddle in the upward direction with forwarding movement. Move through the course of natural elbow movement. Many players use shoulders when trying to generate a backhand drive.

Make sure that your paddle follows in the direction of the shot played. Also, your arm must be bent along with the paddle slightly closed. So, players must follow through entirely in order to effectively execute this stroke. But to execute it perfectly, you need your paddle to be in good shape. And for that, use one of these table tennis paddle cases to keep it in perfect condition.

Backhand Push

A backhand push is another basic defensive stroke in table tennis. Most players tackle the continuous attacking strokes with a backhand push. So, you must be accurate when playing this stroke, or otherwise, you can quickly lose the point.

Players must keep the ball low with some backspin. That reduces the chances of the opponent playing further attacking strokes. Therefore, this stroke is highly feasible when the probability of repeating with offensive strokes is negligible. Besides, you’ll get the most out of this shot while you execute it on a top-quality table tennis conversion top.

How To Generate A Backhand Push Effectively?

The positioning of the body must be square to the play line of the table. So, the stance is almost the same as the backhand drive. Make sure that your paddle is in the backward direction. The paddle should be in an upward movement to the chest level.

You need one of the high-quality table tennis combo tops to practice this shot. And Players must focus on the prevailing movement of the paddle with respect to the elbow. Now comes the time when you are going to strike the ball in the progressive forward direction but below your elbow.

It would help if you were brushing the ball end because you target the backspin on the ball. A player must ensure the angle of their paddles stay open throughout the follow-through of this stroke. The paddle must be facing down the table.

Also, the paddle must stay in front of the body even after the ball is imparted. The players must get back to their ready positioning to receive the upcoming balls. That is how you can effectively defend when players receive continuous attacking shots.

FAQs Regarding Basic Strokes To Learn In Table Tennis

Q. What stroke will be the easiest for you to learn tennis?

Forehand groundstroke is usually the first and most effortless stroke learned in tennis because they are simple. As the player swings their racket across the body on the same side as their leading hand, they will perform a forehand groundstroke.

Q. What strokes do you need to develop in playing table tennis?

There are four basic table tennis strokes, and these are; Forehand drive, Backhand drive, Backhand push, and Forehand push.

Q. Which stroke in tennis is made with the front of the hand?

Forehand or Groundstroke, with a forehand stroke, the dominant hand that holds the racket faces forward, and the inner side of the palm points forward. Tennis forehands are made by swinging the racket across one’s body in the desired direction.

Basic Strokes In Table Tennis

Final Thoughts

So here we come to the end of an article about the strokes to learn first in table tennis. These strokes build an essential foundation for their game strategy. So, understanding these strokes is crucial for every beginner. We gave a brief account of every aspect of these strokes.

Also, we covered all the steps to generate these strokes effectively. So, learning and practicing the basics of table tennis is easier than ever now. Make sure that you go through all these points and build a strong foundation for your future matches.

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